Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So things have been going better.  I have had a really great day yesterday, a good day before that also!  I will take it.  I definitely made the most of it.  So resting today will be very important.  My neck is already driving me nuts.  It was yesterday too.. but my energy was better so I could still do more.

Thrilled with the improvement in the weather.  I am sure that is helping.  I really could share lots more about how I have been feeling but it is so similar to how I always am that I am finding it to boring to share more of. 

However, I am frustrated.  I managed to slice my finger open yesterday while I was feeling well.. but I have no clue when I did it... I have a feeling there is blood everywhere.. I finally noticed the blood, by then it was dried all over my finger.  Thank goodness I clot!   That could have been bad.  Kind of freaks me out that I don't notice some of these things.  ( I AM A DRAMA QUEEN)  =)

Of course, now, I feel my finger.. It hurts as I type.. but obviously not bad enough to not type.  While it is puffy and sore, it is not cut where my finger bends, it is actually on the pad of the finger.. so no matter what I do with my right hand I am going to feel it.. 

The nice weather has really been a thrill.  My new knitting hobby, goes great with the sunshine also.  My Doctor had shared that he wanted me to get some sunshine.. so I sit out side and knit!  It is perfect!  I plan on doing this everyday I can.  Even if I don't feel the best I am figuring out how to do that.  Sunscreen on of course!  The knitting is something simple I can do outside.  I have not done allot of knitting but the more I do the better I am getting.  I am sure I am still making mistakes, but I am not really doing it for perfection...

Luka has been doing great too!  That is so nice.  His feet are healing!  YEA!  He is doing so good about leaving them alone.  I think they are finally almost all closed up.  In celebration we are also trying a new dog food.. FINGERS CROSSED!  As Luka is eating us out of house and home.  We've been making his food for months now.  It seems to be the only way to keep his allergies at bay.  When he has an allergic reaction it creates "HOT" spots on his feet, which he will lick raw, and then start chewing on because of the itch and sores..  it can get out of control quickly! 

So, these are the things he has allergies too.. with a reminder that you should never feed someone's dog with out asking permission first..

Grains ( all that we have tried including corn, wheat, oats, rice ) 
Poultry ( our Vet shared that we should avoid all birds as well )
Preservatives (don't know which ones specifically )

Here is what he can eat:
Potatoes White and Sweet
Flax Seed
Salmon (fish)
We are also giving him the same Isagenix Products that we eat as well.  They are loaded with protein and vitamins.  He even likes eating the little Snack Bites! 
Oil- Still working out which one is best, but he seems to do alright with Canola and Olive Oil..
An additional Supplement called Immunoplex that seems to be helping also! 
Eggs, but must be mixed with the Hot White Potatoes.. otherwise he can't eat those either.. grrr.

Tried beans, but boy is he stinky with those!  So we are avoiding those for now! 

He gets snacks of Beef Livers, Dried Sweet Potato, Isagenix Snacks, Deer Jerky, Dried Beef, Apples, Dried Seaweed (wierd I know!)

So that is what we are doing these days.  We've tried lots of different dog foods, many with disastrous results for his feet!  I hesitate to even try one more, but each time we try something new, I guess we are also learning what else to avoid...

I am just so thankful that our Vet figured out this solution for us!   We are trying a preservative free food now, that also avoids all of the things we know are bad for him..  Fingers Crossed...  It has been so hard to keep food made for him.  We are doing it, but WOW, having a dog food option as well would be helpful..

I swore I would never cook my dogs food..  Once again I have learned never say never!  I am just going to go with the flow!

One other great thing, since I have been feeling better, I have been able to get some cleaning and organizing done!  Oh that is a good thing for sure.  Our house while being far from "trashed" was making me nuts!  I have been saving egg cartons.  We now are back to getting our eggs from a local farmer, in fact they are supposed to be delivered today in fact! 

I chose to be preemptive this time, and have already placed my bag of egg cartons outside!  So when my delivery guy shows up I can make sure to send those with him.  YES, my local farmer DELIVERS!  Woo Hoo!!

We've got all of our recycling things out and ready to go as well, bad thing is that where we live they stopped the free collection of plastics and card boards.  Grrrr...  So we will have to look for another place to recycle those or just dump them in the trash I guess.  I am not paying extra and changing garbage companies to get that service curbside.  We don't make that much trash! 

I now just have to get my taxes in order.  I usually end up filing late anyway.  I don't mind doing that, my CPA is awesome, and has plenty of other people's taxes to get done early.  He has my preliminary stuff and so we are all set that way..  We still do the same thing essentially, but just get things done a bit later..

But I will plan to have my things to him before the deadline in case he gets done with everyone else early. 

I really work to be on time. 

I am also excited about planting things, although right now with my aching neck and messed up finger it doesn't sound fun at all.  Yesterday I did manage to get some organizing done in the garage as well.  Yes, I entered Jason's domain.  I think he wanted to boot me out of there... I was reorganizing his entire area.  I couldn't help it, I had plans..  ( we had discussed them last year.. I remembered them but had not been well enough to be able to do anything about making it happen until yesterday )

Jason to say the least was a little shocked!  But he did recall the conversation and let me do my thing, he moved what ever I asked him to and was so helpful despite being fried from working all afternoon.  When he got home I was in full swing of clean and organize!  I think he was stunned!  To be honest, I was too, I never thought a day would get here that my body would let me move and do things.  This winter was brutal! 

My migraines were under control for the most part thankfully, I got allot of them but no ER visits for them!  That is HUGE!  Yea!  LUKA!! 

Today, no matter how I feel I have to get the potatoes baked, and the squash baked too.. Otherwise, Luka is going to be starving!  That would be so bad!  Even if that is all I do! 

I'd also like to park myself outside for a while as well..  That would be good too.. So we'll see!  I am hopeful, the day is young! 

Hoping your day is productive too!  Blessings,
Pink Doberman


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So I have been grumpy again...  don't take a pain pill for grumpy..  But.. many times when I am grumpy that is a very good sign I am also in pain.. EXCEPT  I CAN'T TELL...  I am so frustrated.  By the time I figure it out I am hurting.. well.. I wish I would have already taken some medication..  I am so frustrated.  Wish Luka could figure this out too. 

I was told a long time ago now, that taking the pain pills for real pain, is a way to escape addiction.  Great.. So what do you do..

Half the time coming off of the medication I would think I may be grumpy or something.. Who knows, I am certainly not the expert at this stuff.  My new medication helps.  It sure does.  My stomach is not even getting upset.  Which is a huge deal. 

The other benefit is it is also not rotting out my teeth like the Fentanyl Lolly Pops!  I have had to have Crowns and Root Canals... GRRRRrrrr from those dumb things..  But when that is all your options give you you do what you have to.. I still have more to go dental work is expensive, even if you have insurance. 

So frustrating, damned if you do and damned if you don't. 

Not feeling happy at this moment..  Well, I am going to have to work harder at that.  I am really trying to type my way into a feeling of peace with all of this.   I have a feeling I am going to have to keep typing for a long time.  

Monday, March 29, 2010

EgGs... & SeRviCe DoG NeWs...

This post shares something important at the end!

Things while difficult in some areas are better in others.  Luka and I attended an event last night.  Jason dropped us off and our very prego friend L dropped us off at home.  She was there also making beautiful things with me.

