Friday, November 14, 2008


Having the opportunity to do something nice for someone else always makes me feel super great! Have you ever noticed there are people out there always looking for someone to "do" something for them? I have always tried really hard not to be one of "those" people.

However, I have found that with out the help of others I am not able to be nearly as effective. I used to do almost everything for myself or pay for it to be done if I wanted it done. Jason of course did the great husband stuff, but we did try to do things together when possible. And he did help me out when I needed it. As did a few other people. I was always grateful for the help.

Now I need the help of others so much more. I think that is a good thing. I found and still find it VERY difficult to ASK for help. I prefer to do things on my own, which is why my wonderful PINK DOBERMAN LUKA gets to help me out. With him I feel as if I am on my own, at least more so. Jason has driven me to a couple of stores lately but he doesn't like to go in and hang out with me while I search the stores for the perfect items.

Today while shopping I went to Target and some of the things I was looking at happened to be on the bottom shelf (that's where I usually find them) the bottom shelf is hard for me to get down to many times. I find it even worse to get myself up off the floor especially when I am tired. Holding something in my hands makes it even worse but now with Luka he stands still and I basically can climb all over him. He is 100lbs so he's a pretty big guy.

Jason gets to stay in the car and I get to shop shop shop! I am loving my new freedom.

The other day I saw on TV that Old Navy had advertised $1 hats and scarves for one day only, I couldn't drive that day and so I called my friend Barb I know that she is always looking for great deals. I told her about the sale and asked if she decided to go if she could pick some up for me. While I found this hard to do I also found it to be heart warming on my part. It also gives us something else to talk about I can't wait to see what she found for me! She even got some for herself.

Having someone help or offer their help is a gratifying experience for me. I feel as if I am not alone, that I have options and a fun friend to hang out with. I am also getting to know other people that I knew before but didn't have the time to know well.

I am getting to throw a bridal shower for a neighbor. She's become a good friend since I've been stuck at home. She's helped me out and I have helped her out. I knew her before and would wave... but now I have a better friend. How fun is that?? I just love it!

Tomorrow I'm hosting a Longaberger Open House for my friend Jen who runs her own Longaberger business in addition to being a very busy professional. She is another one of my friends who does so much for me, it feels great to do something that benefits her and on top of it I get to spend time with her and lots of my other friends! I am really looking forward to hanging out and catching up with what everyone is up to.

Blessings Abundance Faith and Sharing of Gifts!

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