Monday, March 8, 2010

Ok so this post isn't one of my happiest ones.  Sorry about that.  So if you'd rather, just skip this one and go on to the next.  It is much better...

So I have been laying flat on my back for a few days.  Ha Ha!  The images in reality aren't as fun as the words may lead you to think.  A few nights ago I was laying down for sleep getting comfy.  When my neck just became consumed suddenly with stabbing pain. 

I so dearly wish the more fun  version of laying flat on my back were true!  Ha!

Well, needless to say I thought possibly if I would just lay there and not move that the pain would go away...
Of course that was about my only option as well as the pain was so significant that I couldn't move anyway.  And of course Jason would be gone until morning.  Of course! 

I could have called the Ambulance, but as long as I didn't move it really wasn't too horrible.  I knew what happened anyway.  One of the injections had worn off.  Another had worn off a while back I suspect. 

When my Dr. does these injections he does 4-5 locations.  This link will explain the process I went through in the beginning.  If you have read previous posts... well I guess somehow I got the names of the procedures all wrong.  LoL!.. I should have started looking this stuff up on line sooner.   Oh the joys..

This is what finally works for me.  It is mentioned in the 12th thing on the list.  Facet Joint Neurotomy is what I guess I will be getting over and over... lasting up to 18 months..  Which is better than the 2-3 months the epidural version gives. 

This version works even better for me than the previous.  While it is not perfect for sure I can at least sit up and function.  So here I lay.  I don't know when I will be able to get in to the Dr.  I'll be calling for sure.  First I have to go to the Dr. G... then he calls Dr. M...  and they fit me in.  I really hope this is soon.  I should have gone in before I guess.. but it I know it is not a good thing to get done to often.  So I waited.  I could still sit up after all. 

Here are some other ways this technique is used.  Radiofrequency Ablation

I did try some pain medication that I have.  But it is just going to end up adding to my problems.  My tummy is extremely sensitive to pills as of late.  Unless I want pain in every area of my insides as well as my spine... well.. not ideal.  YUCK!

Right now my prayer is that none of the other burned nerves "come to".  Oh my!  That would be like I was put back in Hell!

Funny on how the timing of these things work though.  In some ways it could not have happened at a worse time.  Other ways it is good that it happened now instead of July.   I love July!

Enough of that stuff.  I have been lucky enough for many other things.  I have a new system for being on Jason's computer.  Yes, mine is still broken.  I don't know how much I will be able to be online this week..  One of those bad timing things.  But there have been some very interesting things on PBS lately.  So I am continuing to learn about all sorts of things.  Not that I am going to remember.  =).

You just have to laugh, it is almost comical!  Well heading into the next 72 hours of this.  Oh joy! 

Luka has been just great!  He has been laying here right beside me!  Snuggling up and making sure I have something to do.  He now has decided that he needs constant attention.  I swear usually he is more like a cat.  But he is now being very affectionate.  He must realize we are stuck here.

I have been in bed quite allot since December.  But this is hard.  I even hesitate to get up and go to the lou.  Thank goodness for my shakes and bars they just take a minute or two to fix or grab.  And that new Pizza Hut special!  Any size for $10.. sadly they don't deliver here, so when Jason's been home he's gone to grab that.  Probably shouldn't have been doing that but I did have a very happy husband.  We'd order two of them one with his favorite crust and one with mine. 

Nope no cooking for me, right now.  I think Jason feels the same way... I guess it is a good way to get thinner. =)

As long as I just lay here still I am doing well.  Very sore but it is tollerable.  Funny all I seem to want to do is sleep.. When I want to sleep I am awake. 

Last night, I watched a movie online.  We got that Netflix thing.  You can watch movies on your computer anytime!  Luckly Jason had just located a set of earphones.  So that was the first time I could do that!  He could sleep and I could watch a movie til I could sleep. 

Bad nightmaiers and pain don't exactly bode well for my nights lately.  Hopefully tonight will be a better one.

On a good note: I've had some great texts and calls!  Friends T.H., K.S., S.H., and more have been calling!  Which is super fun.

Another great and fabulous thing.  Probably the most fabulous of all.  A friend of ours who had been diagnosed with a very large brain tumor had surgery.  It was a complete success!  They got it all!  She is having absolutely no complications, in fact for her it seems as some things may be even getting better! 

I love it!  God is good!  We ae so very very thankful for this.  We just love this friend and her family.  Maybe she will decide to write a guest post for me about what this journey has been like for her.   R.S.??????  Would you?

I do still have plans of having a really great garden.  Not sure how that will happen.  But I have plans!  =)!

We'll this is enough drama for one post for sure. 

Some days it is easy to think your life is in the ...

I sure do.
This picture reminds me I need to have a sense of humor.

Hope your day is going great!  Enjoy each moment!

Pink Doberman

  I get that proceedure called  It is not a popular thing to have done.  In fact most people who get it done NEVER want to have it done again..  Not me! 

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