We made Eggs!  Yep!  Eggs.  We did not cook them they in fact are still RAW!  Loving that part!  We dyed them.  Pysknky Style!   We had our event at this great place!  Check it out!   It was fun.  I was completely worn out afterward, and today I am definitely medicated!  But I got to do something creative with friends, which was totally worth it.

They are a wax relief... you paint the wax on with this little device called a Kistky they have three sizes of them and make fancy electric ones.....

See how busy everyone is.. Thanks to Gina for taking some great pictures for me!

So this is the design I did.. what is black on my egg is soon to be white and what is white is soon to be black.. The little tan square is bees wax.. You dip your Kistky in the bees wax after holding in in the flame.  Scoop up the wax and it melts on in a line to your egg..  You can also see my practice lines on the plate.

Yep, I copied it.. Well, not quite.  I did my own version...  But it is similar..

You melt the wax off after you have dipped the egg in the dye.  I didn't get a shot of us doing that, but there were so many tempting colors to choose from.  I couldn't think.. So I just chose black.

My friend L's egg... isn't it cute?  Luka kept wanting an egg too, but he finally was resigned to just watch and wait for us to finish!  He was quite the good sport and received rave reviews on upon our exit! Gosh, as I type this I am watching PBS again of course..  I am now watching a show that is featuring EGGS.. How cool is that? 
Here is a link to a PDF version of Burt Wolfe's Show..  It features these eggs! 

My friend W's Egg..  I think this one is inspired!

G's egg!  She is so gifted!

My egg finished.  

This is the other egg I made.... I didn't want to stare at another picture and "copy"  but I couldn't think of what to make either.. so it is a scribble egg!  Not a scrambled on.. Ha Ha!!  Ok, I know my humor is terrible..

 The eggs are all still RAW.. we are supposed to just turn them occasionally and they will dry out!  How crazy is that!  I am so excited!  ( Oh, and you pray they don't crack, because then your whole house will stink REAL BAD!)

But they are fun!

If you'd like to make this style of eggs go to..   The Ukrainian Gift Shop  

These eggs are amazing!

 So this is what I really want you to take a minute and check out..  

One of my friends called me today!  He shared with me a video that he saw featured on CNN.  Since he knows I am interested in things to do with people that have Service Dogs, he shared this with me.

This is another Service Dog video  this was just featured on CNN.. about fighting for rights..  Thanks to Kevin Stone and his Service Dog Mambo as well as Luis Carlos Mantovan and his Service Dog Tuesday  for fighting for the rights of Veterans to have them covered by insurance!  

I can surely say I am better off for having Luka in my life.  I take less medications, I am more active than I previously was with out him.  I am also happier and I also look forward to more things in general.  Even if I am still not out and about like I was before my accident, after having him I am having a significantly better quality of life.  I of course think they should be covered by all insurance companies.. but I am not asking for a miracle.. These veterans DESERVE to have the best quality of life they can have.  They have fought for our freedom!  Treat them well! 

By the way, this friend is preparing to go to Afghanistan to support the effort there.  He gets orders to leave soon. 

Blessings and Thanks For All That You Do!

Pink Doberman

Sunday, March 28, 2010

AtTiTuDe & mY hUbBY!

What do you do when everything falls apart?

You just start picking up the pieces one at a time.

Our lives often feel like a puzzle.  Often times fitting together perfectly.  Most of the time a little effort is required, if not allot of effort.

Today seemed to be no exception.  I don't feel like disclosing what happened.  I will say it involved money of course..

But Jason is once again my hero.  This time he used major amounts of self control, I am sure!  I am sure thoughts of running the other direction entered his mind every time I started to speak.  He also gave me hope when I was losing it.

I appreciated that.  I am usually the hopeful one.. but I am frustrated these days and on and off of pain meds I am sure does not help my mental state.

At any rate.. Jason persisted through many obstacles that were in his way.  He came out on the other side my shining hero!  I really know that his frustration and stress level have not been decreasing.  He however has really been shining in the attitude department!  I am not sure what he is doing.  He really never has been bad or horrible... he used to just be less than excited about some things..  and his tone would reflect it.

His tone has changed.  His attitude is changing.  I am loving that!

He deserves so much credit for sticking with me!  He has just been the best husband anyway.  He does everything that has to be done.  This time what he did helped me be a stronger person.  His attitude and willingness to do all that he could with the best attitude really meant the world to me.  It makes me love him even more.  He is quite wonderful.  I feel blessed in the midst of difficult times.

He has also been out taking some other great pictures!!  I am really impressed with what he does!  I love looking at all of the cool things he is out seeing and capturing digitally! We have yet to print any of his shots.

Maybe in the future.  But since that costs extra we will just have to have a plan! 

I love this one.  It is so simple it is peaceful to me!

Some leaves hang on despite all of the challenges that winter provides and this winter was a doozie!  These leaves to me remind me of the potential in all of us to hang on spring or a new season will be here soon!

I wish I could do something that would improve things as we know it.  I am working on that...

For now I am just going to hang on and listen to him playing his guitar in the basement!

Love you honey, and I appreciate you and all that you do!

Pink Doberman

Saturday, March 27, 2010

ScEnTs aBiLiTy..

YES, I read other blogs.. I would imagine that everyone has figured this out by now.  I find very boring things very interesting and I like living vicariously through others.  So I "lurk" on unknown people's blogs if the topic suits me.

I guess that is how it is supposed to work anyway.  And I really like it that way!  I am learning quite allot.  I've been following a neurology blog, a few photography blogs, crafting and I've started knitting.  I think that should be a surprise because two needles would have to be harder than one, .. You'd think... RIGHT???

Well, since I never mastered the crochet thing.. one needle with a HOOK!  Yeah, I am not giving up.  I've decided.  I think I just need someone to show me.  I have that perfect someone in mind too!

But for now I will be focusing in knitting.  I am happy about that.  You see I have a friend, and she just learned from a friend...  and this friend new to knitting too, just taught me!  It was like magic!  I am sure everyone is going to be much better at it than me, as I have done so many things wrong already!

Taken out rows, missed stitches.... forgot which side I was working on and totally ended a few rows mid stick...  ( I don't even know all of the words.  I just remember I am not a picker) But I did read about that and I'd like to be... noticed that that is the FASTER way to do it!  Hmmmmmm........ the gears are turning...

In the meantime I was reading a completely different blog tonight.  It reminded me of many friends whom I have that have a certain sensitivity.  My mother is the first person to bring this to my attention years and years ago.  She was a great Career Counselor.  She would talk about how you really should not wear perfume in work environments.  Ideally not in places with groups of people in confined spaces either.

So she would never wear any scented products to her job.  I can't recall if one of her co-workers had a scent sensitivity or if she just did that in case someone would happen to come into the office who did.

I personally have always preferred shower gels and lotions.  They aren't heavy, the amount of oil in these products is quite minimal and the scent does not stick around in most cases that long. 

While reading this blog about Work Scentsitivities..  I recalled my mothers actions.  I also have several friends with sensitivities to scents.  Some of the people I know have some very strong reactions.

