Monday, November 17, 2008

Having the most amazing hubby is such a blessing! In time for my Longaberger party he spent six hours installing (sticking) down our new floor! (I'll be posting a picture soon) Granted it was the night before the party that the new floor went in, but the week before had turned in to many adventures of the unexpected. I know that you know how it goes, it happens to everyone!

I was excited as he let me hand him the sticky linoleum tiles. I got to be involved! I must say that I wasn't very good at it, but my wonderful man was super great about letting me help. I think he figured that this was something I could do with him where I wouldn't damage myself. I had a great time helping him, and he did the most perfect job in sticking and cutting each tile.

His knees by the end of the night were extremely sore from the six hours of crawling around on his hands and knees. He ended the night with most of his body aching and he fell quickly to sleep.

The following morning he woke to start on the carpet for the hall. On the floor before in the hall was a flat carpet that they had glued to the floor when our home was built, needless to say that carpet had done its job for 30+ years and it was time, actually long past time to have it replaced. Jason had already pulled up most of the carpet before when we first moved in. I think that remembering how difficult it was for him to do that remained in his mind for all these years, and held a mental block on finishing up the hall.

Thanks to some friends we had the great gift of just enough carpeting to redo our unsightly green glued down carpet. Thanks Jen and Brent!! He started on the carpet about 8am that morning and had it finished by 10am just in time to get ready to head out the door to teach a class.

My party didn't start until 2pm thank goodness. I needed all the time I could get to be ready. As I was still in my pj's I had hung out with him until the carpet was down, I now needed to get ready. Our visiting teenager was still asleep and slept through his hammering, she woke up long enough to say she was feeling miserable and we sent her back to bed to sleep. She ended up sleeping until 1pm. Meanwhile I scrambled to get myself ready. My sister shared that she would be here around noon, and that is when my friend Jen (the Longaberger Expert) and her sister and daughter would arrive. I needed to be ready.

It is so great to know you might have started something on your own, but when the time gets close to needing to have things done, everyone steps up and helps get things ready. I don't even know all of the things that they did for me in those two hours, I was focused on being dressed and ready to go, and getting everyone fed. I made chili the day before, and had asked my sister to pick up cinnamon rolls.

I do know that Jen after setting up the baskets, put the finishing touches on my bathroom, and that her sister who I also adore was setting up the trays of food along with my sister making everything just perfect. Doug the guy our visiting teenager is dating, spent some time cutting cheese into thin tiny squares, just the right size for the crackers, he also cut the sausage into little pieces as well, Jason got back from teaching just in time to go to the store to get yogurt for the fruit dip. Phew! It was all coming together, we had wine, coffee, and tea to drink, carrots, grapes, and Jen had even picked up some cranberry goat cheese along the way.

I even had another friend call to offer help if needed to get everything ready. Linda has already been the biggest help ever. She was around to help when no one even was aware that I needed help. What a blessing she has been.

I ended up having about 10 gals come over. My sister was here Jen's sister was with us, and my friend Leslie brought her sister too! How cool is that! OMG! I loved it! My mother in law came two neighbors came and some other great friends too! I had so much fun having everyone over the baskets were great too, I just really loved having everyone over to visit and catch up. It was so fun to do something nice for these awesome women who are in my life.

I loved it, I was having a great day, no medication needed, in fact the day before only a migraine pill was needed and the day before that I think went well also. Today was another great day too! The weather has been holding steady with no influx of rain or snow, no change really in the temperature and that has been making my life so much nicer! Wow, I feel like a human being again. I've even been able to do laundry, cook, and dishes on my own! Woo HOO!!!! Thrilled as can be!

Right before the party Kara placed a Mary Kay order, Susan even called today to place a Mary Kay order. I've got it ready to go out in the mail tomorrow for her. I feel very blessed to be of service to each of them!

Thanks to all of my great girlfriends! And thanks to my awesome hubby for making it all possible!

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