About Luka & Service/Assistance Dogs

More often than not you have found my page after having met me.  I handed you a card and shared that this is where you can find out all you'd care/want to know.  

Thank you for stopping by.  I hand cards out as answering questions wears me out.  It is distracting for both Luka and I and handing out a card or asking you to "Google" PinkDoberman is the easiest way.  

I do not mean this negatively..   I just become EXHAUSTED way to fast.  I don't get out often to run errands and being in public is like being on display.  I am happy, thrilled in fact to educate others about Service/Assistance Dogs.  If you've ever caught me when I did have the time/energy I will happily talk to you for as long as possible.

Please continue reading we are glad you've found us!

What is a Service/Assistance Dog?

Assistance Dogs International

What are the laws regarding Service/Assistance Dogs?

 United States of America Law 2011

Nebraska Law 2011

Tax and Licensing Law Nebraska

Other Information Resources:

Brilliant Mind Broken Body : He's not here for you.

National Assistance Dog Week: Facebook Page

About Luka

Luka is a Doberman Pinscher 

He is a Blue Doberman

We think he is around 13 years old this year 2011

He wears Muttluks on his feet you can find a pair at some pet supply stores order them direct from the manufacturer.

Why does he wear his Muttluks?   He has allergies to pretty much everything on this planet.  So his Muttluks protect his feet from all of those things.

He also is allergic to most foods..  He eats a special diet and now is much healthier for it.  Similar to me.  =)

Luka wears a Prong style collar.  No this is not to hurt him.  The ends are not pointy.  They are dull, this collar he loves to wear, and as he is a Brute it also helps him not completely drag me down the street.  Although he still kind of does.  ha!  Read this link it will share more about them.

How Luka came to be with me.

He was trained by a really great gal, after she found him at a shelter.  He was about six months old or so.  Skinny and beaten up.  Still has a scar on his head from being bitten.  She was originally training him to be her service dog.

During his training he was taught and encouraged to tell her before she'd have a seizure.  She trained him to help with mobility as well.  That means that he was able to help her get around, but allowing her to use him to help her up and get around.

As Luka finished her training, she found him to be a bit much for her to handle.  To put it nicely he's a brute and needed a strong handler.

Following the completion of his training he was then partnered with a man who had seizures.  He was with him for some time.  This man became to ill and moved into a complete care facility.  His family and I connected through a dog rescue group, where I was allowed to become his new family.

We ended up becoming the perfect match.  He was able to sense my massive migraines, and enable me to take my medication so it could be more effective.  Previous to partnering with him I was not able to tell when I was getting them and I would be in trouble for days and weeks once my migraine cycles would start.  I was constantly in the ER.

After he began "Alerting" to me.  My narcotic medication was reduced substantially, my trips to the ER became infrequent, and I was able to start having more good days!

Luka also helps me on the stairs, he helps me get myself off of the floor, he walks by my side and I use him to balance.  I am easily distracted and have bad balance now, so he gives me stability.

Luka will soon have to retire, most service dogs have retired by his age but since his change in diet he has really been doing well.  I have however located the place that I am planning to get my next partner from.  I am hoping to some how gather/make or what ever enough money for my next service/assistance dog here soon.  It takes quite a while to get one trained.

Thanks for stopping by!
Luka and Tonja