Wednesday, November 19, 2008

G-Ma Christina Blessed Me!

Each day I am able to wake up with the attitude of gratitude. I am grateful each day for who I have in my life as well as what I have.

I am constantly reminded of my G-Ma Christina. She is my inspiration! I never knew her to be upset, I grew up living right next to her and my G-Pa.. a 20 second sprint from door to door I suppose when I was a kid. I always loved going over to their house. She would have spritz cookies, or sugar cookies most times. We would bake or paint or just hang out. G-Pa would play old records of symphony concerts, concerto's, or just be watching his favorite television shows.

They lived in what would be termed as a shack. They had running water in the sink in the kitchen, took baths in a metal tub that they would pour hot water in. Their toilet was an outhouse (yes a real one). They had one car between the two of them, I don't know what they did before they retired exactly but I do know that they worked hard. They ended up having a large family, with at least one of the kids being born on the kitchen table.

My G-Ma would save foil, save containers, save old clothes, she reused them all, she made braided rugs out of her old nylons and all the old clothes. She would quilt using scraps and store her cookies in the old cottage cheese containers in the freezer. They ate government cheese which by the way I found to be the BEST CHEESE EVER! Every day they would go to the Senior Citizen Center for lunch then after lunch my G-Ma would quilt and my G-Pa would play pool. G-Ma would quilt with the ladies who thought she was no good. She would sit quietly and stitch with the other ladies most of whom didn't even speak to her.

I adored my G-Ma she was such a great role model for me, only now I am realizing the extreme impact that she's had on my life. I never heard her complain, I never heard her yell, curse, put anyone down, or gossip. She always wanted the best for everyone, and would do what she could. Their home was tiny, and full but tidy. She used everything she had, she didn't have much in her house that wasn't useful.

I never remember her watching television but she did love when G-Pa would play his music. G-Pa had built the television they used and I was always amazed by it. The atmosphere of their home inspired me. I was always happy there and would go to their home most days after school and most days during the summer.

When I went to college my aunts and uncles got together and added a bathroom to the outside of their little brick house. They installed new cabinets in the kitchen, new carpeting, and got them a newer living room set. They even got them one of those fancy recliners, that actually lift you up so you can get out of it easier.

Having spent so much time there I learned so much. Perseverance, kindness, consideration, compassion, grace, and patience are some of the qualities that my G-Ma exemplified for me. Now as I move through difficulties, I am reminded of the life that she shared with me. I am blessed, I always have been, my family is tremendous, my friends are the best, and my husband is my stabilizer.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes: Never, Never, Never Give Up! by Winston Churchill

My Grandmother never gave up, she stood fast and trod firmly forward, grounded in her faith knowing that God would provide. I have that same faith, as I tread forward blessed by all that I have.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Having the most amazing hubby is such a blessing! In time for my Longaberger party he spent six hours installing (sticking) down our new floor! (I'll be posting a picture soon) Granted it was the night before the party that the new floor went in, but the week before had turned in to many adventures of the unexpected. I know that you know how it goes, it happens to everyone!

I was excited as he let me hand him the sticky linoleum tiles. I got to be involved! I must say that I wasn't very good at it, but my wonderful man was super great about letting me help. I think he figured that this was something I could do with him where I wouldn't damage myself. I had a great time helping him, and he did the most perfect job in sticking and cutting each tile.

His knees by the end of the night were extremely sore from the six hours of crawling around on his hands and knees. He ended the night with most of his body aching and he fell quickly to sleep.

The following morning he woke to start on the carpet for the hall. On the floor before in the hall was a flat carpet that they had glued to the floor when our home was built, needless to say that carpet had done its job for 30+ years and it was time, actually long past time to have it replaced. Jason had already pulled up most of the carpet before when we first moved in. I think that remembering how difficult it was for him to do that remained in his mind for all these years, and held a mental block on finishing up the hall.

Thanks to some friends we had the great gift of just enough carpeting to redo our unsightly green glued down carpet. Thanks Jen and Brent!! He started on the carpet about 8am that morning and had it finished by 10am just in time to get ready to head out the door to teach a class.

My party didn't start until 2pm thank goodness. I needed all the time I could get to be ready. As I was still in my pj's I had hung out with him until the carpet was down, I now needed to get ready. Our visiting teenager was still asleep and slept through his hammering, she woke up long enough to say she was feeling miserable and we sent her back to bed to sleep. She ended up sleeping until 1pm. Meanwhile I scrambled to get myself ready. My sister shared that she would be here around noon, and that is when my friend Jen (the Longaberger Expert) and her sister and daughter would arrive. I needed to be ready.

