Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DrEaMs.. of ToMoRrOw - ToDaY

I had written another post.  I just had to get rid of it.  It was basically a vent.  I am having a rough time these days.  Really rough.  You know it hasn't been fun.

So I am having a break from reality and listing my dreams.

I live for the moments in between. 
The moments shoved in the cracks. 
The smile from someone I don't know. 
A hug from a friend. 
A light pat on the back, saying hang in there. 
Something so funny I just have to laugh.. (it is hard for to find something funny enough to laugh) 
I really need to work on that!

I dream of a white sandy beach that sparkles like diamonds in the sun. 
I dream of a warm breeze full of wild flowers. 
I dream of a dance with spins and twirls. 
I dream of a sunset filled with every imaginable color. 
I dream of a ride over that sandy beach on the back of a four hoofed steed. 
I dream of pina colada's and martini's and daquri's with litle umbrellas and other tiny things. 
I dream of friends gathered around, sharing stories and humor under a full moon.
I dream of traveling all over the world, where people are real and aware. 
I dream of knowing the realness of blessings, the hopes, the dreams, and the fears. 
I dream of grace being given to all, of forgiveness and tolerance, and strength. 
I dream of connections that are far from monitary, of happy souls, contented hearts, and of bravery. 
I dream of a day, where consiousness trancends, where sight comes not from the eyes. 
I dream of a day, where deception is transparent, where pain disappears, where only the good is sought.
I dream of a day, when realization and reality meet, where dreams are no longer empty.
I dream of warmth, reunion, creativity, where similarities overshadow differences.
I dream of acceptance, of equality, of peace.
I dream of action, persistence, follow through, of commitment.
I dream of truths of empathy, awareness that creation is contiunous.
I dream of tomorrow - today.  

Pink Doberman

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