I was also reminded last summer, that some people have SEVERE allergies to animals.  Including dogs, so I also need to be aware of that also.  However a mild allergy or one that can be controlled with medications is not reason enough for me to leave Luka out I just try to be sensitive and not stick around very long.  As you and I am sure realize many people who have pet allergies, have the very pets they are allergic to living in their homes..    But the few amount of people that have very disabling allergies, are a reason for us both to work together to accommodate each other.  Take turns, or what ever..  It is important that people with Service Dogs be aware that they may be around a person with a life threatening disability.  In this case every effort must be made by the business as well as the individuals to be rational and mutually respectful.

A non life threatening allergy would not necessarily be something to warrant much difference.. but to be polite everyone should do what they can of course.  At least that is the way I have come to understand the laws regarding those who have Service Dogs.

  Feel free to add your comments.

So at any rate.  Please also be careful of the amount of perfume you choose to wear!  I try too.  I have a friend who is fine with lotion on me... but her daughter wanted some..  it made her daughter very fragrant... and since her daughter is pretty little yet.. mom still snuggles up and holds her up to her face..

Not to fun for mom who isn't good with many scents.. 

Think about your actions... just be considerate and tolerant.  We are all different! 

  Don't forget to check out this workplace post and learn a bit more about wearing fragrances in the work place.

Pink Doberman

Friday, March 26, 2010

ThEsiS... aNd A bAby!!

So I was reading another blog that I like the other day.  It is one that I read off and on for personal enjoyment.  Her life is quite different from mine, except she also has a quirky personality.  I think that is why I am drawn to read her blog. 

She has kids and talks about her kids quite allot.  I don't usually read "mommy blogs" but I do read a few.  Hers is one of them.  CJaneBlog 

Of course what I saw on her blog the other day has also prompted me to share as well.  There is a gal, Whitney King, who has a completely different blog, King&I  and this gal needs help! 

I also like to help people!  I probably like to help people to much.. So that is why I now have "restrictions" in the "HELPING" department.  Jason and I had to set some rules a while back.. 

Anyhoo.. this sort of assistance falls under the type of assistance I can provide!  Which of course I am thrilled to do!  Those of you who know me from before, this exercise would have driven me out of my mind.  Actually parts of it became tedious.. I looked at it as a benefiting for my self organization as well. 

This gal really wants to have a child.  And NO I am not helping directly with that!  However....

Indirectly I may be doing and so could you be giving her the wonderful gift of helping her finish her Thesis!  Oh yes, she is writing a Thesis!  Can you imagine?  I can't, at the very least since I have never written one, I thought, "Self, if you are not going to write one, you had better help this girl and her King out so they can finally have that baby."

Yes you read right.  They want to start a family, and before they do that she wants to have her Thesis finished!  Her subject is Blogging!  How contemporary!  I think it is a great idea!  Wish I would have thought of it myself.  I think that might be something I would find quite interesting. 

So she has gotten my help, and C Jane's help.. and she would also like YOUR HELP!  You can just read blogs, or you can write them and read them, or you can just write one. 

She has a nifty little questionnaire that you can fill out for her.  She will keep your info confidential which is so considerate. 

I just finished sending her my questionnaire, am not actually sure I ended up including EVERY Single blog that I follow.  I follow quite a few and it is embarrassing I think.  Of course I have no clue who these people are that I am reading about, most of them at least.  But I find their blogs to be interesting!  I like learning, and I know that blogs are meant to be read so "baby" I am reading them!

As an extra incentive she is also giving away TWO  $100 gift certificates she will draw from those who share!!  Shop Shop Shop!!  How fun would that be!  So check out Whitney's blog and send her your version of her questionnaire and next thing you know she'll have her degree and be also a MOMMY!

It really does not take that long to do!  So get going!!


Pink Doberman

Thursday, March 25, 2010

AdVeNtUrEs oF jAsOn..

Jason has been busy taking some more pictures!  Of which I am so glad.  I have not been feeling up to scooting around with him.

But I am sure enjoying what he is bringing home!!

I really like cows, I used to have one as a pet.  She was a Hereford Cow (Red and White) I named her Cracker.  ( I was young and didn't understand the negative connotations..) My father preferred I change the name but I was stubborn and he wouldn't explain why.. so she kept her lovely name.  I think I had a hand full of saltines at the time! =) 

Jason was out late last year. He found this deer!  He was so excited!  I think it is a great shot!
He had to be very quiet... but the deer saw him anyway and ran away!!

This picture I actually had a part in taking!  This squirrel and another frequent the tree's outside our home.  One of these tree's is just outside our bedroom window!  Jason was so good to come quickly when I called grabbing the camera that he is learning to keep handy and ready to shoot.

I am often sitting in bed, especially these days.. I still have yet to go to the Specialist Dr.  to see what he thinks.  So when I am up and about more and with my head/neck unsupported.. the pain increases.  I just had a bout of several days of that.  I was taking lots of pain medication.  But for me that was better than laying down away from everyone else..  So while I was in bed most of the day and all night, I was up in the late afternoon and evening after being in bed medicated all day.  I was medicated in the evenings of course too.. grr.

But I did have a good time.  I even managed to make corn beef and cabbage for St. Patties Day, and a meal of Chinese Style food, Chow Mein, Beef and Vegies, and Fried Rice.  That was fun!  Won't go in to more detail but a good time was had by all.

Luka has been sticking to my side very well.  He has been helping me on the stairs these days.  Mostly he is laying by my side as I am pretty boring, even though the weather is finally nice.  It is so nice to look out the window and see blue sunny skies!  I am glad he is here with me.  

This squirrel is a joy to watch as it leaps from tree to tree.  I am glad Jason got this shot!   He/She is hard to catch.. so fast!  The birds have been fun to watch too, there is a cardinal and a dove outside my window at times as well!  Not to mention the Robin's!!

My grandmother used to paint pictures of the birds outside her window.  Now I understand why she did.  It sure brought her joy.  Maybe I will try and paint in here too...  (that is sure to drive Jason batty.. I should ask his permission first I suppose.. =)! )

He got some others I will share with you later!   Thanks Jason for taking these great pictures!  Be sure to let him know what you think of his shots! 


Pink Doberman

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LaUnDrY... & MaYhEm...

So on a recent trip... we were at a friends house.  Jason was also working of course..  What is new there.. I guess it would be news if he weren't...  =)!    That would be awesome! 

Well at any rate...
At a friends house..  I thought I'd be smart and wash some things of Luka's..   It turned out to be more work than it was worth.  At least I didn't destroy anything,... Yes I have a knack for that.. 

But I did end up making some extra work for Jason who was mortified... and gave me several of those "What Were You Thinking" looks..    =D!

I get those allot!

So I took pictures...  My handy work in action..

The victims...  my lovely prayer blanket that was made for me by a group of Kansas Church Ladies! 
It used to not have pink in it's motif....
Jason is doing such a good job of getting the mess out of the house.  Those blankets were WET!

Bless his heart... those blankets just would not cooperate!

They really kept blowing.. and blowing and soon they would fly off..
Jason is so resourceful.. 

So he found something to shag them with.  Because it was COLD out there...
I am a really big pain in the A** to follow around and fix the mayhem that flows in my wake..

The mayhem.... See these little purple spherical dots?  There were MILLIONS OF THEM!!

All over the washer... (didn't take a picture of that..) Jason cleaned that out, with very strong words to me to LEAVE him alone and let him do it before I would also hurt myself and he have to carry me out of there.. 

