Sunday, March 7, 2010

a SiMple GiFt... FoR YoU...

I was sitting here reading my collection of blogs.  This post really hit the spot for me today!  I think you might like it too!  I hope you take a minute to look at this one.  It is mostly pictures and will just reach into your heart and lift you up. 

Writing my blog has really been a great outlet for my soul.  I found myself as I kept loosing more and more of my dreams.  At this point I am not focused on any dreams or goals except making it through each day with as much grace and with as much as I can accomplish.  I don't really see how that adds up to much but possibly over the long term it may.

If you read my earlier posts you will notice I had some pretty big dreams.  If you knew me I worked constantly at self improvement.  It was something I have always struggled with.  But if I wanted something bad enough, I worked on myself until I could go after it. 

Reading the I Am In Love With This World post by Ree.  Just really reminds me of how big this world is and how little even a small goal or dream can become.  For me this post came at the perfect time.  The sun has been starting to shine and I have been able to see some beautiful robins outside my window. 

So this post is going to be of some of the wonderful things that Jason and I have captured on film.  Keep in mind it won't compare to hers but for us each of these things has had meaning in our lives as well. 

This reminds me of where I grew up.

This reminds me of those who have served so that I can be free.

This reminds me of how simple a pleasure can be.

I see this place and know the power of friendship.

A place to look and dream.

Things will pop up when you least expect them, and be better than you could have imagined.

The sun will rise and set each day.

There will be those who will follow you.

There is always a place to come home to.

Each of these pictures have been taken in Nebraska.  On our travels or around our home.  
If you've never visited Nebraska you really should.  
Of course to find these places or places similar to them you will have to leave the cities.

Jason's photography has become an outlet for us.  
He is even doing a wedding, engagement, and family pictures along with all of the fun senior pictures and more.
But most importantly he is finding a creative release for his frustrations.  
He goes out in the mornings while I sleep.  
Or out in the afternoons while I rest.
He finds beautiful things that I can see when he returns. 

His photography has been a blessing.

He took all of the pictures in this post.
I wanted to show them to you so you would know the beauty of the simplest things as well.

I hope some how our little picture show has brought you some joy today.

Pink Doberman

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