Monday, September 28, 2009

FrOm HeLL ~ Thank GOD I am no longer there!

Oh my Oh my….

The last week I realized would have been much better had I taken some pain medication.  I spent the week for the most part laying in bed… not all of the time of course.  I haven’t wanted to take anything.  I have been having such horrible stomach pain when I do that it just seems like fixing one issue, and causing another. 

Seems like not taking the meds are the lesser of two evils, seeing as I am actually causing more problems for myself with on going stomach issues.  But am I?  Laying in bed itself for me is like a death sentence to some degree….  at less than forty years old I already am considered to have osteoporosis.  So not getting up and around is a big deal, I need the weight bearing exercise.. Ok so I don’t consider the little that I do really exercise but it is all I can do and do it I will.

Jason I think has probably been praying quite allot this week that what ever was happening to me would disappear.  I have been horrible.  I sleep and sleep and sleep, then I don’t sleep and don’t sleep and then I cry, or am moody, sulky, unfocused, depressed….  Not to mention I’ve gotten some sort of new allergy…. that really stinks! 

Hmm… all it took was a couple of pain medications.  I am back to new again…  I could just scream.. although, that’s what I would have spent my little energy on last week, this week I’d rather get the laundry that’s been plaguing me clean!

So if you see my awesome hubby, give him a pat on the back, he’s had a really rough couple of weeks!

On a different note…  I think will be my new favorite website!  I love it!  I love to learn and I love to do things myself!  YEA!

Having been working to make pickles ever since my cousin J was here a couple of months ago… she brought me everything I needed.  I ended up having to throw away her huge bag of cucumbers she brought me.  GRRRRR!!!!

Just not having enough energy to do it was so difficult, I hated myself for wasting all of those cucumbers.  Pickles cost lots of $$$  so do more cucumbers to replace the ones that I tossed.  Not to mention the guilt of not getting something so simple done. 

Tonight I finally did get the pickles done.  I was just going to do one set of them not both packets, but decided to push it.  Needed to as who knows when I could do it again.  I didn’t go to therapy today, not sure I want to drive Dad’s huge truck that is sitting in the drive way.  He’s got his car..  It isn’t that I am not capable.. but geesh the energy it takes!

I think my day was well spent.  I’ve been working on the laundry, our bed needed clean sheets badly!  Haven’t been able to get that done for WAAAAAAAY to long!  Happy tonight I should be sleeping on clean sheets.  Of course that means I have to get them all put back on the bed.  Otherwise I might just go sleep in the guest bedroom where the sheets still have yet to be changed from my father staying over days ago!  Oh well. 

Now for a distraction!  MMMMmmmMM homemade Jelly from MaryBelle!  THANKS MaryBelle!  It is soooo so good!


I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway.  I was supposed to be  with Jason while he is out on one of his teaching jobs.  We had it planned, I was even going to spend time with some friends.  Oh well.  Such is Life!   I it was on one of my horrible days that he left, later that night I relinquished my judgment and took the medication. 

I don’t want to take it also because it costs money to get more.  I need to go get more of it, as it is sitting down at the pharmacy waiting for me.  But I don’t want to pay for it.  If I pay for medication it will mean I can’t get much food, if I don’t well…  Yes I am cheap!  I’ve got to be!  I prefer to think of it as smart for the wallet so we can make it through the month with out begging for help!

And we are making it!  It ain’t pretty but we are doing it!  I am super proud of that!  Our bills are even being paid on time!  I love that even more!  Stick to the plan sister!

I wish choices were a bit easier.  Is it really that bad?  I suppose we have a bit of discretionary income, not allot but some.  Next month will be better.  I already figured it out.  This month insurance premiums need to be paid!  Those are important!  So off the money will go. 

I am excited, also, I am getting things figured out about how to take pictures of the clothes that I have to sell to others.  I want to take nice pictures so the details will show through.  I also need to get my account fixed.  That is driving me nutty also! 

So look forward to seeing some great things you might like being posted soon.

I should have taken pictures of my pickle project.  I just really wanted to get them done.  I will however take pictures of the pickles.  I just did refrigerator pickles, not the completely canned kind.  That would have taken more effort.  I will give some to my neighbors as they need to be eaten soon.  Besides how many pickles are actually healthy to eat? 

I might even send a jar with Jason to work.  I hope I get my jars back but hey, I guess a gift is a gift.  I need to save some more sauce jars anyway.  Yet another recycling project.

Speaking of recycling….

Here is the list of things I am using or giving to someone who will use them.

Clothing all sizes all conditions Love the really nice stuff, but will use the ripped and stained stuff too!

zucchini even bruised is good

Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls


Sewing Notions – Can even be OLD!

Jewelry, can be broken or old also

children’s socks

Baby Jars – Small Jars – Canning Jars

Wood – All types All sizes for the most part, no



Plant Pots

Red Bricks

Paint all types

Brushes all types


I am sure there are more things I or my friends are recycling… but hey it is a start. 

