Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sTill HeRe!

Waking up last night with more pain in my lower back, just leaves me speechless.  OMG... is everything starting to feel pain again?

I mean seriously, have all of these injections just decided to wear out now or is the pain some how connected.  Is my bed really that bad... ( well yes, it is..) I do know the answer to that one.

We have a better mattress set.  It is lots smaller.  It is for our guests to sleep on... Jason being he is a tall guy really does not like sleeping on little beds.  I can understand that for sure.  No one wants to feel like they are going to be shoved off.   Or roll over in their sleep and fall off.

Yikes that would be really bad.

Maybe if we would get those baby bars then we couldn't fall off and he would be more willing to squish together in the little bed.  Oh, the memories!! ( not saying more than that )

Well, it is something to check out.

I am making a Needs/Wants/Dreams List.

I used to do that regularly with my Mary Kay.  I guess it would be something to start doing for my general regular life as well.  Jason really doesn't want to get involved in that type of stuff.  He just gets more and more depressed to talk about all of those things.  (as realistically not many of them will come to pass)

I am the dreamer though.  If they never happen, I will at least have had a tremendously fun time thinking about them, planning for things gives me something to do as I lay here.  Besides the thought of decorating or designing really does sound fun to me.  So I think I will do some dreaming!

I used to decorate a museum for Christmas for years!  I loved it.  It is more fun to do with others, and I did have help occasionally, but more often than not I had to do some arm twisting, as Jason's favorite thing to do was and is not decorating.  Now I know you find that hard to believe!  Really truly you do!  But he's a simple guy.  Thank goodness he loves me lots and showed up to help when asked.

So today I am going to be gathering my list together, at least the beginning of it.  I don't seem to be able to remember everything at one time, so I will just keep adding as time passes!

I have also been working on another resume for someone I know.  I hope it helps her get a great new job!  The other resume that I made got rave reviews from the University the guy applied to.  He did not get that job, he got another, but he did get a wonderful letter back about how they really liked his resume!  That made me feel great!  He also got a really well paying job!  So that is fun too!

Now I am for sure no resume expert.  I just know enough to be dangerous.  But it gives me something I can do to give back to others.  That makes me feel the best.  By no means can I crank these things out.  But I can do them every so often.  I really need to be able to focus.  I have difficulty with that.  I don't mean to believe that it is impossible.  But there are other things I have to focus in my day to day doings that over rides detailed focus on the computer.  Which is why all most all of my posts on my blog are the first draft of my thoughts.  To make each post perfect, well... I would never get anything written. 

While watching the evening news tonight.  I was watching the ABC Newscast tonight.  I learned about some side effects of a prescription medication.  It caught my attention.  I have been debating this medication.    I had almost started it.  I am not that old.  I think I will keep trying the old fashioned way for a while.  Vitamins and Minerals....  Sad thing is.. the prescriptions are usually less of an out of pocket expense due to insurance.  The Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc are more expensive... At least in the quantities and from the companies I am comfortable taking them from.  I guess with anything you will pay for it one way or another. 

I personally would just rather not add any additional pain to my life. 

Have I mentioned I hate medications!  HATE THEM!  But I am needing them lately.  Oie Ve... I probably could accomplish more with being on them all of the time.  Of course that is until I am needing to get a new liver. 

My Pain Management Dr. Agrees.  Of that I am appreciative.  He said he would rather I rest than take pills to keep on keeping on.  I of course am no good on pain medications anyway.  I wouldn't dare get behind the wheel of a car.  Oh my!  Not a good choice. 

I just wish my tummy would cooperate.  I've recently had some extreme tummy issues... the medications are not agreeing with me at all.  So back to the Dr. I go.  I sure hope I get approved for more injections.  My back could sure use a break from laying on it for days! 

I have kept trying to get up, but it is not working.  Good thing Jason's been here!  That has been lovely today!  I took my bath, another thing I had not been able to do.  Not to good to do that on your own... seeing as how there is nothing to grab on your way to the floor but air! 

For some reason Luka hates the bathroom.  He will come into it finally so that is a good step.  I do not feel like adding any potential trauma to his psyche.  I am not sure why he does not like them.  Having not raised Luka from a pup, well there is allot that we don't know about each other. 

I am just glad these days he will come in if I call him.  I don't need to have a traumatic incident in the bathroom.  ( Actually I don't need to have one of those ANYWHERE!)  I saw this post and it got my imagination going.   It is from a blog that I follow.  She has much greater problems than I have.  And she deals with much more pain than I do I am sure.  Her name isn't Grace but it should be. 

I think we need to start thinking outside of the box about what will make my world a little easier to negotiate.  Unfortunately the things that may do that may not be pretty or cheap.  Of course!  But a little ingenuity can go a long way!  Just thinking up ideas will give me some pleasure.  I have already found some more ideas!

Four Ideas Here..

And some good points here...

I love Do-It-Yourself projects!  Of course these day's I am not usually the one doing it myself.  That would be Jason!  With all of his extra jobs teaching in addition to firefighting..  well he is also mister house cleaner (not a career option), chief cook and bottle washer - (he does not like this either)... He is also Mr. Fix-it -whether it be car- plumbing- house- electrical...

Bless my hubby's heart!  He is amazing!! 

I had been able to do the dishes at least or maybe a load of laundry here and there.. before December I was even sewing a bit.  I really enjoyed that.  Which reminds me I need to get my step by step sewing project loaded up.  ( I took pictures!)  I had hopes of at least being able to sew.  Hopefully I'll be able to do that again here at some point. 

One block

It is a four block project.  It still needs a back and a binding..
Unless I change it up and make it the center part of a whole quilt...
I just got that idea tonight while fiddling with these pictures.
We will all be surprised I guess..

It is not a finished piece but late last year I was able to get more of it done.   So we will have to see how it turns out.  I can't wait to be able to sit for a bit and get some more finished! 

Hope you are creating something in your life right now! 

Pink Doberman

Prayers please for the Dr.s to sign off on some more pain relief procedures.


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