So guiltily I slunk away and got the camera to record my purple mayhem...
If the purple little balls of fuzz weren't such a pain... I would have asked to keep them.  Because I am sure they would make an excellent decoration or at least a conversation piece. 

And I am mostly sad.  Because I really love my purple blanket!  I've had it for years!  It is super silky and soft!  I am sad that when it gets dirty this next time that it goes in the trash. 

I guess I should feel fortunate that it already isn't there... gives me time to prepare! 

But I really do LOVE this blanket.. even though it is now see through!

Thankfully, our friends washing machine cleaned out well.. we ran an empty load through,
and then did two more loads just to make sure it was all cleaned out.  Didn't want anyone to put white things in afterward, and then they come out pink!  .... That could be really bad and embarrassing. 

I would know I once did that to my father's under shirts and underwear!   I also managed to bleach everyone's jeans too... after these and a few other episodes from my child hood I was promptly asked to avoid doing anyone's laundry including my own... 

Out of the deal our friends washing machine got thoroughly cleaned out...  as best you can do anyway with out actually taking the machine apart.... Which Jason has already been apart of doing.... (note: nothing to do with me in that case) 

Got their vacuum cleaned out.. thankfully they have this nifty container vacuum.. A Dyson!  Which worked so slick to get all of those little balls picked up that flew all over the house as the blankets were carried outside...

Oh the joys..  I have improved on that at least.. but I seem to have mayhem in my genes...  
I keep life interesting at least.  Jason need never be bored..  Heaven forbid that ever happen!!  -

=D Keeping life real - Blessings,
Pink Doberman

Monday, March 22, 2010

A LiTtLe dReAm!!

What do you do when you'd like to be out having fun in the nicer weather?

Dream about it!

So even though this is pretty much what everything looks like I sure would like to be gallivanting around to see it all for myself!  Well, I do get to go to see Dr. M. tomorrow!  YIpie Ky Yo...  I don't mean that!  But that is the most exciting thing I have planned!  I have managed to not take any medication today!  I am sure my liver is appreciating that! 

Hope I've been good enough today that my night will go as smoothly!

Of course I do have a list of other things I need/want to do tomorrow.  Time will tell.  It will be up to Jason if they all happen I suppose.  Or he may just have to go run around and do the things for me...  with a Honey PLLLLllllleeeeeeZZZZZZE!

He is so amazing about that sort of stuff.  I try not to ask him to by "girl stuff".  You know what I mean...

I am sure he would, but I am not sure I would get what I ordered!  I would guarantee he would get me something, but exactly what I wanted??  I even have to stand in that isle for an hour to find the right package. 

He did grab the absolutely perfect shampoo the other day though!  I was pretty impressed!  I even got a confirmation phone call!  Now that is a Real Man for you!

My definition has never included muscles and a nasty attitude.  Although he does have muscles.. but he checks the attitude! 

We just got back from another of his teaching trips.  He ended up having to pack my bags and all when we came home.  I try to pack my bags.  I should be able to put shirts in a bag..  I am so grateful that he did that.  He also carries everything loads everything, and even made a trailer to hall things.  Of course he likes it when we leave that at home!  Which we often do!  Our little wagon is quite handy.

So life is good.  I have a good man here to make sure I make it everywhere with all of my pieces!  A dog that goes along for the ride and is around when my good man isn't. 

Blessed and Dreaming!  Hope you are too!
Pink Doberman

Friday, March 19, 2010

VaLeNTiNoS a NiGhT oUt WiTh fRiEnDs

Have you ever had a really great night out with friends.  I have!  I look forward to those moments for sure!  I always have!  While I've not ever been the best at hosting gatherings I sure look forward to attending them.  As I get older things have once again transitioned.

As a child we would chat about current events and things going to be happening, the same thing as a teen and in college.  However once college passed, there would be small talk about work sometimes competitively so but really only until people would bring up events from the past. 

Now, people seem to have enough going on that there is small talk about work but it is with a non competitive tone, as well as fun times from the past, but the focus seems to have landed back on what we are up to in our lives what they are planning for the future, and how the families are doing.  Everyone seems to have a greater appreciation for life and others lives.  It is nice.  More relaxed.  Less forced. 

At least that is the way last night went.  It probably helped I was doing better myself.  Luka was able to go and we got a ride from a friend!  I was able to listen to peoples conversations even take part in them.  I had placed myself near the center of the table which worked great for me.  I had different conversations going on on both sides of me.  The kind of conversations you were meant to listen to if you wished or better yet participate in.  That was just wonderful!

I had the opportunity to meet others that I had only heard of or seen pictures of on Facebook!  ( that is my really social life most days)  Which really helped me because I looked everyone up and made sure I had all of the names correct!  Names are important! 

It isn't that I hadn't seen some of these people for a while, I mean it has been months but it was at gatherings of even more people than last night.  I am not good at making the rounds I pretty much just set myself down someplace and watch and listen at those things.  If someone comes by to sit and chat well even better! 

These smaller gatherings are so much better.  While I didn't talk to a few of the people much at all, I was able to at least acknowledge everyone's presence!  Which is so great! 

One of them is even getting married soon!  We all got to meet her fiance!  I think he passed the friend test with flying colors!  They are an adorable couple!  Who lead amazing lives!!  My friends are all cool like that..!  It is so fun to hear about their adventures!!  

Luka did a very nice job too!  It was very difficult for him to say the least.  I had fed him right before we left.  Which was good!  We went to a Valentino's Buffet in Omaha.  The staff there was exceptional!  There were kids everywhere.  Some of them knew what to do about Service Dogs and others did not.  I felt at times like we were being the ones served at the buffet.

The Manager of Valentinos, Deneen was awesome too!  Very thoughtful and I appreciated the conversation I had with her!

The staff ran around behind us chasing naughty children away from Luka.  Telling them they couldn't be around us.  Which was great, as Luka was enamored by the buffets of food!  He didn't eat any of it but was sure focused on it.  (we don't do buffet's much, mostly because I think they are a waste of money, as I don't eat much usually)  I love them though!!  Besides it is allot of walking and carrying, things I am not so good at any more.  Besides the chaos of the whole event is pretty overwhelming for me. 

I did fine though.  I was hoping they were serving cotton candy!  They did the last time I was there!  MMMMmm!  Girl loves her cotton candy! 

The gals who worked there managed to save Luka from what in their words looked to be a very bad episode.  A child who is there on a regular basis is evidently never watched by his parents.  He was following us around everywhere!  VERY CLOSELY!  Kept touching at Luka.  No parent around and so then no one to stop this kid.  I have enough to do without dealing with these kids..  The gal who worked there, shared that she saw the little boy headed for Luka's tail.. (keep in mind he has a very short stubby tail) she shared it looked as if the kid was headed to bite it with his teeth!  OMG!  I can't even imagine what would have happened if he had done that! 

My hands were full with a tray of food I was gathering for myself.  I really can not say enough good things about the staff at Valentinos!  Thank goodness!  Otherwise I am sure that we would have had a very bad experience. 

My friends were great with us too!  A couple of them had even seen us on TV!  That was kind of fun!  Kind of embarrassing too, but I am resigned to the fact that people really need to be made aware and the only way to do that is if someone starts speaking out!..   So here I go with my big mouth!  =D  I am proud also that I am having the courage to do it.  I already stand out with Luka, but at least this way people will come to understand that a little common sense is required on both sides. 