So this week, I plan on making the next teaching trip with Jason.  I also plan on finishing up a resume I am working on for Kirby, and a newsletter template that I am doing for Kristi. 

I am also super excited about my Isagenix!  I have really been learning quite allot!  I have heard some of the best stories!  I just love it!  I can’t wait to hear  some more!  I also found out that my aunt and uncle are using it too!  That is pretty cool! 

Time to go check my bedding!  I sure hope it dry’s quick!



***Ok so I don’t plan on turning our house into a junk yard.. but I do plan on using these things or sharing them with folks who will!  I am quite excited about recycling!  I also recycle little boxes to ship my MK products to my clients in.  My clients are so awesome!  Thanks Kristi, Kara, Susan, Christina, and Heather!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SiMpLe pOsT

So I just found another great blog! I love, I mean really love finding great new blogs for me to explore. It really helps me feel like I am connecting with people when all I am able to do some days is read blogs and check out facebook. So here is a really cool artist check out her blog!

The link here will take you to her give away page that is going on right now:

GinaLeeKim Cool Blog!

I found her blog through another I follow:

Kelly at Happy Shack!

I will leave this post at that as my day wasn’t that memorable as I needed to sleep most of it and my night is going horribly… I will keep that to myself. I just need something to go right, we really just need something to go right. It is getting so hard.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding my way through the trees.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Go Go Go Go Go…

Exciting things!  I’ve got ideas galore!  I am thrilled with them.  I was even able to put one idea in to action with a wedding gift for my cousin this weekend.  I must say it was much harder to do than I remembered.  But I could do it none the less.  I also enjoyed doing it. 

My cousin also got something made just for her by me.  That is worth it too I think.  I love things that other’s have made.  I know that everyone doesn’t like to make things.  That is great too!  Someone has always made something it doesn’t have to be made by ….. for something to be considered special or important.  I didn’t take a picture but it sure was fun.

So now I’ve got to get busy figuring out what other things I can do.  I am quite excited. 

Being able to drive to therapy yesterday Wooo Hoo!  Feeling better afterwards as is usually the case I am always needing something fixed, as I keep pushing myself to get stronger and more stable, things slip out of functioning position causing problems that stop me in my tracks.  My therapies are a blessing so I can keep improving.  I know more things would help, but I can’t afford to do it all.  Someday I hope to add those things in as well.

So after therapy I was able to run a few errands.  I picked up my friend who is 72 and has Macular Degeneration and we ran our errands together.  While I wasn’t able to finish the things on my list to get done.  I feel quite successful!  It had been a while since I was out on my own doing some things.  I had to head home to rest.  My energy from dealing with the pain had started to deplete… get home quick to rest.  Otherwise I’d have had to stay with her until evening maybe even over night, and I had to be home for Oz.. so off we went.  I got home and rested the entire night.  I felt successful!

I’ve been frustrated, I either have allergies, or a cold.  Not sure which.  I have never felt quite like this before, frustrating.  I would like to sleep at night.  I would love to breathe at night.  Things during the day are much better but still a little uncomfortable.  Hmmm… I may end up going to the Dr. to figure these things out.  I hope not.

I am currently listening to an Isagenix call.  I keep being motivated by all of the stories from friends and new friends how they are all loosing weight, being on less and less medications, and getting healthier test results!  YiPee!!  This is so fun! 

While I am not working to loose any more weight, I am working to gain muscles!  So, I’ve got to get to my PT for the rest of the week.  The fall last week has taken some recovery time.  But I am doing better and better.  I can’t wait to get on the treadmill more! 

Maybe Jason will figure out how to make the one that we got off of craigslist work one of these days…

I am so excited!  I am going to measure myself and get Jason measured so we can know our 4 week results.

We’ll gotta go, I’ve got things I want to work on today! 


Sunday, September 20, 2009

MiRiCLe DaY….

My mini Miricle day, today.  I was able to clean the house!  Don’t know that’s what I should have been doing, but it is driving me nUTZZZZZZZZZZZ   My friend B and two twin toddlers came over, my dad is staying over… … The house was dirty dusty and has been a wreck for way to long for any person to handle… Ok, for me to handle… funny I am sure for those of you who grew up with me…

But when you look at these things day in and out pretty soon things start to drive you wonkey!  I had the energy today, don’t know why because I couldn’t sleep last night, and here I sit again tonight wide awake typing this… 

I was up at 3 and sewing for something to do, I hand repaired a pair of work out pants.  That took until about 6 am when Jason left for work.  I then went back and slept til 8… got up and started cleaning things.  I really didn’t plan on going cleaning crazy, but as I finished one thing I would then start another.  My friend arrived with her twins… I felt good.  They could play, and she didn’t chase them around cleaning them up.  Whew!  We could actually have a conversation!  Not much of one mind you toddlers are a hand full, and twins in a non child home.. well you get the picture.

After they  went home, I watched the rest of the game… not that it turned out the way all of us here wanted it to. But hey.  I relaxed.  Then I couldn’t take it anymore.  My room was the worst of them all, clothes piled, dog hair, unorganized yuck!…  It is so much better now. 

