Friday, March 26, 2010

ThEsiS... aNd A bAby!!

So I was reading another blog that I like the other day.  It is one that I read off and on for personal enjoyment.  Her life is quite different from mine, except she also has a quirky personality.  I think that is why I am drawn to read her blog. 

She has kids and talks about her kids quite allot.  I don't usually read "mommy blogs" but I do read a few.  Hers is one of them.  CJaneBlog 

Of course what I saw on her blog the other day has also prompted me to share as well.  There is a gal, Whitney King, who has a completely different blog, King&I  and this gal needs help! 

I also like to help people!  I probably like to help people to much.. So that is why I now have "restrictions" in the "HELPING" department.  Jason and I had to set some rules a while back.. 

Anyhoo.. this sort of assistance falls under the type of assistance I can provide!  Which of course I am thrilled to do!  Those of you who know me from before, this exercise would have driven me out of my mind.  Actually parts of it became tedious.. I looked at it as a benefiting for my self organization as well. 

This gal really wants to have a child.  And NO I am not helping directly with that!  However....

Indirectly I may be doing and so could you be giving her the wonderful gift of helping her finish her Thesis!  Oh yes, she is writing a Thesis!  Can you imagine?  I can't, at the very least since I have never written one, I thought, "Self, if you are not going to write one, you had better help this girl and her King out so they can finally have that baby."

Yes you read right.  They want to start a family, and before they do that she wants to have her Thesis finished!  Her subject is Blogging!  How contemporary!  I think it is a great idea!  Wish I would have thought of it myself.  I think that might be something I would find quite interesting. 

So she has gotten my help, and C Jane's help.. and she would also like YOUR HELP!  You can just read blogs, or you can write them and read them, or you can just write one. 

She has a nifty little questionnaire that you can fill out for her.  She will keep your info confidential which is so considerate. 

I just finished sending her my questionnaire, am not actually sure I ended up including EVERY Single blog that I follow.  I follow quite a few and it is embarrassing I think.  Of course I have no clue who these people are that I am reading about, most of them at least.  But I find their blogs to be interesting!  I like learning, and I know that blogs are meant to be read so "baby" I am reading them!

As an extra incentive she is also giving away TWO  $100 gift certificates she will draw from those who share!!  Shop Shop Shop!!  How fun would that be!  So check out Whitney's blog and send her your version of her questionnaire and next thing you know she'll have her degree and be also a MOMMY!

It really does not take that long to do!  So get going!!


Pink Doberman

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