Saturday, March 27, 2010

ScEnTs aBiLiTy..

YES, I read other blogs.. I would imagine that everyone has figured this out by now.  I find very boring things very interesting and I like living vicariously through others.  So I "lurk" on unknown people's blogs if the topic suits me.

I guess that is how it is supposed to work anyway.  And I really like it that way!  I am learning quite allot.  I've been following a neurology blog, a few photography blogs, crafting and I've started knitting.  I think that should be a surprise because two needles would have to be harder than one, .. You'd think... RIGHT???

Well, since I never mastered the crochet thing.. one needle with a HOOK!  Yeah, I am not giving up.  I've decided.  I think I just need someone to show me.  I have that perfect someone in mind too!

But for now I will be focusing in knitting.  I am happy about that.  You see I have a friend, and she just learned from a friend...  and this friend new to knitting too, just taught me!  It was like magic!  I am sure everyone is going to be much better at it than me, as I have done so many things wrong already!

Taken out rows, missed stitches.... forgot which side I was working on and totally ended a few rows mid stick...  ( I don't even know all of the words.  I just remember I am not a picker) But I did read about that and I'd like to be... noticed that that is the FASTER way to do it!  Hmmmmmm........ the gears are turning...

In the meantime I was reading a completely different blog tonight.  It reminded me of many friends whom I have that have a certain sensitivity.  My mother is the first person to bring this to my attention years and years ago.  She was a great Career Counselor.  She would talk about how you really should not wear perfume in work environments.  Ideally not in places with groups of people in confined spaces either.

So she would never wear any scented products to her job.  I can't recall if one of her co-workers had a scent sensitivity or if she just did that in case someone would happen to come into the office who did.

I personally have always preferred shower gels and lotions.  They aren't heavy, the amount of oil in these products is quite minimal and the scent does not stick around in most cases that long. 

While reading this blog about Work Scentsitivities..  I recalled my mothers actions.  I also have several friends with sensitivities to scents.  Some of the people I know have some very strong reactions.

I was also reminded last summer, that some people have SEVERE allergies to animals.  Including dogs, so I also need to be aware of that also.  However a mild allergy or one that can be controlled with medications is not reason enough for me to leave Luka out I just try to be sensitive and not stick around very long.  As you and I am sure realize many people who have pet allergies, have the very pets they are allergic to living in their homes..    But the few amount of people that have very disabling allergies, are a reason for us both to work together to accommodate each other.  Take turns, or what ever..  It is important that people with Service Dogs be aware that they may be around a person with a life threatening disability.  In this case every effort must be made by the business as well as the individuals to be rational and mutually respectful.

A non life threatening allergy would not necessarily be something to warrant much difference.. but to be polite everyone should do what they can of course.  At least that is the way I have come to understand the laws regarding those who have Service Dogs.

  Feel free to add your comments.

So at any rate.  Please also be careful of the amount of perfume you choose to wear!  I try too.  I have a friend who is fine with lotion on me... but her daughter wanted some..  it made her daughter very fragrant... and since her daughter is pretty little yet.. mom still snuggles up and holds her up to her face..

Not to fun for mom who isn't good with many scents.. 

Think about your actions... just be considerate and tolerant.  We are all different! 

  Don't forget to check out this workplace post and learn a bit more about wearing fragrances in the work place.

Pink Doberman

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