Lately I have also discovered that I am allergic to something.  What I am not sure… I thought that by getting things cleaner that would help.. But I didn’t do the fan, the windows are still open, the dust on the top of everything is still there, and I am sure the sheets on our bed could use washing.. not to mention everything else I didn’t get done… but hey!  I had a REALLY GREAT DAY!   I got some thing done!  WOOT!

My dad whom I see rarely, hopefully won’t be miserable while staying here either.  I say that because he is also allergic to things as well. 

I have a feeling in the future that won’t be happening much either.. I think I am a downer.  

Life is so weird.…

Well, someday, I hope this is all resolved in a better way than it is now.  I am working toward that anyway.  Looking for more Miracle Days for me!  I’ve got lots I want to do.. and to my therapist.. sorry I broke the rules, but as I am married and my hubby has only been home minimal amounts of time…. someone has to do these things, because it isn’t healthy either! 

Oh, I am getting sleepy… Now if Only I could breathe…

blessings and hopefully some zzzzzzzzz’s!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cOnTiNuaTiOn bUm…… . . . . . . . .

Getting it all in.  Having to go earlier, needing a break, I thought I would get the rest of my thoughts down and out of my head. 

Jason was great yesterday.  I don’t know , maybe after 5 years of hell he has finally just given up the guilt over the fact that he can’t fix me.  That he is accepting that what I need most is just for him to be there with me.  I hope the guilt goes away.  I know the anger is still there, but I hope that the guilt of being helpless to make our lives like the were before is gone or going. 

He did as he should finished out his class so we could have the cash to pay for this latest trip to the hospital.  And what ever else that happens.. grr.  He was there at the ER in time to see me before they took me to the CAT scan.  Thankfully that came back good.  His coworker Rodney showed up at the hospital, with is rig.  That was nice, he popped his head in to see me.  Hadn’t seen him for quite some time. 

He was there when we were told the scan showed no damage!  YIPEE!  Those are the words I like to hear.  Actually the words I would really like to have told to me are you’re all healed, everything is gone, and you can have your life back.  Here handed to me all on a silver platter!

That would be the ideal.  I am moving on though.  Both of us are.  Jason spent most of the evening just relaxing in bed with me.  It was so great just to have him here hanging out while I wasn’t feeling so well. 


Luka did good yesterday also, he laid down with me while I figured out what to do.  He was ready to be used to help me get up and when our cop friend showed up first, he did just as he was told, he was nice and a very good boy for him. 

Everyone who shows up to help, I of course know, that helps so much.  I hate that they all know me, but they also don’t just know me from hauling me out to the ambulance, they know me at least most of them do, from when I did disaster relief work, and showed up to help them.


Today, I am pretty happy with!  So much better than expected.  THANK GOD!  Ozzie was a pill today.  I don’t know what is up with our old guy.  What ever it is I wish I knew a cure for it.  Luka is doing better and better, the food was a good idea I think.  We’ll see.


I have been eating the chili that another of my neighbors so graciously brought over yesterday.  That was a super nice surprise!  Jason hasn’t been home to have any yet, I don’t know when he will be either.  Some good news though, I was getting ready to call my appointments for tomorrow and give them a heads up that I may not be there depending on if I have the energy to drive or not. 

Today, while I’ve been doing well, I my legs are going weak on me, I am getting worn out FASTER than I had been lately, and so pushing it by doing anything, just isn’t the best idea, I certainly don’t want another spill.  No therapy today, I can’t drive.  So here I sit.

The good news is that Jason doesn’t have another job to go to tomorrow.  That job got canceled!  Woot!  Which means I can go to my therapy and Dr’s appointments for sure!  Yea!  I will feel better for sure!  If I miss these appointments I get worse.  If I keep them I keep getting better… SO.. I want to go, I really don’t but I do for the sake of continual improvement.  I’d really never like to see another Dr. again!

The day will be another hurry up and wait for Jason, which I so appreciate on his part.  I hope he can find something to do.  I might call the guy from craigslist, I found a kitchen sink with a faucet on Craigslist for $10.  We were supposed to meet yesterday at his workplace, but he ended up having to go to an emergency, and so did I… so weird!

A few of the people I have met on Craigslist have been a little weird.  But most have been normal, and some are people that you click with.  I met Amy and she is awesome.  I am going to look to her when I need some help using Craigslist to sell a bunch of our stuff.  That way we can have money to pay stuff off.  Woot! I want to do things correctly so the proper amount of research needs to go in to it.  I don’t think I am too far from posting things.  I will of course make sure that all exchanges are done with Jason present or in very public locations.  So I need to plan for that as well.

I talked on Facebook tonight to a friend who I have pretty much lost touch with.  And sadly so.  I missed their wedding.  It was when I was in so much pain and so highly medicated.  They called once as well, when I was medicated allot as well, I remember parts of the conversation but not much of it.  It isn’t a conversation that I handled well at all and was pretty upsetting to me.

