Monday, March 1, 2010

Dr. TeMpLe GrAnDiN

Over the years having been involved in many facets of life I learned to pay attention to things that others my not necessarily find interesting or even have thought about.  My mother and father would turn on PBS shows for us to view.  I know that they felt we would be better off by watching programing with some educational qualities. 

One of my favorite shows on PBS is Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda.  I think my initial attraction to the show was watching Alan Alda whom I had seen on regular TV.  My father's favorite show, which he would watch after we were put to sleep.  (I would always sneak out to watch it)  One of the episodes featured a wonderfully strong woman her name is Dr. Temple Grandin.   I learned so much from this.  I also ended up learning that the new cattle chutes that were being installed on the farms where I grew up were of her design.  Unfortunately you can't change everything.  I wish there would have been a video training program that went along with those new pens and panels.  That is a subject for another day!

When I watched this show initially, I realized that I to thought in pictures.  Not all of the time but certain times in my life are recorded in pictures in my mind.  I never knew how to describe it before watching her describe it. 

I guess others have also found her story to be beneficial, Jason and I were scrolling through our friends TV channels they have FANCY TV.  When we happened across the latest Dr. Temple Grandin special on HBO!  Jason even found it interesting.  I don't know that he identified with it the way that I did he also didn't grow up working cattle.  But it was something we could agree to watch together! 

You can learn more about Autism the way Dr. Temple Grandin explains it as well as see what other things she has done and is doing here!

I really appreciate all that she is bringing to the world.  I appreciate even more the people that chose to see what she had to offer even though she is different!  One of the blogs that I follow even spoke about the HBO Special!  She has even gotten to meet her!  How cool is that?  Check out what Melissa wrote on her blog!

While I don't personally know anyone who has Autism, I do know people who have Autistic Children, as well as many others who are different whether in appearance or ability or capability.  It is important I believe to look past the differences and find the similarities.  This is so helpful in life as EVERYONE is unique! 

I encourage you to check out some of the examples I have shared about Dr. Temple Grandin.  I really encourage you to take the time to watch the HBO special if you pay for Fancy TV..! 

Doors are opening to new worlds.  (Inspired by Dr. Temple Grandin)

Pink Doberman


Casey Fuerst said...

"I may look just like you, but I am unique. You may look just like me but you are unique. I value you and what you are able to do. Please value me and what I am able to do. Look at our similarities not our differences."

Beautifully written Tonja! Hope you are doing well!

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Thanks Casey!! Life is interesting that is for sure! I am always wondering how tomorrow will be!

Blessings!! Tonja