Friday, April 22, 2011

About Luka & Service/Assistance Dogs

Luka now has his own page on this site! 

It is something I've been meaning to do for a while now.  I finally got it done.  You'll have to check out the tabs at the top of this post!

I have also included on that page information about Service/Assistance Dogs.  An easy place to send folks who have questions. 

Thinks are going well, I got some AMAZING test results, which I will share soon.  And I am waiting for more.  I am hopeful.

Jason's been busy working and making picture frames.  It has finally gotten nice enough for him to mow, and is dry enough, and he is home so that is what he is out doing now. 

Some how my neck flared up again a couple days ago, I am wearing my new glasses and I seem to be taking my sweet time adjusting to those as well.  Ice packs and lying flat on my back are my friends.  I am getting more movies watched and more photography training watched as well. 

We've started re arranging some things so I can do some picture taking in an easier fashion.  But that has come to a stand still for the moment.  Until I can start moving around again.  Hope that will be soon, as this is never fun for me.  I finally broke down and took my pain medication today.  I had been trying to get through with out it.  Which is stupid I know. 

It takes the edge off but it doesn't take the pain away.  At least I can think a little better now. 

That is about it.  Hope you are having a good day too.  Make the most of it!

Pink Doberman

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Treating my TBI - Dr. James Nedrow my Eye Doctor

I was resting today, I've been resting a lot.  Well in part due to the fact that the other night I read a book on my Kindle all night long.  A bad habit I got into as a child I am afraid.  However even before this it has been much harder to get everything done. 

Things had gotten easier.  I mean to say that Thinking actually HURTS.  I know it is strange to have that be someone's reality.  But it physically hurts me to think.  I had come to a point where I was able to do more and still have good energy. 

I fell again.  The other day.  I think I wrote about it but I don't recall for sure.  One moment I was standing the next I am on the ground.  This fall was JUST after I mean like immediately after my Dr. had just given me the nearly clear to drive from his perspective! 

I guess that knocked my head around just enough that I am back to square one.   I have just gotten my new glasses in the little box and so I hope I will soon be back to thinking with out so much pain.

My Doctor: Dr. James Nedrow   Yes, you can visit his website and contact his staff if you wish. I don't think I get anything for telling you about him.  I just get the satisfaction of knowing that I may be helping someone else who has been suffering similarly to me.  He is not a regular Eye Doctor.  His website does not do justice to the issues that he can help. 

I am thrilled for my new lenses in my glasses.  THRILLED.  Soon it will be easier to think again.  (Yes there is a reason it hurts me to think and the glasses help fix this and a myriad of other issues I have due to getting banged around)    Dr. Nedrow can measure it on his computers. 

At any rate things are going well.  Difficult but well.  I have found the place I want to get my new Assistance Dog from.  I am going to start saving my pennies again.  I am going to need to come up with $8,000 - $10,000 to get a dog trained for me. 

I had really been hoping to use one of the local Nebraska non-profit training places.  But it looks like that is not going to happen.  So, I have found a for profit place that actually trains and places many dogs a year and can train one perfect for me! 

So that is where I will be getting my dog.  Unless there is another miracle.  =)

I have also FINALLY started getting all of the tests and appointments done that I had been putting off.  I have two left to go.  Which I have just gotten scheduled today. 

So.... hopefully they will find that everything is just fine and I am doing better!!  That is my wish anyway!  Or at least not worse. 

One day at a time right?

Pink Doberman