I realized for sure after that conversation, that I shouldn’t be talking to people on the phone.  As the medication takes over.  I sound crazy and not myself.  I think I had done that with several clients as well.  I think that is why they stopped buying from me.  They didn’t understand, and I sure can’t blame them.  I sounded loopy. 

I see that in so many others as I meet more people who have similar or very painful injuries or illnesses.  I can for sure empathize with them.  Even I have a hard time not looking at them as if they are crazy at times.  I have to fight perceptions and remind them that it is the pain and medication doing that, not them. 

I see how others treat them, and remember how I was treated too.  It is heartbreaking.  If you haven’t been through it or been around someone who’s gone through it, you probably wouldn’t understand. 

It was so nice to talk to my friend again.  Facebook, Craigslist, Email, etc. are all great things!  I am so thankful to be able to have access to them.  I can feel like I’ve gone somewhere with them. 

Speaking of friends.  I haven’t seen some friends in way to long.  We usually leave here and go there once a month.  We’ve missed it lately and I sure can tell.  I do so much better emotionally if I can get out of here.  Going there is so great.  I don’t have expectations, I can just be present for the moment.  Being out of our normal environment helps too.  But catching up with our friends is the true gift.


This weekend holds quite allot of activity for us.  I am not sure how much I will actually partake in, but time will tell.  Jason has already canceled the plans with his parents for Fri night.  I had been bad about getting things checked out for that anyway.  I am looking forward to going out with them.  Just with the condition I am in I would rather cancel now than later.  I can rest on Fri night and then be present for my friend coming on Sat.  I think she will give me a little help around the house too!  My dad arrives for a night as well.  Then wedding plans for a cousin as well.  I am not sure about that one either.  We’ll see.  I’ve gotta have enough energy for therapy on Monday. 

We will look forward to going out with his parents when there is more energy.  We will both be present that way for a nice evening.

I am slowly getting my house eclectified.  I had a friend from my past come over.  She looked around our house and said where are all of your unusual things, what happened to your cool decorating style?  I shared that I couldn’t clean all of those things.  So after hurricane Katrina happened I loaded up about 20 big boxes and just shipped everything extra out.  How many bibles does one person need?  How many decorations, or baubles, how many dishes, or sheets, etc.  I was just thrilled to do it.  I am now in the process of getting my curtains done.  Finding other things on craigslist or recycling and reusing things.  I think my style will be even more eclectic this time around as it is going to be done on a shoestring budget.  I think it will make it all the more interesting!  I am gathering tons of ideas and one at a time I will put them in to action! 


Well, I have for sure said enough for the day. 

Blessings and Sleep Tight!

BuMmEd… BuM.

Frustration rears it’s ugly head at our house yet again.  I’ve been doing great, best two days of PT so far in 5 years.  Yesterday I fell again.

Will it ever end?  I sit here today not as sore as I thought I would be, but with my body all bugned up none the less.  I was so happy yesterday, while the week has had its share of normal frustrations, I can’t seem to do all that I want need or feel that I should be able to do or get done.

My mind works overtime, planning out how to do things with the least amount of energy, or with the best use of time.  These Days Jason is only home for about 5 waking hours.  If I have something that I need help with I have to cram it in to a couple of hours, because he does need a few hours for himself to get his own things done, or just rest and relax before getting some sleep and doing it all again for another 36 + hours.

When I fell yesterday, it was about the time Jason would be finishing up at his teaching assignment.  Sitting there, not sure if I should move or not, not sure if I could move or not, the frustration and fear crept in.  In calling my Dr’s office, I was urged to go in and get checked out.  So they called the Ambulance.. Geesh, Oh well.  Since I have a hard time telling what is wrong with my body, or how serious my injuries might be or not be extra precautions need to be taken….

So in I went.  NO Broken Bones!  Yea!  Happy about that for sure!  Very lucky since I landed on cement.

I am so frustrated.  My house isn’t set up safely for me.  The stairs out in the garage, the only way in and out of the house, are not the best choice, as I seem to have fallen more here than anywhere else.  For a variety of reasons.

There are not two handles to use to go down the 4 steps.  The screen door always slams back into me as I go out unless I hold it or brace it open.  I get hooked on the handle all of the time, and the stairs handle that I do have I get hooked on that also..  The landing is too small to move around on and it has that fake carpet on it, which adds to the slickness I suppose of it as well. 

Jason is frustrated too.  He’s going to take off the screen door, and build another rail when we get some money.  But really a whole new stair situation is probably the real key.

They guys who picked me up on the ambulance said I needed a lift.  Lift smift, that will never happen way to much money. 

My insurance won’t cover anything like that, so far as I can tell.  If I wasn’t married, I would be eligible for so much help, but since I am married, there is nothing available as far as help goes.  If I am to get help, I guess I will also have to have a divorce. 

This country’s health care is so screwed up!  For all of the so called CHRISTIAN values people seem to be touting these days… They seem to be very selective in how they perceive reality. 

