Friday, March 12, 2010

iNteRiSTiNg tHiNgS..

Insomnia... does it happen to you?  It really does sometimes.  Sometimes it happens quite often. 

It is frustrating!  So so so so frustrating...  My brain does not stop.  I really don't mind this, I have lived with this my entire life.  The thing that does bother me is when my brain is stuck on bad things.  Then I need it to stop!

Even if I would fall asleep with bad thoughts I will not sleep. 

The Dr. Oz Show is talking about this.  Hopefully I will learn some more tips. 

I also have learned that if I take my nighttime suppliment that I do sleep better.  So I really try to do that.  Jason sleeps better when he takes that as well.  That is a good thing too! 

On PBS this morning there is some discussion on
LB1014 (Haar) Create the Teacher Performance Pay Fund and provide for additional public teacher pay 
The discussion has been pretty interesting.  While we have no kids.  We always have felt that better teachers and better schools do benefit kids.  Interesting discussion on Nebraska's Legislative Floor this morning. 

Of course the LB 858 ended up stalling out in committee.  Which is frustrating.  But there is increasing support for this legislation.  People are becoming aware of the need to support this legislation!  I can't thank those who do enough!  Here are some previous posts thta I have made about the Proposed Nebraska Service Dog Legislation.  Please even if you live out of state contact the people on the committee to share your thoughts and experiences!   

Read More Here to link to my television interview, and see pictures from it as well.


Here for my Speech to the State of Nebraska Legislative Committee including Nebraska Senator's Contact Information

Senator Kate Sullivan is bringing this legislation back new and improved for next year!  She welcomes your thoughts and ideas on how Nebraska's Service Dog Legislation can be the best in the land!  Kudo's to her and her wonderful staff for taking this on!

Yes, I am going to keep bringing these things up.  =)  They are important! 

Ok, so I have spoken with Jason today.  He should be on his way home from his trip tonight!  I am so glad about that.  I think it has been good for him to get away.  While I HATED not being able to go with him.  Getting out of here makes things more tollerable for me for sure.

He was able to go out to eat with fellow instructors.  Which was wonderful for him.  He enjoyed himself.  He shared that the food was not that special.  But that he had a good time.  There was even a fire station across the parking lot from the hotel.  He could not have been happier. 

In fact, on his way to his training center this morning..  He stopped by the station got to chat with the guys for a couple minutes.  It is super fun for him to do that!  He caught everyone at shift change. 

It is good to hear that his classes are going well.  A few bumps here and there, going well.  He is teaching for yet another institution.  Crazy stuff!  I sure hope that he got the name of that mattress he slept on at the hotel before he checked out this morning.  I am curious!

On another note.  One good thing about my Dr. visit yesterday.. I am going to start some new therapy!  I hope it will work.  It is something that I hope my neck and arms will be able to tolerate.  So far nothing else has worked.  I still need to keep working on the other stuff.  But at the point I am at right now, the more I do the worse I am feeling again.  I really want to get on a treadmill and walk!

We will see how it goes. 

Depressing part.. stop reading if you'd like..
The visit to the Dr. will have hopefully met most of my deductible.  While it is not paid for yet, the visit is done, and they said I could pay them in installments, not all up front.  That is good.  I asked before we even went in.  Thank goodness! 

I hate having to many bills at one time.  I hate not getting them all paid off.  It is so therapeutic to pay them off in full!  We will just have to keep chugging away at them.  Someday we will get them gone!  I live for those days!  I know bills are apart of life.  I would just like to transition to the type of life that can pay for things in CASH upfront! 

But sometimes that just is not in the cards! 

I realize this is something that everyone struggles with!  I am not alone, I am fully aware.  It is just another dream. 

I have not been talking about it much lately, but my hands and lower arms have been hurting again.  I type take a break, type take a break...  to get my posts done.  Sometimes this goes on all day long.  I do not know why they are flaring up.  They just are.  I do not know why so many things hurt with my body, they just do.  I am definitely able to live with some pain, unmedicated.  It just makes me tired and irritable.  Frequent breaks are needed as well.  But I am at least able to do some things around the house.  Or out of it depending on the day! 

But with the additional stronger pains, the little one's combined, are just more than this girl can take.  I hope the pharmacy has the medication in.  I still have to figure out how to get it.. But.. one thing at a time. 

I better end this post now, I fear that my thoughts are going to stop making sense here soon.

This girl is hurtin.
Blessings to you and I have hope that you are pain free!

Pink Doberman

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