I definitely have more to say on this subject as well.  But I will let that go for now. 

My friends did a great job as well, they fielded questions about us which was wonderful, because I was overwhelmed and could only seem to muster short answers as I would practically run away from everyone as Luka and I walked through the isles of people on the way back to our table.  People are so so curious.

I am finally feeling better and I need to get up and around a bit today! 

I am blessed!!
I hope you have a great time with your friends!

Pink Doberman

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tonight I sit here medicated.  I suddenly had a demeanor switch.  Jason noticed!  He said what happened while you were out of the room.. I guess I came back in a mess.  I have to say I was feeling edgy and quite irritable.  I have not taken any pain medication all day.. I also have really not done much of anything today either.  Spending the day in bed.  grrr.. I suppose that itself could be why I was edgy..

I had gone to the bathroom and let Luka out to do his business too!  Not much really.  I guess something in me has had it.  I sat back down and after a bit I realized that I might be in pain.  Weird I know.  I should be able to tell..  Well you'd think so! 

But I also can not tell hot water sometimes and my skin turns bright red before I realize it is too hot.  So it is the same with my migraines, as well as my neck and upper back pain.  Right now I notice a very deep burn between my shoulder blades.  There is also some higher, but I now have my head braced and am not moving it at all. 

I think my medication is working but I thought writing might help the antsy feeling I am having also.  I am at least being distracted.  I am also watching a dog training DVD..  That is a calming thing to watch!  I really am learning quite allot!

In addition I have found a new blog I am not sure if I will keep following it but I did really like a few of the posts!  I just found it!  You might like it also!  It suited this subject so I thought I would mention it and offer other perspectives! 

I am hopeful that I will be able to meet our friends fiance!  She is bringing him home for the first time!  I am not going to need to drive.  A friend is picking me up!  Yea!  She even asked if I wanted to go with her!  I was over joyed!  She will have room for both Luka and I!  To top it off I get to meet her daughter whom I  have never met!

Over joyed by the prospect! 


Pink Doberman

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a LiTtLe rElaXaTiOn

Certainly winter is beautiful.  I will give it that!

Playing in the snow also has its benefits.  Snow Angels, tunnels, sled ramps, and Snow Men~

I don't do those things any more.  I did do a Snow Angel most recently I must say I am not coordinated enough to really do them right any more.. I mostly muck them up before I can get out of them.  But the joy is in the doing of it. 

On our drives to where Jason teaches.. he will stop and take some pictures.  Even while he is at home he will take off in the mornings or whenever really to see if he can't find some shots. 

These two were taken of the Loup River.  It is a beautiful area!

Driving down the road I get the feeling .....

I loved to drive.  It was my time to be on my own and to gather my thoughts.  I am learning to do this in different ways these days. 

What are the ways that you destress and self gather?

Service dogs need down time too.  Time to run and time to play.  Time to be a dog.  Just like people need time away from their jobs, their kids, etc..

Luka is no different.  Mostly at home he is a dog.  I have pretty well arranged my life to do things on my own here at home.  Of course there is the occasional need for him to be present near me.  Like when I get stuck in the middle of the living room floor.. I could drag myself to the couch.. but that is not the best for me either. 

So I can just give him a holler and he'll come over to help.  It is pretty slick!  He sticks close by me for the most part anyway.  Especially if I am not feeling well.  He is constantly sticking his nose up at me.  I've started blowing his direction as well.  He's checking for something that tells him that I am going to get a migraine. 

When he lets me know I am going to get sick he has a pattern that he performs to tell me that I need to take my medication.  He gets rewarded with a treat!  At least sometimes.  It is good for him to do it just for praise.  The treats occasionally really help keep him motivated as well!

So this is one of the things that Luka does to have fun!  He loves to chase balls!

Aren't his shoes the best!!  I think so!  Here's the link.. I don't get anything but the satisfaction that more dogs have happy feet for sharing this with you.. Just like most things on my site! 

Pink Doberman

By the way, I've been doing better.  I have my pain medication and I am up and around more!  Which is good because the house really needed some help! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mY MuDdY aDvEnTuRe!

The snow that came has now gone.  I can see some tiny piles of it left here and there.  What I thought was going to take months to disappear took days.  Thanks to some rain.  Lots of rain I think.

I guess it is a real muddy mess out there.  My friend who has horses went out to their coral to check them, feed them etc.. got stuck in the mud her boots buried.  She had to sock it out of the mud while her husband dug her boots out.  He'd been stuck earlier with a loader or something.

Her story reminds me of when I was a kid.  Our whole class had gotten together at a friends home for her birthday party.  All of us girls 9 or so and one boy..( poor guy he had no chance with all of us girls..).  Well anyway we headed out to look at the cows in the feedlot.  We did not get in the pen with the cows.  It was November, and there was not any snow on the ground.  But we were all wearing our Moon Boots!  If you are too young to know what those boots are.. they were the coolest winter boots you could have at the time!

They had this outer boot with an inner liner that could be removed for washing.  They came in every color, we all had bright ones.  The bottoms of the boots were like tires and we felt like we were ready for adventure in them!  Just like going to the moon!  

At least that is how I remember them.  Although after our experience I am not sure how cool they actually were.. =)!

We all decided to walk over this really crusty area of dried dirt.  Never thinking anything of it.  If you choose to click on the link provided, you'd think it was safe to walk on right??   Well this crusted dirt had really wet mud underneath it.   9 grade school aged girls... + Moon Boots + Mud..= Unhappy Momma!

Yes, you are smiling now.. soon to be laughing so hard you might pee your pants..

We got stuck in this muck one by one.. Well three or so of us were stuck all at once, the others got stuck trying to pull us out.  Oh my were we a mess.  To top it off this was not just plain mud.  This was Cow mud.. meaning that it had lots and lots of Cow Manure (shit) in it.  In fact that is probably what it mostly was.  Our boots had suctioned themselves deep in to the Manure..  We could not lift a foot. 

We were covered in it.. 

The one boy in our class had opted to go hang with our classmates older brother.  Smartly so it seems.  They happened upon us and got her dad to get us out of there.  We were all mortified, and laughing at the same time.  The boys couldn't have been happier.  They were laughing so hard at us!  The more they would laugh the more frustrated we would get.

Her father finally arrived to pluck each one of us out of our boots..  By this time we were freezing and all had to go to the bathroom ourselves...

He tossed us in his truck and left us on the doorstep of their home.  He went back to get the boots out.  Her mother was overcome!  She just couldn't believe what she saw on her doorstep.  We surely were not entering her pristine home like this.. Manure ridden socks and pants, hands and coats...

We were told to strip!  Leaving every article of our clothing outside.  We were freezing as you can imagine..  She got us all cleaned up.  The boys were banned from the house during this time of course!  I remember sitting by the fire place trying to get warm.  She washed our clothes...  

Took the liners out of our boots and washed those, hosed off the outer boot... and we all ran around in towels!  This was the funnest birthday party of the year! 

My friends mother was incredibly apologetic to our parents as they came by to pick us up!  She was so apologetic I think she was nearly in tears.  My parents of course were used to this sort of thing.  I was the muddiest child you could imagine.. I was always making a mess.  In fact I am sure that they were the ones who were mortified... as they assumed I had something to do with this entire mess.  In my remembrances.. I don't think I was one of the first in, but I do believe I ended up being one of the messiest! 