In fact something else that pisses me off lately as well, is the fact that some insurance companies are calling abused women, as having a pre existing condition, and they won’t cover care for them if they need medical attention. 

Just lovely, I think that is a crime!  If independent businesses would do the right thing, as opposed to only the right thing for bottom line.  I think it is a crime all in its self.

Oh well, I am just a non wealthy, non influential, blonde, female.  I know nothing, I have no real value, and I certainly should not be listened to about “important matters”.  I’d like to tell all those people where to stick it.

I know so many people with disabilities or medical issues, that are divorced, never married, or are thinking about divorce just because of the help that is available if you aren’t.  I guess Jason and I are going to be facing that too if things keep up the way they are.

He can’t possibly work any more hours.  And when he is working these hours, there is no one to take me to Dr.s appointments if I can’t take myself.  I don’t know what the answer is.  But if I were divorced, I could get help with those things. 

The fall this time, has left me pretty bunged up, but I am actually doing much better than I had anticipated.  I am not taking the muscle relaxers I am resting quite allot!  I didn’t take any pain meds.  My stomach isn’t good for that, and I am doing alright with out them.  Get more tired but all in all I’d rather not take them. 

I am taking quite allot of vitamin and mineral supplements, I have increased these amounts.  I think that is actually helping.  So glad about that. 

My neighbor, has taken all of my things to the post office for me today.  Yippee!!! Yea Ruth! 

Speaking of her, she is just an angel all her own!  She is a great blessing to so many people!  She is also receiving blessings from Isagenix, she is living now with less pain, has lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks, is in a smaller size of clothing!  She is just doing great!

Jason has lost 9.5 inches in 3 weeks too!  4.5 most of them off of his midsection!  Woot!  Jan has lost 5 pounds in a week!  Another friend has lost many inches and many pounds!  She is perking along better and better!  I am so thrilled for them… and so many more!  I can’t wait to see where they all are in 3 more weeks! 

I’ve even lost a saggy inch off of each arm!  Yippee!!!  I have added an inch to my bust area and a 1/2 inch to my bum!  Woot!  That is fine with me! 


I am getting Michelle Obama Arms!  WHEEE!!!  I love it!divided by hip if you are over 0.8 you are considered apple shape and the more health risks you will have…  Heart attacks, cancer, stroke etc..

Same message for men, but more dramatic for men the more risk for stroke…   Hmmmmm, well I learned something today.  That is good!

Watching The Dr’s today, I am learning about the waist to hip ratio… Measure right above the bones in your hip for your waist.. then around the thickest part of your rear end..  Waist

Ok, so I fell, I am missing Therapy today, I plan to make it to Massage Therapy tomorrow if I can drive, then to the dentist for a pre crown appointment.. but it depends on how good I feel tomorrow.  I had also planned on going to see Erin today, but she and I both had a hard night, so another day that will happen. 

All things in their time, just not in my time.  So here I sit resting and relaxing.  I am excited about getting back on track.  I am ready to have even more great days at PT! 


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NoThiN’ fANcY

I’ve never said my life was glamorous.  Although it used to be more so than most, getting to dress up on gowns and go on stages to receive awards, speaking and more. 

I still love those things, they are just in my past.  I am finding that I have changed.  I am more opinionated than ever I guess.  Usually understanding folks who come under difficulty, but at the same time furious with those who don’t even try to help themselves.  I also don’t get those who completely focus on themselves, what is best for their bottom line or their family and close circle of friends.

My close friends are so not like that.  They take others into consideration, prior to making decisions.  It has been brought to my attention quite allot to day.

Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday, yet another person I’ve admired for a long time.  Oddly he died of the same cancer that took my mother.  His last TV series on A&E was a gift!  He mentioned in his interview with Barbara Walters that they didn’t have to do what was right in taking a chance that he would live through the taping of the show.  But they did.  They did what was right, instead of what big business usually does.  I admire that!  I understand completely that isn’t always possible, but it is great to see this attitude in action!  If I had “fancy” television I would be watching that channel more!  Woot for A&E!!

I am not sure if I mentioned this before or not, if not, I had intended too, the city in which I live passed a school bond to build on to the existing school as demand has grown for space.  Our city superintendant rocks of course!  But, more than that the future of these young people needs to rock as well!  Unfortunately not all persons agree with this.  The town near where I grew up did not pass theirs.  The margin wasn’t even close. 

A classmate of mine, Nancy, posted tonight on Facebook, “People can spend $$$ on tickets & skyboxes for football & vehicles that are meant for families of 8, but can do nothing but complain about spending tax $ on the future of our children. I don't care if you don't have kids in school ...anymore, these kids will be taking care of us all when we're in a nursing home. Better hope that your nursing home doesn't put you in a janitor's closet to live out your final days...”

I so totally agree!  

There are examples of this all over this world, of the good and of the bad.  Where my hubby works, that city’s citizens are about to get a wake up call!  If what I heard tonight is true.  It just makes me sick!

