Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So things have been going better.  I have had a really great day yesterday, a good day before that also!  I will take it.  I definitely made the most of it.  So resting today will be very important.  My neck is already driving me nuts.  It was yesterday too.. but my energy was better so I could still do more.

Thrilled with the improvement in the weather.  I am sure that is helping.  I really could share lots more about how I have been feeling but it is so similar to how I always am that I am finding it to boring to share more of. 

However, I am frustrated.  I managed to slice my finger open yesterday while I was feeling well.. but I have no clue when I did it... I have a feeling there is blood everywhere.. I finally noticed the blood, by then it was dried all over my finger.  Thank goodness I clot!   That could have been bad.  Kind of freaks me out that I don't notice some of these things.  ( I AM A DRAMA QUEEN)  =)

Of course, now, I feel my finger.. It hurts as I type.. but obviously not bad enough to not type.  While it is puffy and sore, it is not cut where my finger bends, it is actually on the pad of the finger.. so no matter what I do with my right hand I am going to feel it.. 

The nice weather has really been a thrill.  My new knitting hobby, goes great with the sunshine also.  My Doctor had shared that he wanted me to get some sunshine.. so I sit out side and knit!  It is perfect!  I plan on doing this everyday I can.  Even if I don't feel the best I am figuring out how to do that.  Sunscreen on of course!  The knitting is something simple I can do outside.  I have not done allot of knitting but the more I do the better I am getting.  I am sure I am still making mistakes, but I am not really doing it for perfection...

Luka has been doing great too!  That is so nice.  His feet are healing!  YEA!  He is doing so good about leaving them alone.  I think they are finally almost all closed up.  In celebration we are also trying a new dog food.. FINGERS CROSSED!  As Luka is eating us out of house and home.  We've been making his food for months now.  It seems to be the only way to keep his allergies at bay.  When he has an allergic reaction it creates "HOT" spots on his feet, which he will lick raw, and then start chewing on because of the itch and sores..  it can get out of control quickly! 

So, these are the things he has allergies too.. with a reminder that you should never feed someone's dog with out asking permission first..

Grains ( all that we have tried including corn, wheat, oats, rice ) 
Poultry ( our Vet shared that we should avoid all birds as well )
Preservatives (don't know which ones specifically )

Here is what he can eat:
Potatoes White and Sweet
Flax Seed
Salmon (fish)
We are also giving him the same Isagenix Products that we eat as well.  They are loaded with protein and vitamins.  He even likes eating the little Snack Bites! 
Oil- Still working out which one is best, but he seems to do alright with Canola and Olive Oil..
An additional Supplement called Immunoplex that seems to be helping also! 
Eggs, but must be mixed with the Hot White Potatoes.. otherwise he can't eat those either.. grrr.

Tried beans, but boy is he stinky with those!  So we are avoiding those for now! 

He gets snacks of Beef Livers, Dried Sweet Potato, Isagenix Snacks, Deer Jerky, Dried Beef, Apples, Dried Seaweed (wierd I know!)

So that is what we are doing these days.  We've tried lots of different dog foods, many with disastrous results for his feet!  I hesitate to even try one more, but each time we try something new, I guess we are also learning what else to avoid...

I am just so thankful that our Vet figured out this solution for us!   We are trying a preservative free food now, that also avoids all of the things we know are bad for him..  Fingers Crossed...  It has been so hard to keep food made for him.  We are doing it, but WOW, having a dog food option as well would be helpful..

I swore I would never cook my dogs food..  Once again I have learned never say never!  I am just going to go with the flow!

One other great thing, since I have been feeling better, I have been able to get some cleaning and organizing done!  Oh that is a good thing for sure.  Our house while being far from "trashed" was making me nuts!  I have been saving egg cartons.  We now are back to getting our eggs from a local farmer, in fact they are supposed to be delivered today in fact! 

I chose to be preemptive this time, and have already placed my bag of egg cartons outside!  So when my delivery guy shows up I can make sure to send those with him.  YES, my local farmer DELIVERS!  Woo Hoo!!

We've got all of our recycling things out and ready to go as well, bad thing is that where we live they stopped the free collection of plastics and card boards.  Grrrr...  So we will have to look for another place to recycle those or just dump them in the trash I guess.  I am not paying extra and changing garbage companies to get that service curbside.  We don't make that much trash! 

I now just have to get my taxes in order.  I usually end up filing late anyway.  I don't mind doing that, my CPA is awesome, and has plenty of other people's taxes to get done early.  He has my preliminary stuff and so we are all set that way..  We still do the same thing essentially, but just get things done a bit later..

But I will plan to have my things to him before the deadline in case he gets done with everyone else early. 

I really work to be on time. 

I am also excited about planting things, although right now with my aching neck and messed up finger it doesn't sound fun at all.  Yesterday I did manage to get some organizing done in the garage as well.  Yes, I entered Jason's domain.  I think he wanted to boot me out of there... I was reorganizing his entire area.  I couldn't help it, I had plans..  ( we had discussed them last year.. I remembered them but had not been well enough to be able to do anything about making it happen until yesterday )

Jason to say the least was a little shocked!  But he did recall the conversation and let me do my thing, he moved what ever I asked him to and was so helpful despite being fried from working all afternoon.  When he got home I was in full swing of clean and organize!  I think he was stunned!  To be honest, I was too, I never thought a day would get here that my body would let me move and do things.  This winter was brutal! 

My migraines were under control for the most part thankfully, I got allot of them but no ER visits for them!  That is HUGE!  Yea!  LUKA!! 

Today, no matter how I feel I have to get the potatoes baked, and the squash baked too.. Otherwise, Luka is going to be starving!  That would be so bad!  Even if that is all I do! 

I'd also like to park myself outside for a while as well..  That would be good too.. So we'll see!  I am hopeful, the day is young! 

Hoping your day is productive too!  Blessings,
Pink Doberman


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