It is so great to know you might have started something on your own, but when the time gets close to needing to have things done, everyone steps up and helps get things ready. I don't even know all of the things that they did for me in those two hours, I was focused on being dressed and ready to go, and getting everyone fed. I made chili the day before, and had asked my sister to pick up cinnamon rolls.

I do know that Jen after setting up the baskets, put the finishing touches on my bathroom, and that her sister who I also adore was setting up the trays of food along with my sister making everything just perfect. Doug the guy our visiting teenager is dating, spent some time cutting cheese into thin tiny squares, just the right size for the crackers, he also cut the sausage into little pieces as well, Jason got back from teaching just in time to go to the store to get yogurt for the fruit dip. Phew! It was all coming together, we had wine, coffee, and tea to drink, carrots, grapes, and Jen had even picked up some cranberry goat cheese along the way.

I even had another friend call to offer help if needed to get everything ready. Linda has already been the biggest help ever. She was around to help when no one even was aware that I needed help. What a blessing she has been.

I ended up having about 10 gals come over. My sister was here Jen's sister was with us, and my friend Leslie brought her sister too! How cool is that! OMG! I loved it! My mother in law came two neighbors came and some other great friends too! I had so much fun having everyone over the baskets were great too, I just really loved having everyone over to visit and catch up. It was so fun to do something nice for these awesome women who are in my life.

I loved it, I was having a great day, no medication needed, in fact the day before only a migraine pill was needed and the day before that I think went well also. Today was another great day too! The weather has been holding steady with no influx of rain or snow, no change really in the temperature and that has been making my life so much nicer! Wow, I feel like a human being again. I've even been able to do laundry, cook, and dishes on my own! Woo HOO!!!! Thrilled as can be!

Right before the party Kara placed a Mary Kay order, Susan even called today to place a Mary Kay order. I've got it ready to go out in the mail tomorrow for her. I feel very blessed to be of service to each of them!

Thanks to all of my great girlfriends! And thanks to my awesome hubby for making it all possible!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Having the opportunity to do something nice for someone else always makes me feel super great! Have you ever noticed there are people out there always looking for someone to "do" something for them? I have always tried really hard not to be one of "those" people.

However, I have found that with out the help of others I am not able to be nearly as effective. I used to do almost everything for myself or pay for it to be done if I wanted it done. Jason of course did the great husband stuff, but we did try to do things together when possible. And he did help me out when I needed it. As did a few other people. I was always grateful for the help.

Now I need the help of others so much more. I think that is a good thing. I found and still find it VERY difficult to ASK for help. I prefer to do things on my own, which is why my wonderful PINK DOBERMAN LUKA gets to help me out. With him I feel as if I am on my own, at least more so. Jason has driven me to a couple of stores lately but he doesn't like to go in and hang out with me while I search the stores for the perfect items.

Today while shopping I went to Target and some of the things I was looking at happened to be on the bottom shelf (that's where I usually find them) the bottom shelf is hard for me to get down to many times. I find it even worse to get myself up off the floor especially when I am tired. Holding something in my hands makes it even worse but now with Luka he stands still and I basically can climb all over him. He is 100lbs so he's a pretty big guy.

Jason gets to stay in the car and I get to shop shop shop! I am loving my new freedom.

The other day I saw on TV that Old Navy had advertised $1 hats and scarves for one day only, I couldn't drive that day and so I called my friend Barb I know that she is always looking for great deals. I told her about the sale and asked if she decided to go if she could pick some up for me. While I found this hard to do I also found it to be heart warming on my part. It also gives us something else to talk about I can't wait to see what she found for me! She even got some for herself.

Having someone help or offer their help is a gratifying experience for me. I feel as if I am not alone, that I have options and a fun friend to hang out with. I am also getting to know other people that I knew before but didn't have the time to know well.

I am getting to throw a bridal shower for a neighbor. She's become a good friend since I've been stuck at home. She's helped me out and I have helped her out. I knew her before and would wave... but now I have a better friend. How fun is that?? I just love it!

Tomorrow I'm hosting a Longaberger Open House for my friend Jen who runs her own Longaberger business in addition to being a very busy professional. She is another one of my friends who does so much for me, it feels great to do something that benefits her and on top of it I get to spend time with her and lots of my other friends! I am really looking forward to hanging out and catching up with what everyone is up to.

Blessings Abundance Faith and Sharing of Gifts!


When you head downstairs and see the trickle of water heading toward the drain you are oh so grateful that someone had the foresight to place the water heater near the drain in the floor. Yikes! The realization hits that the whole basement could have been flooded by the time we noticed. Phew! Having been under budgetary constraints we had never finished the floor in that room. What a relief! Although having the water heater run water down the drain does raise the RED FLAG! Repair Service was called, and the verdict was a new water heater... GRRR....