I think she was horrified at what we'd managed to get ourselves into..  Ourselves, we were thrilled! We couldn't stop talking about our adventure.  I dare say that is one birthday party that none of us will ever forget!  We all now know the dangers of dry cracked dirt!  So we are all smarter for it as well!

I really did grow up right!  I had the most wonderful imaginative and adventuresome childhood.  Of course the best childhood friends too!

These days, every day is a new adventure. I guess that is what life is!

Pink Doberman

Monday, March 15, 2010


When I started this blog originally, years ago, it was for the gals that I serviced through my Mary Kay business.  Just some things to let them know why I was not coming around those days.  I was not really going anywhere except to the Doctors.

I can say that these days while I am not really out gallivanting around at all.. but I do go out more for other things, or at least I try to be able to.. and as I did and do I get questions from strangers and questions from those who'd known me from before.  I just as well have been strangers to them all.  As no one really knew what happened with me.  Some people thought I'd just moved, or other things.

It is nice to know I was not the subject of gossip around town.  =)!  While I don't mind answering questions at all, I just get so dang tired when I go out and some days I have the energy to spend standing and chatting, other days I really don't.  I need to get done what I need and get myself back home to rest.

So, figuring out how to share my story, became a little more important for me.  I soon learned about a friend who wrote a blog.  I started checking hers out.  Actually she has a couple of them.  I really did not have much more experience with them than that.

Somehow when I started, it was scary for me to put this out there "publicly".  But then the more I learned and experienced, my fear never really disappeared I guess the reason for doing it just got stronger. I have learned of so many others who have or are going through the same things as I am.

These people are struggling just as I am.  Not only with the physical or emotional issues associated with their health, but with people's attitude toward them.

Every person has the ability to be judgmental or assume.  I do.  Stereotypes and preconceived notions play a large part in peoples lives.  They use these things to help them feel safe, superior, or comfortable with where they are at in their lives. 

I have to say I have always been a person who really did try to treat everyone the same.  I said tried.  Because I am sure I failed on that in many occasions.  I probably will continue to fail, but I will also keep on trying.

So I am writing this to help give another perspective to those who go about their daily lives thinking of themselves and where they are at personally.  Or for those who don't really know anyone with difficulties.  Or to help them understand what someone whom they know is going through but can not put it into words.

I know I am still finding the words to describe what I am feeling and going through.  It is hard.  It is hard to be honest with myself too.  I understand more clearly than I ever did before how many people of the past must have felt when they were discriminated against or treated differently because of something that they had no control over.  I am grateful for all they did to make life easier on me today!  While there is more to be done... LB 858    I am still grateful.

I have always had friends who had differing abilities.  Some used wheel chairs to get around, others could get around without aid but often fell, some had speech differences, others had mental differences.  I have always believed they were here for a reason just as I was.  No different, just different reasons.

I was their friend, still am!  But I thought about it and realized it would have really helped me to understand their perspective as well.  I understood, but I didn't.  I realized this one time when I had broke my foot years back.  I was on crutches and at times a wheel chair.  The difficulties I personally experienced using a wheel chair in public were life altering.  ( I won't go into those now, but I do encourage you to borrow a simple chair, and for three days try and go everywhere in it.  See how easy that is.)
During my time in the chair Jason pushed me around like a champ!  Yeah, I was a weenie after having been on crutches hoping around.. pushing those wheels was impossible.  My arms were like jelly!

In addition to being in a chair, you often become invisible.  Kids are taught not to stare.. and then they turn into adults who do not even acknowledge your presence.  So weird.  There is a difference between not staring at someone and saying hi with your eyes.  Give it a try, even for just a little bit.  Use one of those carts at a large store or mall, and do your shopping from that.  (Please do not take the last cart, but do give it a try, for experiments sake)

Do your part in changing how you respond. You never know if someday that will be you sitting in the chair without a choice.  AND Yes, there are even grumpy and unhappy people with differing abilities.. some are nice and some aren't.  I know!  They truly are just like everyone else.  Give them the same chance!

Oddly enough with Luka I am not ignored... without him I am while in a chair.  With him I am not.. or rather he is not.. It is so weird.  The Service Dog changes the equation.  I am alright with that.  It is a built in safety feature for me.  One I will gladly accept.  One day I may explain my theory further however at this time I am not ready to do so.
(Since child hood I have walked around with my eyes shut around my house.  I am pretty good at it.  I wanted to realize how it felt to be blind.)  Occasionally while having migraines, this has helped me cope.
Give yourself a different ability (disability) just for a few days.  See how that works for you.
I guess that is my challenge to you for today.   Please share your experience with me!

So I guess with this blog I am hoping to spread some understanding along with giving myself some therapy so I can work out my difficulties.  I am learning along with this as well.  I don't have all of the answers.  I am learning right along with everyone else.  I am just out here trying to be the best me I can be.

I think so many of us are in that place.  I always have believed that I was put on this earth for a reason.  For a long time I had no understanding of what that reason was.  For the years prior to the accident, I had found my calling.  I was here to help others be the best they can be.  In order to do that I also had to push myself to be the best I could be as well. 

I guess it is still true.  I feel my best while helping others.  So that is why I am continuing on with my blog.  Why I feel such an overwhelming desire to type these words. 

I am not a writer.  I am not good with grammar or spelling.  I am just one person.  I am not extra ordinary, I am just real.  I am trying to make it through my life as gracefully as possible, and have a positive impact on others while I do this.

Pink Doberman

Sunday, March 14, 2010

bUt, YoU DoN't LoOk DiSaBLeD???

I am devoting my entire post today to what I saw on a fellow blogger's post. 
Please check this out!  It is so worth it!

But You Don't Look Disabled!  (Scroll down once you reach the page to find the post.) Then click PLAY!

Let me know what you think! 

I personally think I am differently abled ;)!

Pink Doberman
... Thanks TED!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

HoMe hEaRt iS

Home is where the heart is. 

Jason is home again.  Which is so nice.  He is sleeping now and since I've been a night owl, I am typing.  I think when I go to sleep he will soon wake up.  Which works out fine anyway.  He's got plans to go out and snap some more pictures! 

I am happy for that.  I know he didn't take many shots on his teaching trip.  So this will give me more to look at tomorrow.  I have really been craving something new to look at.  We have bunches of pictures, lots of decent ones and many good ones.  We also have lots of bad ones.. so I think I am going to work on deleting those!  Get them out of our files. 

I also need to get some pictures printed.  I have to get those chosen as well.  I am really hoping that tomorrow will be a nice day and I can get outside for a bit and sit in my chair.  My medication should be available as well.  So that might solve a few of my issues.  Fingers crossed! 

While my life has come to a slow down, others I know have had their lives put on the fast track.  They are busy multi-tasking and doing this interesting thing and that.  I am glad that they are.  My head lately has been slow.  Slow at even imagining.  I don't know if the depression is getting worse or what. 

Yeah, I realize I am depressed.  I have been down this road.  You could say I am an expert.  I will beat it.  I sure could use some warm weather and sunshine to make it easier.  Come on Spring!  Lets turn this country GREEN! 

I need to get our taxes sorted for our CPA also.  Yikes.  That is going to take a clear head.  I have hopes of doing that.  I have gathered everything, I did that in Feb... I am going to start running out of time. 

