Friday, November 14, 2008


When you head downstairs and see the trickle of water heading toward the drain you are oh so grateful that someone had the foresight to place the water heater near the drain in the floor. Yikes! The realization hits that the whole basement could have been flooded by the time we noticed. Phew! Having been under budgetary constraints we had never finished the floor in that room. What a relief! Although having the water heater run water down the drain does raise the RED FLAG! Repair Service was called, and the verdict was a new water heater... GRRR....

The day that the water heater arrived I also had our regular winter furnace inspection scheduled. It actually worked out great, the furnace guy arrived first, he checked out the furnace...

Well the timing part of it worked out great I guess I should have said. The furnace inspection didn't really go as expected for me. Since the furnace had been putting out warm air, I just assumed that it was working fabulously and that nothing was wrong. I was actually waiting for the " WoW" your furnace is 36 years old and still working great message. That is not the message that I was given. Ever feel your heart drop to your stomach?? Glurp!

New water heater & new furnace all in the same week, not to mention my computer still isn't up and working.... Geepers, this isn't what we needed at all! All in a matter of days! What are the chances?

Well, I am having a Longaberger party on Saturday, we do have hot water, so I will be fresh as a daisy after my hot morning shower. We have the space heaters working overtime to keep our casa comfortable. It will work out just great!

I don't think I will be getting any baskets for myself as I had planed but hey, I will get to have some girlfriend time! That will work out great! I can certainly be excited about that! I am serving wine and cheese...

Jason mentioned after the days we've had that the 7 bottles of wine that I just brought home from the store might not make it til tomorrow. We might need to start drinking now!

Oh, did I mention that we also have our teenage friend living with us now? Yes, we've accumulated another child! That story is long, but suffice it to say she is doing well since she's been with us and hope things keep out working better for her. She's been coming over to our house since she she was 7 or so just to hang out, she would sticker my Mary Kay products, and help me out, we'd just hang out too, so having her live with us works out good. She is comfortable and so are we.

She'll be staying with us off and on for a while, time has not been determined. We are glad she is here, and we are happy she is doing better.

We'll that just about wraps up our crazy week that we would all rather not repeat. We are glad that we have some heat!

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