Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a LiTtLe rElaXaTiOn

Certainly winter is beautiful.  I will give it that!

Playing in the snow also has its benefits.  Snow Angels, tunnels, sled ramps, and Snow Men~

I don't do those things any more.  I did do a Snow Angel most recently I must say I am not coordinated enough to really do them right any more.. I mostly muck them up before I can get out of them.  But the joy is in the doing of it. 

On our drives to where Jason teaches.. he will stop and take some pictures.  Even while he is at home he will take off in the mornings or whenever really to see if he can't find some shots. 

These two were taken of the Loup River.  It is a beautiful area!

Driving down the road I get the feeling .....

I loved to drive.  It was my time to be on my own and to gather my thoughts.  I am learning to do this in different ways these days. 

What are the ways that you destress and self gather?

Service dogs need down time too.  Time to run and time to play.  Time to be a dog.  Just like people need time away from their jobs, their kids, etc..

Luka is no different.  Mostly at home he is a dog.  I have pretty well arranged my life to do things on my own here at home.  Of course there is the occasional need for him to be present near me.  Like when I get stuck in the middle of the living room floor.. I could drag myself to the couch.. but that is not the best for me either. 

So I can just give him a holler and he'll come over to help.  It is pretty slick!  He sticks close by me for the most part anyway.  Especially if I am not feeling well.  He is constantly sticking his nose up at me.  I've started blowing his direction as well.  He's checking for something that tells him that I am going to get a migraine. 

When he lets me know I am going to get sick he has a pattern that he performs to tell me that I need to take my medication.  He gets rewarded with a treat!  At least sometimes.  It is good for him to do it just for praise.  The treats occasionally really help keep him motivated as well!

So this is one of the things that Luka does to have fun!  He loves to chase balls!

Aren't his shoes the best!!  I think so!  Here's the link.. I don't get anything but the satisfaction that more dogs have happy feet for sharing this with you.. Just like most things on my site! 

Pink Doberman

By the way, I've been doing better.  I have my pain medication and I am up and around more!  Which is good because the house really needed some help! 

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