I also would like to do some baking.  A friend posted a gluten free recipe on her blog. 

Another friend would be fun to have over to eat the gluten free recipe with!  She could probably use it too.  She's going through a rough transition.  Brain Surgery.  Can you even imagine what that must be like.  Anyhoo.. she had a seizure this week her first week out from surgery.  We are worried for her as you can imagine. 

At the same time we are also quite frustrated.  I am not in any condition to go off galavanting to see her.  Hopefully I will get something worked out with that.  It would be perfect to go hang out with her.  I am not sure if she is buzzing around her house or sitting quietly.. but either would be fun.  Her hubby could probably use someone to talk with also. 

Since Jason is practically an expert in dealing with lifestyle change..  Both guys are so similar it is frightening!  It would be something that they may both enjoy as well.  Who knows, we will just have to see what happens.

I did look outside today.  Last week or sometime anyway, I had taken a picture of a robin.  A big big fat robin.  Full of eggs.  Today I glanced out the window to see skinny robin's out and about.  So I wonder if the eggs are all laid?  

I am quite proud of this picture!  Jason was even surprised!  I must say that I am even more proud because I changed the camera's settings to get the lighting right.  Jason had shown me how one day.. Well, I hadn't paid that good of attention to how he got to the screen..  So I just started pushing buttons.. 

I am sure he would have been mortified and terrified that I was going to wreck something.. But hey, the camera is virtually a computer right??  The main thing is not to drop it!  And I had that puppy hooked on so it was not going anywhere! 

I shot my first bird!  (BIG GRIN)

I really can't wait to see more birds.  My grandmother used to paint them all of the time.  Maybe that is what I will try to do as well.  She liked using acrillic paint.  But I think I am more of a watercolor girl.  I have been wanting to try out the oil thing... so who knows. 

I also want to make a braided rug.  I am guessing I will need help with this stitching the whole thing up because it will get quite heavy.  But we really need a rug for our living room and I think I could make a pretty great one!  I have it all in my mind.

I thankfully have not had a migraine the past day or so!  I am super thrilled about that!  The last one I had was a doozy with all of the other issues I was having.  Luka caught it, so while it did get worse than they have been we did get it caught soon enough for the meds here at home to take care of it.  Thankfully!  I really hate going to the ER. 

I might give the urgent care thing a try sometime.  But I need to find out more about that.  I have a feeling they'd just throw their hands up in the air with me.  Placate me and I still would have no relief. 

Hopefully that issue is mute anyway.  I plan on only going to the hospital as a visitor, not as a patient. 

Since I have not been moving around much, my neck is doing better!  No moving no causing unhappy nerves!  But my rear end and the back of my head are going to need a vacation.  They are so unhappy!  Way to much sitting in similar positions! 

I am looking forward to dying some Easter Eggs.  I can't wait to share pictures!  They are going to be glorious!  I even have friends coming to dye them with me!  I don't know what I will do with them, but I just thought they would be fun to make.  It is a workshop with a teacher and everything!  I am so excited! 

The last one of these I could not attend.  So I am better prepared this time.  Jason is going to be home and can run Luka and I out to the class!  Even if I feel crummy I will go and watch!  That way I can do it later on my own! 

I think the way we will be doing the eggs will be similar to using water color as well.  Not the same but similar.  It looks interesting to me anyway.  I can't wait to share pictures! 

Life is a gift, be sure to open yours!

Pink Doberman

Friday, March 12, 2010

iNteRiSTiNg tHiNgS..

Insomnia... does it happen to you?  It really does sometimes.  Sometimes it happens quite often. 

It is frustrating!  So so so so frustrating...  My brain does not stop.  I really don't mind this, I have lived with this my entire life.  The thing that does bother me is when my brain is stuck on bad things.  Then I need it to stop!

Even if I would fall asleep with bad thoughts I will not sleep. 

The Dr. Oz Show is talking about this.  Hopefully I will learn some more tips. 

I also have learned that if I take my nighttime suppliment that I do sleep better.  So I really try to do that.  Jason sleeps better when he takes that as well.  That is a good thing too! 

On PBS this morning there is some discussion on
LB1014 (Haar) Create the Teacher Performance Pay Fund and provide for additional public teacher pay 
The discussion has been pretty interesting.  While we have no kids.  We always have felt that better teachers and better schools do benefit kids.  Interesting discussion on Nebraska's Legislative Floor this morning. 

Of course the LB 858 ended up stalling out in committee.  Which is frustrating.  But there is increasing support for this legislation.  People are becoming aware of the need to support this legislation!  I can't thank those who do enough!  Here are some previous posts thta I have made about the Proposed Nebraska Service Dog Legislation.  Please even if you live out of state contact the people on the committee to share your thoughts and experiences!   

Read More Here to link to my television interview, and see pictures from it as well.


Here for my Speech to the State of Nebraska Legislative Committee including Nebraska Senator's Contact Information

Senator Kate Sullivan is bringing this legislation back new and improved for next year!  She welcomes your thoughts and ideas on how Nebraska's Service Dog Legislation can be the best in the land!  Kudo's to her and her wonderful staff for taking this on!

Yes, I am going to keep bringing these things up.  =)  They are important! 

Ok, so I have spoken with Jason today.  He should be on his way home from his trip tonight!  I am so glad about that.  I think it has been good for him to get away.  While I HATED not being able to go with him.  Getting out of here makes things more tollerable for me for sure.

He was able to go out to eat with fellow instructors.  Which was wonderful for him.  He enjoyed himself.  He shared that the food was not that special.  But that he had a good time.  There was even a fire station across the parking lot from the hotel.  He could not have been happier. 

In fact, on his way to his training center this morning..  He stopped by the station got to chat with the guys for a couple minutes.  It is super fun for him to do that!  He caught everyone at shift change. 

It is good to hear that his classes are going well.  A few bumps here and there, going well.  He is teaching for yet another institution.  Crazy stuff!  I sure hope that he got the name of that mattress he slept on at the hotel before he checked out this morning.  I am curious!

On another note.  One good thing about my Dr. visit yesterday.. I am going to start some new therapy!  I hope it will work.  It is something that I hope my neck and arms will be able to tolerate.  So far nothing else has worked.  I still need to keep working on the other stuff.  But at the point I am at right now, the more I do the worse I am feeling again.  I really want to get on a treadmill and walk!

We will see how it goes. 

Depressing part.. stop reading if you'd like..
The visit to the Dr. will have hopefully met most of my deductible.  While it is not paid for yet, the visit is done, and they said I could pay them in installments, not all up front.  That is good.  I asked before we even went in.  Thank goodness! 

I hate having to many bills at one time.  I hate not getting them all paid off.  It is so therapeutic to pay them off in full!  We will just have to keep chugging away at them.  Someday we will get them gone!  I live for those days!  I know bills are apart of life.  I would just like to transition to the type of life that can pay for things in CASH upfront! 

But sometimes that just is not in the cards! 

I realize this is something that everyone struggles with!  I am not alone, I am fully aware.  It is just another dream. 

I have not been talking about it much lately, but my hands and lower arms have been hurting again.  I type take a break, type take a break...  to get my posts done.  Sometimes this goes on all day long.  I do not know why they are flaring up.  They just are.  I do not know why so many things hurt with my body, they just do.  I am definitely able to live with some pain, unmedicated.  It just makes me tired and irritable.  Frequent breaks are needed as well.  But I am at least able to do some things around the house.  Or out of it depending on the day! 

