Monday, March 29, 2010

EgGs... & SeRviCe DoG NeWs...

This post shares something important at the end!

Things while difficult in some areas are better in others.  Luka and I attended an event last night.  Jason dropped us off and our very prego friend L dropped us off at home.  She was there also making beautiful things with me.

We made Eggs!  Yep!  Eggs.  We did not cook them they in fact are still RAW!  Loving that part!  We dyed them.  Pysknky Style!   We had our event at this great place!  Check it out!   It was fun.  I was completely worn out afterward, and today I am definitely medicated!  But I got to do something creative with friends, which was totally worth it.

They are a wax relief... you paint the wax on with this little device called a Kistky they have three sizes of them and make fancy electric ones.....

See how busy everyone is.. Thanks to Gina for taking some great pictures for me!

So this is the design I did.. what is black on my egg is soon to be white and what is white is soon to be black.. The little tan square is bees wax.. You dip your Kistky in the bees wax after holding in in the flame.  Scoop up the wax and it melts on in a line to your egg..  You can also see my practice lines on the plate.

Yep, I copied it.. Well, not quite.  I did my own version...  But it is similar..

You melt the wax off after you have dipped the egg in the dye.  I didn't get a shot of us doing that, but there were so many tempting colors to choose from.  I couldn't think.. So I just chose black.

My friend L's egg... isn't it cute?  Luka kept wanting an egg too, but he finally was resigned to just watch and wait for us to finish!  He was quite the good sport and received rave reviews on upon our exit! Gosh, as I type this I am watching PBS again of course..  I am now watching a show that is featuring EGGS.. How cool is that? 
Here is a link to a PDF version of Burt Wolfe's Show..  It features these eggs! 

My friend W's Egg..  I think this one is inspired!

G's egg!  She is so gifted!

My egg finished.  

This is the other egg I made.... I didn't want to stare at another picture and "copy"  but I couldn't think of what to make either.. so it is a scribble egg!  Not a scrambled on.. Ha Ha!!  Ok, I know my humor is terrible..

 The eggs are all still RAW.. we are supposed to just turn them occasionally and they will dry out!  How crazy is that!  I am so excited!  ( Oh, and you pray they don't crack, because then your whole house will stink REAL BAD!)

But they are fun!

If you'd like to make this style of eggs go to..   The Ukrainian Gift Shop  

These eggs are amazing!

 So this is what I really want you to take a minute and check out..  

One of my friends called me today!  He shared with me a video that he saw featured on CNN.  Since he knows I am interested in things to do with people that have Service Dogs, he shared this with me.

This is another Service Dog video  this was just featured on CNN.. about fighting for rights..  Thanks to Kevin Stone and his Service Dog Mambo as well as Luis Carlos Mantovan and his Service Dog Tuesday  for fighting for the rights of Veterans to have them covered by insurance!  

I can surely say I am better off for having Luka in my life.  I take less medications, I am more active than I previously was with out him.  I am also happier and I also look forward to more things in general.  Even if I am still not out and about like I was before my accident, after having him I am having a significantly better quality of life.  I of course think they should be covered by all insurance companies.. but I am not asking for a miracle.. These veterans DESERVE to have the best quality of life they can have.  They have fought for our freedom!  Treat them well! 

By the way, this friend is preparing to go to Afghanistan to support the effort there.  He gets orders to leave soon. 

Blessings and Thanks For All That You Do!

Pink Doberman

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