Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tonight I sit here medicated.  I suddenly had a demeanor switch.  Jason noticed!  He said what happened while you were out of the room.. I guess I came back in a mess.  I have to say I was feeling edgy and quite irritable.  I have not taken any pain medication all day.. I also have really not done much of anything today either.  Spending the day in bed.  grrr.. I suppose that itself could be why I was edgy..

I had gone to the bathroom and let Luka out to do his business too!  Not much really.  I guess something in me has had it.  I sat back down and after a bit I realized that I might be in pain.  Weird I know.  I should be able to tell..  Well you'd think so! 

But I also can not tell hot water sometimes and my skin turns bright red before I realize it is too hot.  So it is the same with my migraines, as well as my neck and upper back pain.  Right now I notice a very deep burn between my shoulder blades.  There is also some higher, but I now have my head braced and am not moving it at all. 

I think my medication is working but I thought writing might help the antsy feeling I am having also.  I am at least being distracted.  I am also watching a dog training DVD..  That is a calming thing to watch!  I really am learning quite allot!

In addition I have found a new blog I am not sure if I will keep following it but I did really like a few of the posts!  I just found it!  You might like it also!  It suited this subject so I thought I would mention it and offer other perspectives! 

I am hopeful that I will be able to meet our friends fiance!  She is bringing him home for the first time!  I am not going to need to drive.  A friend is picking me up!  Yea!  She even asked if I wanted to go with her!  I was over joyed!  She will have room for both Luka and I!  To top it off I get to meet her daughter whom I  have never met!

Over joyed by the prospect! 


Pink Doberman

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