I have had a good day, most of it at least… 6 hours were spent working off a migraine, I finally about 9pm tonight could start to think again.  The morning was great, I got up after sleeping, got on my Isagenix conference call with Joyce!!  I even felt good enough to contribute to the conversation, which is rare.  I was all dressed and ready to get my MK orders to the post office.   When I had to make the daily choice.. drive while my migraine is starting and pray I can make it home, or take my meds and see if I can be better in a couple of hours so I can drive.

Well, driving with a migraine isn’t the smart choice!  So I rested… Never made it to the post office..  Grrr… tomorrow!  BTW.. thanks MaryBelle, Anne, Christine, Pat, Abby & Kristy YOU gals ROCK!   I love sending you things!! 

My neighborhood oddly enough is filled with people like me.  There are always several people home, whether we feel good enough to want to get out and be social is usually the question.  Many days it is enough for me to just get around here and keep my own self on track.  Although I do love knowing there is always someone home in my neighborhood!  We watch out for each other, that is also nice.  Nothing is perfect of course but, hey, I’ve never been one to ask for perfection. 

I have been asked by a neighbor to make curtains for their windows.  We picked out the fabric today online.  They came over and I guess par for the day… my belt to my pants was undone… forgot to redo that, I had all these projects I am working on scattered all about and the place must have seemed a disaster.  Not to mention I couldn’t do simple math in my head, and was having issues with deciding exactly how many yards were needed for the curtains.  GEESH!  Of course they came over while I was still getting my thoughts back after my migraine.  Oh, well, we got it done, they were patient with me.

I also while looking for food to eat, rearranged some food storage areas.  That felt good!  I have been systematically eating all of the less than healthy things while Jason is gone, and some of the things when he is here.  I do try to have healthier food when he is here.  We don’t buy the bad stuff so much anymore.  Ok some of it, we do.  Mac and Cheese is wonderful.  And Jason doesn’t mind fixing it either! 

That is something that makes me remember my childhood!  Jason grew up with a different (more expensive version) than I did.  I have grown to like them both.  Although these days, we buy the one from my childhood instead of his. 




Feels good to know where things are at!  I’ve learned all about freezer burn these last few years.  Bless Jason’s heart, when he cooks he needs to go to the store get all of the ingredients, come home and make the meal.  Even if it is out of a box.  I am so the exact opposite.  I am a dump cook, I just dump in what ever we have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard. 

IMAGE_051 My latest dump cook creation.  Spaghetti squash, with tomato’s, onion and yellow pepper added.

This was the first time I had a pepper from this plant… OUCH!  Wasn’t expecting the yellow pepper to have such a bite!  Ended up having to pick that one out.  This was made just for me so I didn’t have to ruin Jason’s appetite.

After that pepper was removed, it was a great meal. 

Craigslist has been going pretty well.  I’ve found a backpack for Luka!  $10 I am WILD about it!  It is so similar to the very expensive one that I had my eye on, but could never justify spending the money on!  I feel so lucky!

Speaking of Luka, he’s been quite ill, the food I’ve been trying out with him, seemed to wreck his tummy.  Why is this so difficult?  He has an allergy, something is making him chew his feet till their bloody and he will even chew his pads off.  So he wears socks.  His allergy is year round.  So I would guess it to be the food.  We are now feeding him a mix of Oatmeal, canned salmon, canned pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber and some of the Isagenix shake.  I will be alternating deer meat with the salmon.  His stomach has started doing better on it, but I don’t know about the allergies, it is to soon to tell.  And he is still on medication from the Vet as well.  So if you have zucchini to spare, send it our direction!  My garden hasn’t produced much of it. 

I am thankful we have a very generous friend who gets us a deer every year.  I would hope to have this issue resolved sooner rather than later, but if not, I might see about asking him for two deer to help supplement Luka’s meals.

The highlight of my day was getting to chat with Agi!  She’s back in med school, studying full underway.  So she is quite occupied that and her boyfriend, I think she keeps pretty busy.  She will be a very dedicated Dr. when she is through.  We sure miss our girls!  Have a great day!  (She is probably in class right now, as it is about 13 hours after I spoke with her.) 


IMAGE_073 So this is a project that Jason and I have been working on for a couple of paychecks now.  I am afraid we are still not done.  Next project is operation cookie!  So Kyle and Kyle if you read this your' box will be arriving soon.  I will hopefully have these to Iraq by Christmas!IMAGE_124

Spritz MMMMmmmM!

IMAGE_116 My latest invention…  Luka and Ozzie’s Kitchen Water Bowl!  We still get a couple of drips on the floor, I can fill this up so much better than when it was downstairs.  Luka doesn’t leave me much to go downstairs anyway, so he never got enough water before, I am just sure.  So far Jason hasn’t complained about this arrangement.  Whew!

 IMAGE_066 Sleeping Dogs Lie where I should be sleeping….


