Friday, March 5, 2010

wHy?? cLeAniNg, DaNciNg, SeRViCe DoGs..

So if you are looking to see the two part news story: Click here to read that post!

So with lots of different thoughts running around my head these days..  I struggle with what to share.  I really want to emphasize that the amount of support I am receiving is just wonderful.  My true wish is that this support would also carry on to those others who also have invisible issues, as well as those who's issues are not at all invisible. 

Alicia Myers who is super sweet, and is the beautiful gal that did my interview for the news (she is an Anchor/Reporter for Channel 10/11 in Lincoln NE), also featured in my last post.  Shared with me about a PBS special coming out to further educate and create awareness about those who have service animals.  Needless to say I am thrilled.  Neil Patrick Harris will be narrating it!  Click here to find out more!   I will try to watch that of course.  I just love PBS anyway!

I think that most of the issues we have can be fixed with public education and awareness.  Although not the worst of them unfortunately.  I just read a note from another person who I am becoming familiar with about being kicked out of a favorite sandwich franchise recently.  The police even got involved and made a report the situation was so crummy.

The officer said she had grounds to go to court and win.  He also shared that he would be happy to testify on her behalf.  THANK YOU FOR THAT!  The employee of the store was horrible to her.  She has seizures, if her dog is not with her, she has no advanced warning of when she will have one.  Which makes it extremely dangerous for her to go or do anything.  Oh my.

And just so you know, many people look more normal and more capable than you may even think and they still utilize a Service Dog.  Someones health, in fact YOUR health isn't up for debate, you do what you can to keep yourself in as good as shape as possible!  

My heart breaks because of situations like this.  Seizures are not something that one would ever ask for.  Oddly enough more people that you would think will end up having at least one in their life.  I guess my only hope is that those who give people the hardest time about things outside of their control and refuse to listen or try to understand.... is that they would also be on the receiving end of something that would wake them up to the reality that so many people go through.

That being shared everyone has issues, even if they pretend they do not.  ( I almost think that those who pretend they are perfect have the most issues.)  =)!

Ahh the joy's of living in my head.

Luka's allergies while not perfectly under control are doing so much better.  His feet are healing so well.  He has to be watched of course as he is just itching to start cleaning his sore spots.  YIKES!  That can not happen!  He is an obsessive cleaner!

I have a wonderful aunt who is like that.  Cleaning not licking.. Ha Ha!  She is amazing!  She can get spots out of anything!  A skill I am working to learn as well.  Since I can't just go out and get something new to wear any time I would like!  Even with my $1 bargains at the thrift store, those dollars can certainly add up. So in my life lately my Aunt Rocks my world!  I usually get most of her secrets from her daughter.. who was taught all of her magic cleaning solutions for things.  I really think she should write a book!  She is a maniac, in a good way of course!  (She is also my God Mother =)! )

Oh, my mind how it wonders around!

I will share that it is so glorious to have the sun shining and the weather rise above freezing!  I was able to drive two days ago!  Woot!  I drove downtown to mail a ton of packages!  Picked up my medications, and went to the drive thru bank window to drop some stuff off.  =D  Happy girl!

It was the first time that I have driven since I think November!  All of the ice has kept me stranded inside!  Why?? Well after having broken a bone and been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Jason and I made the decision to keep myself safer so I can continue to get better.  That is no guarantee of course, but I really try not to put myself in higher risk situations.  Sometimes I have to admit a great song will come on and I can't resist the urge to dance and wiggle around.  I try to really control myself.

For those that don't know, I used to dance.  I took Ballroom Dance lessons from Top Ballroom Dancers who became instructors.  I would drive 8 hours to attend lessons as in Nebraska that caliber of dancer wasn't to be found.  I also had trained to be a Ballroom Dance instructor.  I can't say how much it hurts inside to now be watching the sport be so popular and I am not able to go out and do it too.  I would probably even be able to find a partner now who would be able to do something other than the Country Swing!  (I am not dogging that dance at all.)  I just loved doing the Salsa!  I loved dancing West Coast Swing - not country style.  I loved the Waltz and the Smooth Foxtrot!  I know how to do most of the dances.  I regret never getting that good at the Bolero.  That is such a beautiful dance.

So, you can imagine how hard it is to be sitting and watching instead of dancing.  PLEASE also keep in mind, I was NOT the best dancer out there.  But I truly loved doing it!  It filled my soul!  I don't watch the dancing shows much I get kind of sad.  Don't need any more of that in my life!  So I am watching cooking now!

Funny story!  I even got my Amateur Radio License so that Jason would agree to take dance lessons.  We never got that far, to get him enrolled.  You could wonder why I just did not teach him myself.  Well I wanted a partner to dance with not a student, I also wanted to keep my marriage.  In my estimation nothing would spell divorce like bossing him around telling him to do this and that smile, turn, lift, bend, tilt..all of those picky little details.

I had envisioned hiring the most beautiful woman who taught to teach him.  I had imagined that he would do great at wanting to not disappoint her and then I would be able to reap the benefits of all of his hard work by having a wonderful dance partner.

I will tell how I got my license sometime as well, that story still amazes me to this day!  I know I shocked him and everyone who knew me as well by getting that!

We'll there is lots more I have to share, I've got lots more pictures to post as well, and will be doing that soon also.  I don't want to forget to tell you to check out Part 2 of the Service Dogs Rights story!  So click here to check that out!  

I usually have a copy of these with me at all times, you would not believe how some people act around us.

Don't forget to support Nebraska State Senator Kate Sullivan with revisions to Nebraska's Service Dog Laws!  ( you do not need to live in her district or the State of Nebraska to offer your thoughts)

I hope you are out there doing or having done all that you could do today!  There are so many things that are so easy to complain about.  I really really try to stay focused on what I am able to do and be grateful for those things.  It does not always work.  But I try.

Blessings to you and hope your day is magnificent,

Pink Doberman

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