Monday, March 22, 2010

A LiTtLe dReAm!!

What do you do when you'd like to be out having fun in the nicer weather?

Dream about it!

So even though this is pretty much what everything looks like I sure would like to be gallivanting around to see it all for myself!  Well, I do get to go to see Dr. M. tomorrow!  YIpie Ky Yo...  I don't mean that!  But that is the most exciting thing I have planned!  I have managed to not take any medication today!  I am sure my liver is appreciating that! 

Hope I've been good enough today that my night will go as smoothly!

Of course I do have a list of other things I need/want to do tomorrow.  Time will tell.  It will be up to Jason if they all happen I suppose.  Or he may just have to go run around and do the things for me...  with a Honey PLLLLllllleeeeeeZZZZZZE!

He is so amazing about that sort of stuff.  I try not to ask him to by "girl stuff".  You know what I mean...

I am sure he would, but I am not sure I would get what I ordered!  I would guarantee he would get me something, but exactly what I wanted??  I even have to stand in that isle for an hour to find the right package. 

He did grab the absolutely perfect shampoo the other day though!  I was pretty impressed!  I even got a confirmation phone call!  Now that is a Real Man for you!

My definition has never included muscles and a nasty attitude.  Although he does have muscles.. but he checks the attitude! 

We just got back from another of his teaching trips.  He ended up having to pack my bags and all when we came home.  I try to pack my bags.  I should be able to put shirts in a bag..  I am so grateful that he did that.  He also carries everything loads everything, and even made a trailer to hall things.  Of course he likes it when we leave that at home!  Which we often do!  Our little wagon is quite handy.

So life is good.  I have a good man here to make sure I make it everywhere with all of my pieces!  A dog that goes along for the ride and is around when my good man isn't. 

Blessed and Dreaming!  Hope you are too!
Pink Doberman

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