IMAGE_067 Where are they…


IMAGE_197 Still on the bed.  Guess I’m going to have some company!  SmileyDancingRed

I did once upon a time think a nice bedroom comforter set was in order…. Now I prefer the quilts, reminds me of my G-ma P.  Nice and homey!  Gotta love our camp quilts!

All snuggled up!

Good Night!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SoMe ReLiEf

Finally tonight I have managed some relief.  My neck finally turned off!  AHHHHhhhhhhhh!   Still a little achy, I am so not pushing it.  I did manage the whole day with no meds.  Lots of ice today!  The migraine subsided with my neck pain, thank goodness.  I don’t think I’d have tried to take any actual pain medication like I did over the weekend to make it through.  All evening last night I had a stomach that felt like it contained glass.  That darvocet and relpax really did a number on my tummy!  OUCH!  If I hadn’t taken it, I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the weekend participating in things.  Since I did take it I wrecked my tummy for a few days.  I can only hope it calms down.  I’ve been pretty careful with my food choices today, that is for sure! 

I had to tell our friends today that we won’t be heading out their direction.  Which really stinks because we always look forward to that.  I just don’t think with all I’ve put my body through that it is something that I could do.  I’ve been pretty ill the past couple of days.  My body feels like it’s been through a grinder.  Was it worth it, I’d say so because I really enjoyed spending time with everyone!  Really enjoyed it! 

I won’t talk about the other stuff that I am dealing with but suffice it to say, it is a good idea for me to stay home and recover.  I

I’d really like to make it to physical therapy tomorrow.  I haven’t these past two days.  I also really need to get back to walking.  Gotta save my bones!  I need to get to the Dr’s office to pick up my Dexascan info and the samples she has left for me to try. 

It is also on my mind to get the house back into shape.  I haven’t been able to spend much time with things  here.  I just seem to spend allot of time in bed here…  grrr. 

But I was out doing things for three days!  That is so worth it!  I am glad about that for sure!  Woot! 

So, I have been thinking more and more seriously about my Isagenix products.  I really love them!  I think others really are too!  I know it takes some time for people to really SEE results, but they do start to feel the difference right away!

I think that is so awesome!  I really want to tell EVERYONE!  We’ll see what I do. 

I just got through looking at pictures of me from my past.  I have never been so thin.  I don’t think I have ever even been considered thin since I was eleven or so.  Not that I was super heavy, but I was always somewhere in between.  I really love where I am at now.  Most anything will look good on me, and I have been enjoying the different styles that I now have in my closet. 

Speaking of my closet.  I am going through it once again, choosing what doesn’t work for me and finding things that do.  I am going to be putting some things out on craigslist and then ebay!  I’ve gotta get that done too!

I guess these are things that I can work on in the next few days.  I need to remember to wear sneakers to therapy now.  I am going to be on the treadmill!  Whoopie!  I would love to share this site with you tonight!  Check it out, you might find your next family member there! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ThE wEeKeNd!

Sleep, is something on my mind today.  Actually that is about all that is on my mind.  I sit here and write this I am watching the show called the Dr’s also.  They have been talking about sleep.  I slept this morning off and on after taking some of the Migranol… I like that stuff, because it usually works…  I hate the stuff because it takes a while, tastes terrible, and I have to squirt it in my nose.  Yuck!  It is one of the latest medications I have been switched to.  It is one that actually will work.  I am grateful for that. 

I’ve been teasing off a migraine all weekend.  I haven’t been able to kick it, but I have been able to keep the build up of pain under some control.  For that I’ve been grateful. 

This weekend was super great for me.  I was determined to go participate in as much as possible, even if I would have been miserable and highly medicated.  Much to Jason’s disagreement I am sure.  This weekend held in store a reunion of a place that both Jason and I used to work.  This meant fun with rarely seen friends, as well as friends that we see often. 

Friday, I was busy but ended well, I rested as much as I could to prepare for Saturday as well.  Saturday came and Jason Luka and I headed out in time for lunch.  We sat with Wendy, Kelvin, Lisa, Larry, and Karl, it was a great lunch except for Jason having to leave in the middle of it to help with a car wreck.  He arrived back several hours later.  Lunch finished, and more friends continued to arrive.  I got to spend some time with Dave, Levi, Morgan and Rosey, we walked over to see the train, and we saw the paddle boats on the way, I sat while the kids climbed all over the train, and we were soon joined by Lisa, Jen and Elizabeth.  We sat and talked for a while, soon Jen and Elizabeth headed off to the craft area, Lisa and Rosey headed off shortly after, and Levi and Morgan had finished with the train, and the rest of us headed over to the craft area as well.  I definitely got my 2 block walk in.  Luka and I plodded along slowly and easily over the grassy terrain.  We did great.  Speaking of trains, he was so excited he was like a freight train all weekend pulling me along for the ride. 

