Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mY MuDdY aDvEnTuRe!

The snow that came has now gone.  I can see some tiny piles of it left here and there.  What I thought was going to take months to disappear took days.  Thanks to some rain.  Lots of rain I think.

I guess it is a real muddy mess out there.  My friend who has horses went out to their coral to check them, feed them etc.. got stuck in the mud her boots buried.  She had to sock it out of the mud while her husband dug her boots out.  He'd been stuck earlier with a loader or something.

Her story reminds me of when I was a kid.  Our whole class had gotten together at a friends home for her birthday party.  All of us girls 9 or so and one boy..( poor guy he had no chance with all of us girls..).  Well anyway we headed out to look at the cows in the feedlot.  We did not get in the pen with the cows.  It was November, and there was not any snow on the ground.  But we were all wearing our Moon Boots!  If you are too young to know what those boots are.. they were the coolest winter boots you could have at the time!

They had this outer boot with an inner liner that could be removed for washing.  They came in every color, we all had bright ones.  The bottoms of the boots were like tires and we felt like we were ready for adventure in them!  Just like going to the moon!  

At least that is how I remember them.  Although after our experience I am not sure how cool they actually were.. =)!

We all decided to walk over this really crusty area of dried dirt.  Never thinking anything of it.  If you choose to click on the link provided, you'd think it was safe to walk on right??   Well this crusted dirt had really wet mud underneath it.   9 grade school aged girls... + Moon Boots + Mud..= Unhappy Momma!

Yes, you are smiling now.. soon to be laughing so hard you might pee your pants..

We got stuck in this muck one by one.. Well three or so of us were stuck all at once, the others got stuck trying to pull us out.  Oh my were we a mess.  To top it off this was not just plain mud.  This was Cow mud.. meaning that it had lots and lots of Cow Manure (shit) in it.  In fact that is probably what it mostly was.  Our boots had suctioned themselves deep in to the Manure..  We could not lift a foot. 

We were covered in it.. 

The one boy in our class had opted to go hang with our classmates older brother.  Smartly so it seems.  They happened upon us and got her dad to get us out of there.  We were all mortified, and laughing at the same time.  The boys couldn't have been happier.  They were laughing so hard at us!  The more they would laugh the more frustrated we would get.

Her father finally arrived to pluck each one of us out of our boots..  By this time we were freezing and all had to go to the bathroom ourselves...

He tossed us in his truck and left us on the doorstep of their home.  He went back to get the boots out.  Her mother was overcome!  She just couldn't believe what she saw on her doorstep.  We surely were not entering her pristine home like this.. Manure ridden socks and pants, hands and coats...

We were told to strip!  Leaving every article of our clothing outside.  We were freezing as you can imagine..  She got us all cleaned up.  The boys were banned from the house during this time of course!  I remember sitting by the fire place trying to get warm.  She washed our clothes...  

Took the liners out of our boots and washed those, hosed off the outer boot... and we all ran around in towels!  This was the funnest birthday party of the year! 

My friends mother was incredibly apologetic to our parents as they came by to pick us up!  She was so apologetic I think she was nearly in tears.  My parents of course were used to this sort of thing.  I was the muddiest child you could imagine.. I was always making a mess.  In fact I am sure that they were the ones who were mortified... as they assumed I had something to do with this entire mess.  In my remembrances.. I don't think I was one of the first in, but I do believe I ended up being one of the messiest! 

I think she was horrified at what we'd managed to get ourselves into..  Ourselves, we were thrilled! We couldn't stop talking about our adventure.  I dare say that is one birthday party that none of us will ever forget!  We all now know the dangers of dry cracked dirt!  So we are all smarter for it as well!

I really did grow up right!  I had the most wonderful imaginative and adventuresome childhood.  Of course the best childhood friends too!

These days, every day is a new adventure. I guess that is what life is!

Pink Doberman

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