Friday, March 19, 2010

VaLeNTiNoS a NiGhT oUt WiTh fRiEnDs

Have you ever had a really great night out with friends.  I have!  I look forward to those moments for sure!  I always have!  While I've not ever been the best at hosting gatherings I sure look forward to attending them.  As I get older things have once again transitioned.

As a child we would chat about current events and things going to be happening, the same thing as a teen and in college.  However once college passed, there would be small talk about work sometimes competitively so but really only until people would bring up events from the past. 

Now, people seem to have enough going on that there is small talk about work but it is with a non competitive tone, as well as fun times from the past, but the focus seems to have landed back on what we are up to in our lives what they are planning for the future, and how the families are doing.  Everyone seems to have a greater appreciation for life and others lives.  It is nice.  More relaxed.  Less forced. 

At least that is the way last night went.  It probably helped I was doing better myself.  Luka was able to go and we got a ride from a friend!  I was able to listen to peoples conversations even take part in them.  I had placed myself near the center of the table which worked great for me.  I had different conversations going on on both sides of me.  The kind of conversations you were meant to listen to if you wished or better yet participate in.  That was just wonderful!

I had the opportunity to meet others that I had only heard of or seen pictures of on Facebook!  ( that is my really social life most days)  Which really helped me because I looked everyone up and made sure I had all of the names correct!  Names are important! 

It isn't that I hadn't seen some of these people for a while, I mean it has been months but it was at gatherings of even more people than last night.  I am not good at making the rounds I pretty much just set myself down someplace and watch and listen at those things.  If someone comes by to sit and chat well even better! 

These smaller gatherings are so much better.  While I didn't talk to a few of the people much at all, I was able to at least acknowledge everyone's presence!  Which is so great! 

One of them is even getting married soon!  We all got to meet her fiance!  I think he passed the friend test with flying colors!  They are an adorable couple!  Who lead amazing lives!!  My friends are all cool like that..!  It is so fun to hear about their adventures!!  

Luka did a very nice job too!  It was very difficult for him to say the least.  I had fed him right before we left.  Which was good!  We went to a Valentino's Buffet in Omaha.  The staff there was exceptional!  There were kids everywhere.  Some of them knew what to do about Service Dogs and others did not.  I felt at times like we were being the ones served at the buffet.

The Manager of Valentinos, Deneen was awesome too!  Very thoughtful and I appreciated the conversation I had with her!

The staff ran around behind us chasing naughty children away from Luka.  Telling them they couldn't be around us.  Which was great, as Luka was enamored by the buffets of food!  He didn't eat any of it but was sure focused on it.  (we don't do buffet's much, mostly because I think they are a waste of money, as I don't eat much usually)  I love them though!!  Besides it is allot of walking and carrying, things I am not so good at any more.  Besides the chaos of the whole event is pretty overwhelming for me. 

I did fine though.  I was hoping they were serving cotton candy!  They did the last time I was there!  MMMMmm!  Girl loves her cotton candy! 

The gals who worked there managed to save Luka from what in their words looked to be a very bad episode.  A child who is there on a regular basis is evidently never watched by his parents.  He was following us around everywhere!  VERY CLOSELY!  Kept touching at Luka.  No parent around and so then no one to stop this kid.  I have enough to do without dealing with these kids..  The gal who worked there, shared that she saw the little boy headed for Luka's tail.. (keep in mind he has a very short stubby tail) she shared it looked as if the kid was headed to bite it with his teeth!  OMG!  I can't even imagine what would have happened if he had done that! 

My hands were full with a tray of food I was gathering for myself.  I really can not say enough good things about the staff at Valentinos!  Thank goodness!  Otherwise I am sure that we would have had a very bad experience. 

My friends were great with us too!  A couple of them had even seen us on TV!  That was kind of fun!  Kind of embarrassing too, but I am resigned to the fact that people really need to be made aware and the only way to do that is if someone starts speaking out!..   So here I go with my big mouth!  =D  I am proud also that I am having the courage to do it.  I already stand out with Luka, but at least this way people will come to understand that a little common sense is required on both sides. 

I definitely have more to say on this subject as well.  But I will let that go for now. 

My friends did a great job as well, they fielded questions about us which was wonderful, because I was overwhelmed and could only seem to muster short answers as I would practically run away from everyone as Luka and I walked through the isles of people on the way back to our table.  People are so so curious.

I am finally feeling better and I need to get up and around a bit today! 

I am blessed!!
I hope you have a great time with your friends!

Pink Doberman

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