The day that the water heater arrived I also had our regular winter furnace inspection scheduled. It actually worked out great, the furnace guy arrived first, he checked out the furnace...

Well the timing part of it worked out great I guess I should have said. The furnace inspection didn't really go as expected for me. Since the furnace had been putting out warm air, I just assumed that it was working fabulously and that nothing was wrong. I was actually waiting for the " WoW" your furnace is 36 years old and still working great message. That is not the message that I was given. Ever feel your heart drop to your stomach?? Glurp!

New water heater & new furnace all in the same week, not to mention my computer still isn't up and working.... Geepers, this isn't what we needed at all! All in a matter of days! What are the chances?

Well, I am having a Longaberger party on Saturday, we do have hot water, so I will be fresh as a daisy after my hot morning shower. We have the space heaters working overtime to keep our casa comfortable. It will work out just great!

I don't think I will be getting any baskets for myself as I had planed but hey, I will get to have some girlfriend time! That will work out great! I can certainly be excited about that! I am serving wine and cheese...

Jason mentioned after the days we've had that the 7 bottles of wine that I just brought home from the store might not make it til tomorrow. We might need to start drinking now!

Oh, did I mention that we also have our teenage friend living with us now? Yes, we've accumulated another child! That story is long, but suffice it to say she is doing well since she's been with us and hope things keep out working better for her. She's been coming over to our house since she she was 7 or so just to hang out, she would sticker my Mary Kay products, and help me out, we'd just hang out too, so having her live with us works out good. She is comfortable and so are we.

She'll be staying with us off and on for a while, time has not been determined. We are glad she is here, and we are happy she is doing better.

We'll that just about wraps up our crazy week that we would all rather not repeat. We are glad that we have some heat!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Anything can be accomplished through hard work and persistence if given enough time. The dishes can all get done, the house can be rearranged, a bed can get made, laundry can get caught up, client lists can be updated, and some money can be made.

Profound respect and admiration goes out from me to others that have physical limitations and/or difficulties. While having had a broken foot, I found out how fun using a wheelchair is not to mention crutches, I had always had empathy for people with limitations and tried to be a good friend and support person.

Reality sets in when daily physical limitations limit yourself. Having spent the past 4+ years in a different physical situation than I had spent the other 30+ years of my life, it has really taken some getting used to. At first I was told that I would get better, but over time that prognosis has shifted into this is just the way it is going to be, and it will gradually get more difficult.

Whoopie... You must have imagined that word was far from my mind at the time I discovered that things would only hold more difficult moments for me physically. It used to take me one hour to get ready and now it takes me two hours. Everything takes longer which means that less is possible to accomplish in a day. However, that also means that more thought goes into everything that I choose to do. I have to determine if the action or activity is worth adding to my day.

That means that my wonderful husband gets to do lots more laundry and lots more dishes, drive me lots more places and anything else that needs to be done. While I focus on things like getting my Mary Kay orders ready to go out, doing makeovers on my fabulous clients, organizing our lives and paying bills etc..

I get to do laundry, dishes, and drive just not in the quantities that I once used to be able to do. I do spend more time enjoying the scenery, appriciating what people have to say, and I must say that this whole experience is broadening my horizons in ways that I had heard about but never had the time to experience.

I was so busy before, going from place to place, planning what was next, when I was at one thing I was thinking about the next thing, I hung out with the movers and shakers, and never felt that I really was at peace. Now, while I am not at "Peace" with the way my life is, I am more grounded, I do have more time for others, I can't do as much as I used to for them, but I do have a larger listening capacity. I think that is something that I wasn't able to do before at least not often.

I do wish my body would start working better and that the pain would disappear, not to mention the massive amount of medication I've come to realize may be a permenant part of my life, although I am always trying not to have to take it.

Choices, life really is full of them. I am choosing to spend as much time as I can with people, not the movers and shakers, but on real people that appriciate what I can do now, and appriciate what I can do for them to help their life be better.

Before I was very focused on improving lives mostly with money, and teaching women how to know that they were worth being treated well. The great thing is now that I can still do both of those things but my mission seems to be going slower but maybe having a greater impact.

Who knows what the future holds and what choices I will have in my future. For now I am choosing to get my home ready so that my girlfriends can come over and hang out. A huge thanks to my awesome hubby for being the greatest hubby I could have ever asked for!

Kudos to you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

10 Years!

Wow time flies! I've been married for 10 years to the best guy on the planet! We just celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. I feel so blessed!