But with the additional stronger pains, the little one's combined, are just more than this girl can take.  I hope the pharmacy has the medication in.  I still have to figure out how to get it.. But.. one thing at a time. 

I better end this post now, I fear that my thoughts are going to stop making sense here soon.

This girl is hurtin.
Blessings to you and I have hope that you are pain free!

Pink Doberman

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I've been pretty upset today.  Really I have been having a hard time of it period.  But what does not kill you will make you stronger.  At least that is what I am told. 

I feel like I am climbing out of my skin.  And no it is not the medication talking.  I haven't taken any.  YET.  I think it is about time no matter what the tummy complications.  Hopefully one pill will take the edge off and not make my stomach nuts.

After talking with Jason tonight I feel lots better.  I am so frustrated and angry.  I know I don't make things easy for him at all.  I have been a mess.  He has helped me figure out what to do.  I really don't know what I would do without him.  While he does not have the patience of a saint in general, he sure does with me.  For that I am grateful.  I know I am a handful.

So you may have gathered the Dr. appointment has not gone as I had hoped.  Not that it went bad.  I had a plan in my mind.  As much as I like change somethings in my life at least right now.. I feel... If it ain't broke don't fix it!  If it is broke do what you know works. 

If it does not work look for other options.  So today I got two different suggestions of which I am both open to.. One of them I will be willing to try for sure!  Too bad the pharmacy did not have the newest pain relief product that my Dr. has prescribed.  Tomorrow, so today I am taking the tummy upsetting stuff.  Ugg.  Just one.  Lets just see how it goes. 

So he is out and about working one of his extra jobs.  He Teaches Super Man Classes on the side among other things.  (I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you..)  Ha Ha!!  No, well, let's just say he is smart about lots of interesting things most of which involve well, not happy stuff.  He is off teaching people how to save the world.  YipEE!

At the same time he is making money that makes it possible for us to eat!  I just love eating!

He is my Super Man!  That is for sure. 

I think the medication is helping.  I still hurt but I really do not feel as crazy.  I think the real medicine I needed for the "crazy" was Jason. =D

I found this other blog recently.  It is about how couples survive through disabling issues.  This is definitely an area that there is no guidance in and no Dr. to help you with it.  Most marriages do not survive this.  I can totally see why. 

If you were the one being disabled you have an immense amount of guilt.  If you are the one left abled, you also have a tremendous amount of guilt.  Both of which should be left out of the marriage.  I'd say we are not uncommon.  We both carry the guilt.  In both cases it is unfounded.  You realize it of course mentally, but emotionally it can eat you alive!

I suppose no matter what problems your marriage is facing the little things are what matter.  I am not putting myself out here as any sort of expert.  I am not that.  I don't even think my marriage is bullet proof.  But it is something I want.  Not because I NEED someone.  But because I WANT my best friend, and I want to be his best friend too.  I want to do what I can to not be a bigger burden than I am. 

I want to be fun, interesting, a good listener.... I am sure this blog will share more ideas as well.. at least it will give me some understanding to what we are both going through and how to handle it.

Making any partnership work takes effort.    Mine is worth the effort.

I hope yours is too!

Pink Doberman

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Impressed!  A favorite show of ours just Rocked Tonight!  Wow!  

Thanks so much to N.C.I.S. for choosing to feature how important the people are who train Service Dogs!  Abby brought on the show tonight her new Guide Dog in Training!  How Cool is that?  The show also featured a guy with TWO Wives..  Aired on 3-9-10  Check out the cute puppy that she is training!

Jason watches this show as often as possible!  We both just love it!  For sure it is one show we can both agree to watch, and my trigger finger never flicks to a different stream during this show!

He could watch this show over and over again!  If we are at a place with cable and there is a N.C.I.S. Marathon on, well there is a good chance Jason will spend part of the day de stressing in front of the flickering screen!

Here is also the link to a great rescue resource are the Pilots who fly rescue animals to their new homes!  Check it out!  Pilots N Paws 

I also want to announce I think I have found a breeder to get my next Service Dog to train from!  I did have hopes to find the correct dog through rescue.  The more I have learned about the type of dog needed the more I have also learned about what I am needing and looking for in my next Service Dog.

Physical Traits
Hair- Short very low or now maintenance..
Tall- Ideally 30 inches at the withers
Strong- Of course
Sound- Good history of hips
Health- No bad genetic health issues
Prefer Male dog.... I just do.  Personally like the boys better.  I would love a girl to but I seem to bond better with the Male dogs.

I realized since Luka has so many allergy issues, that I really need to consider genetics and breeding.  I don't want to put all of this hard work into a dog that will end up having a great chance of illness.

If I were searching for a pet, I would not be so picky...

Not afraid
Willingness to be present and apart of my life
Strong Presence
History in the breeding line of other Successful Service Dogs..

There is more but I won't bore you..

Right now the only problem is affording to get one of the pups.  They come with a $2300 price tag... Untrained..  Yeah, you are right that is way out of my budget.

I have only spoken with the breeder once.  So there is lots more follow up to do.  But I am drawn to her as she has a very great heart and she prayed for me when we were on the phone talking.   She is a good pray-er.  I am in admiration. 

As soon as we get this latest round of bills caught up and a couple of health issues taken care of, I will be starting to save.

Cromoley!  I knew a dog like this would be a bit pricey..  So we will just see.  Maybe there will be a Miracle!

I've been searching for years now.
At least one part of the puzzle is solved!

I am happy for that!


Pink Doberman

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DrEaMs.. of ToMoRrOw - ToDaY

I had written another post.  I just had to get rid of it.  It was basically a vent.  I am having a rough time these days.  Really rough.  You know it hasn't been fun.

So I am having a break from reality and listing my dreams.

I live for the moments in between. 
The moments shoved in the cracks. 
The smile from someone I don't know. 
A hug from a friend. 
A light pat on the back, saying hang in there. 
Something so funny I just have to laugh.. (it is hard for to find something funny enough to laugh) 
I really need to work on that!

I dream of a white sandy beach that sparkles like diamonds in the sun. 
I dream of a warm breeze full of wild flowers. 
I dream of a dance with spins and twirls. 
I dream of a sunset filled with every imaginable color. 
I dream of a ride over that sandy beach on the back of a four hoofed steed. 
I dream of pina colada's and martini's and daquri's with litle umbrellas and other tiny things. 
I dream of friends gathered around, sharing stories and humor under a full moon.
I dream of traveling all over the world, where people are real and aware. 
I dream of knowing the realness of blessings, the hopes, the dreams, and the fears. 
I dream of grace being given to all, of forgiveness and tolerance, and strength. 
I dream of connections that are far from monitary, of happy souls, contented hearts, and of bravery. 
I dream of a day, where consiousness trancends, where sight comes not from the eyes. 
I dream of a day, where deception is transparent, where pain disappears, where only the good is sought.
I dream of a day, when realization and reality meet, where dreams are no longer empty.
I dream of warmth, reunion, creativity, where similarities overshadow differences.
I dream of acceptance, of equality, of peace.
I dream of action, persistence, follow through, of commitment.
I dream of truths of empathy, awareness that creation is contiunous.
I dream of tomorrow - today.  

Pink Doberman