Saturday, March 6, 2010

CoNnEcTiOnS... SiMiLaRiTiEs...

In a continuing effort to share different stories other than my own.  I am going to try to tell a story of someone else or connect you to an article or video with my posts.  As well as continue to relay my story I love connections!

You of course can choose to check them out or not.  While reading another blog that I like, one written by a Veterinarian she shared a story about dogs getting Post Traumatic Sress Disorder while in combat.  Of course domestic dogs are also traumatized by things such as lightening, thunder, brooms, men, women, or children.  I will be sharing more about this as she is going to be doing some research on this area.

While looking at a link she had posted I came across another that I want to share today with you.  This is a link on how a Service Dog, a Psychiatric Service dog is able to assist his owner, a veteran with disabling mental trauma.  I really do hope you will check it out.   The link is from the Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

I hope you will take a minute to check out these links.

With the weather getting nicer, my dream of getting my garden going has started to reemerge.  I am really hoping that Jason will till more parts of the yard.  I also want to get the soil tested.  Last year I was highly unsuccessful with certain areas of our yard that we planted. 

I am also having a huge desire to get a better watering system set up.  One that I don't have to move around.  Some days that just does not work, and my plants should not have to suffer for it. 

Luka and I at my Aunt's 80th Birthday Party
We had so much fun seeing everyone!  I just can't say enough good things about it!  Jason and I were in charge of "kidnapping her" not really, we just shared that we were taking her out to eat!  
We did, it was just a surprise dinner with all of her friends and family to celebrate her birthday!
She was so surprised!  It worked out perfect.
We were so happy to be a part of her special day!

I took this picture of Luka!  Isn't it cute??  
He's got my coat and scarf on!  
I love this scarf, it used to be my mom's!
I am learning to change the light setting on the camera!  I got some interesting colored pictures due to wrong settings.  In this case I think the picture isn't ruined by it.  But almost enhanced! 
What a good Husker Boy!

Speaking of the Huskers Go Woman's Basket Ball!  What an impressive year you are having!

I love to see it when people work together as a team to accomplish something!  

The gals whom I used to have on my team (not basket ball) were just awesome!  I really miss that! 
And just when I start to feel sorry for myself... 
I am reminded that I am ever so grateful...

A friend of ours has made it safely through brain surgery!  She had a huge tumor removed.  It was a success!  The hope is that she won't suffer any complications, and her life will go back to better than ever!  
This friend has a great sense of humor, her kids do too, they named the tumor Joey, and want to put it in a jar!
I don't know if that is going to happen or not.  But they are an Emergency Services Family, 
they volunteer and do work that is ambulance and fire truck related. 
Besides just being all around good people!

We feel so blessed to know our friends are going to be around for a little while longer if not years and years!
Praise God!

Blessings are abundant!  I hope they are in your life as well,

Pink Doberman

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