Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LaUnDrY... & MaYhEm...

So on a recent trip... we were at a friends house.  Jason was also working of course..  What is new there.. I guess it would be news if he weren't...  =)!    That would be awesome! 

Well at any rate...
At a friends house..  I thought I'd be smart and wash some things of Luka's..   It turned out to be more work than it was worth.  At least I didn't destroy anything,... Yes I have a knack for that.. 

But I did end up making some extra work for Jason who was mortified... and gave me several of those "What Were You Thinking" looks..    =D!

I get those allot!

So I took pictures...  My handy work in action..

The victims...  my lovely prayer blanket that was made for me by a group of Kansas Church Ladies! 
It used to not have pink in it's motif....
Jason is doing such a good job of getting the mess out of the house.  Those blankets were WET!

Bless his heart... those blankets just would not cooperate!

They really kept blowing.. and blowing and soon they would fly off..
Jason is so resourceful.. 

So he found something to shag them with.  Because it was COLD out there...
I am a really big pain in the A** to follow around and fix the mayhem that flows in my wake..

The mayhem.... See these little purple spherical dots?  There were MILLIONS OF THEM!!

All over the washer... (didn't take a picture of that..) Jason cleaned that out, with very strong words to me to LEAVE him alone and let him do it before I would also hurt myself and he have to carry me out of there.. 

So guiltily I slunk away and got the camera to record my purple mayhem...
If the purple little balls of fuzz weren't such a pain... I would have asked to keep them.  Because I am sure they would make an excellent decoration or at least a conversation piece. 

And I am mostly sad.  Because I really love my purple blanket!  I've had it for years!  It is super silky and soft!  I am sad that when it gets dirty this next time that it goes in the trash. 

I guess I should feel fortunate that it already isn't there... gives me time to prepare! 

But I really do LOVE this blanket.. even though it is now see through!

Thankfully, our friends washing machine cleaned out well.. we ran an empty load through,
and then did two more loads just to make sure it was all cleaned out.  Didn't want anyone to put white things in afterward, and then they come out pink!  .... That could be really bad and embarrassing. 

I would know I once did that to my father's under shirts and underwear!   I also managed to bleach everyone's jeans too... after these and a few other episodes from my child hood I was promptly asked to avoid doing anyone's laundry including my own... 

Out of the deal our friends washing machine got thoroughly cleaned out...  as best you can do anyway with out actually taking the machine apart.... Which Jason has already been apart of doing.... (note: nothing to do with me in that case) 

Got their vacuum cleaned out.. thankfully they have this nifty container vacuum.. A Dyson!  Which worked so slick to get all of those little balls picked up that flew all over the house as the blankets were carried outside...

Oh the joys..  I have improved on that at least.. but I seem to have mayhem in my genes...  
I keep life interesting at least.  Jason need never be bored..  Heaven forbid that ever happen!!  -

=D Keeping life real - Blessings,
Pink Doberman

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