Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Treating my TBI - Dr. James Nedrow my Eye Doctor

I was resting today, I've been resting a lot.  Well in part due to the fact that the other night I read a book on my Kindle all night long.  A bad habit I got into as a child I am afraid.  However even before this it has been much harder to get everything done. 

Things had gotten easier.  I mean to say that Thinking actually HURTS.  I know it is strange to have that be someone's reality.  But it physically hurts me to think.  I had come to a point where I was able to do more and still have good energy. 

I fell again.  The other day.  I think I wrote about it but I don't recall for sure.  One moment I was standing the next I am on the ground.  This fall was JUST after I mean like immediately after my Dr. had just given me the nearly clear to drive from his perspective! 

I guess that knocked my head around just enough that I am back to square one.   I have just gotten my new glasses in the little box and so I hope I will soon be back to thinking with out so much pain.

My Doctor: Dr. James Nedrow   Yes, you can visit his website and contact his staff if you wish. I don't think I get anything for telling you about him.  I just get the satisfaction of knowing that I may be helping someone else who has been suffering similarly to me.  He is not a regular Eye Doctor.  His website does not do justice to the issues that he can help. 

I am thrilled for my new lenses in my glasses.  THRILLED.  Soon it will be easier to think again.  (Yes there is a reason it hurts me to think and the glasses help fix this and a myriad of other issues I have due to getting banged around)    Dr. Nedrow can measure it on his computers. 

At any rate things are going well.  Difficult but well.  I have found the place I want to get my new Assistance Dog from.  I am going to start saving my pennies again.  I am going to need to come up with $8,000 - $10,000 to get a dog trained for me. 

I had really been hoping to use one of the local Nebraska non-profit training places.  But it looks like that is not going to happen.  So, I have found a for profit place that actually trains and places many dogs a year and can train one perfect for me! 

So that is where I will be getting my dog.  Unless there is another miracle.  =)

I have also FINALLY started getting all of the tests and appointments done that I had been putting off.  I have two left to go.  Which I have just gotten scheduled today. 

So.... hopefully they will find that everything is just fine and I am doing better!!  That is my wish anyway!  Or at least not worse. 

One day at a time right?

Pink Doberman

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