Thursday, November 13, 2008


Anything can be accomplished through hard work and persistence if given enough time. The dishes can all get done, the house can be rearranged, a bed can get made, laundry can get caught up, client lists can be updated, and some money can be made.

Profound respect and admiration goes out from me to others that have physical limitations and/or difficulties. While having had a broken foot, I found out how fun using a wheelchair is not to mention crutches, I had always had empathy for people with limitations and tried to be a good friend and support person.

Reality sets in when daily physical limitations limit yourself. Having spent the past 4+ years in a different physical situation than I had spent the other 30+ years of my life, it has really taken some getting used to. At first I was told that I would get better, but over time that prognosis has shifted into this is just the way it is going to be, and it will gradually get more difficult.

Whoopie... You must have imagined that word was far from my mind at the time I discovered that things would only hold more difficult moments for me physically. It used to take me one hour to get ready and now it takes me two hours. Everything takes longer which means that less is possible to accomplish in a day. However, that also means that more thought goes into everything that I choose to do. I have to determine if the action or activity is worth adding to my day.

That means that my wonderful husband gets to do lots more laundry and lots more dishes, drive me lots more places and anything else that needs to be done. While I focus on things like getting my Mary Kay orders ready to go out, doing makeovers on my fabulous clients, organizing our lives and paying bills etc..

I get to do laundry, dishes, and drive just not in the quantities that I once used to be able to do. I do spend more time enjoying the scenery, appriciating what people have to say, and I must say that this whole experience is broadening my horizons in ways that I had heard about but never had the time to experience.

I was so busy before, going from place to place, planning what was next, when I was at one thing I was thinking about the next thing, I hung out with the movers and shakers, and never felt that I really was at peace. Now, while I am not at "Peace" with the way my life is, I am more grounded, I do have more time for others, I can't do as much as I used to for them, but I do have a larger listening capacity. I think that is something that I wasn't able to do before at least not often.

I do wish my body would start working better and that the pain would disappear, not to mention the massive amount of medication I've come to realize may be a permenant part of my life, although I am always trying not to have to take it.

Choices, life really is full of them. I am choosing to spend as much time as I can with people, not the movers and shakers, but on real people that appriciate what I can do now, and appriciate what I can do for them to help their life be better.

Before I was very focused on improving lives mostly with money, and teaching women how to know that they were worth being treated well. The great thing is now that I can still do both of those things but my mission seems to be going slower but maybe having a greater impact.

Who knows what the future holds and what choices I will have in my future. For now I am choosing to get my home ready so that my girlfriends can come over and hang out. A huge thanks to my awesome hubby for being the greatest hubby I could have ever asked for!

Kudos to you!

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