Over at the craft area, Morgan joined Jen and Madie and Elizabeth making tie dye scarves.  Levi, Dave and I made paper, and then we made more paper when Morgan joined us.  Jason showed up and helped hold friend O strings.  It was a great time!  The kids each got some great things to take home.  We walked back up just in time for snow cones!  MMMMMmmm!  I ate mine and got changed for swimming!  Jason drove me to the pool, so I wouldn’t get to tired for the rest of the day.  While I didn’t end up swimming, I had a great time sitting by the pool watching everyone else in the water.  I got there, and the clouds had come rolling in, the water was already quite chilly I knew so getting in didn’t seem to be a good option for me.  Jason, Brent, Jen, Madie, Elizabeth, Dave, Levi, Morgan, Jen, Sue, their kids and a few more were playing in the pool with noodles and splashing around.  I met Krista who’s the cousin of my friend Leslie, while she was life guarding.  She was super great, and Luka and I enjoyed the afternoon watching the people swim in the pool.  I think we were some of the last to leave the pool.  I have been wanting to go swimming all summer.  I got to twice in hotel pools, which was nice.  I wanted to swim outside with friends, I have that to look forward to next year I guess. 

It isn’t that I am a great swimmer, but I just enjoy the floating in the water in the sun.  With friends it would even be more fun.  I am excited also because my therapist has gotten a new therapy pool!  I really can’t wait to try that out.  Right after the accident I attended Senior water aerobics classes.  I couldn’t do all of the things, but I would do what I could.  I miss that.

The rest of the weekend was great too, Supper which wasn’t that great but the company was!  The talent show was a stitch thanks to the Church Lady showing up to MC.  Not to mention all of the talented alumni who performed.  We had a great fireside worship followed by a fun campfire!  Jason had carried me up the hill, we brought my nice chair to sit in and we stayed for most.  I had started to get a chill and needed to go down, before I got to cold.  We hung out with Wendy and Jeremy and Kerin soon arrived as well in the lodge entry. 

It was a great night, we hung out for a while with Brent, Jen, Wendy and Jeremy, and kids.  Everyone else we learned later was staying in a different part of the camp.  They were hanging out in the other building, I needed to go home anyway.  So did others. 







Saturday was a great day!  Bundles of fun with friends.  I took these pictures at the fun campfire on Saturday night.  I was sitting in my seat behind everyone in the fire ring.  I got to see all of the action. 


Here are some other pictures from my week!


At the DentistIMAGE_141


Luka at the dentist with me!



Socks needing repair         Sock to be used for the booties


IMAGE_267 Luka happy with his new booties!

Luka’s booties don’t last long but until we figure out how to control his allergies we will keep his feet covered!  Yes, Luka chews on his feet until they are bloody.  Ouch!  Wish we could afford the allergy test that would give us definitive answers.  But we will keep trying to find what the culprit could be.  He has these allergies year-round.  So sad! 

Sunday’s events included being picked up by Wendy and Kerin attending CampFest and painting faces!  I even got to attend the concert that night!  Woot!  We hung out again at the lodge building where my friends this night were the ONLY ones to be staying there.  Everyone else was in the Hotel.  We had a great time!  Top Secret PLAN was started!  HMMMMmmmMMMMmm?????   Hee Hee!  We have some fun things we are going to do!  I can’t say more, I’ve found out that people are actually reading this and so I can’t spill the beans! 

Another great day!  Boy I was tired when Brent dropped me and my things off at home!  Sleep came so easy! 

Monday brought an adoption for Duke!  His forever family picked him up!









Duke and Luka  hanging out while I make Luka’s booties!

IMAGE_271 Our Room, this is where I spend my time.  These are my new curtains while they are open!  It makes for a nice place to sit I can listen to the birds, and watch the trees wiggle!  This is one of the only places where I am actually comfortable.  I am glad we have such a colorful room!  Other wise I might really get depressed!

  IMAGE_279Ozzie and Jason on his side of the bed!  We used to never allow our guys on the bed.   Since it is hard for me to get on the floor with them, we now invite them up!


                Trying to catch us all in the picture!

Bye Duke, We are all glad that you’ve found your forever family!  Have fun in Iowa!

Blessed each day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

FiX fOuNd!

What did you do when you learned how to dance did you twirl about as in a dream?  What could you say that would make his face gleem and bring the sun out on a cloudy day?  If life were always simple would it be any fun, would the boredom just come in and never leave?

Do you have it all figured, planned and measured?  Do you have your life all put away?  Or is yours all out hanging, for everyone to see, with parts running in and running out?  How should it be, for you and for me, should it all be the same every day? 

When the snow comes a twinkling do you run and hide or do you bundle all up and go play?  Cars are for driving, kids are for growing, and someday is always today!  We take our time as we live on our dime, but someday it all goes away.  Do you sit there and wish or follow your bliss and put your dreams into play?

How do you see it half empty or half full, is there always a better way?  Do you fight fight fight with all of your might or just lay down and think it away?  Times are a changing things aren’t always the same…  count your blessings, live in the moment, and thank the lord God each day.


So today Duke got tested, he didn’t make it.  But he did find his forever home!  So the world is a happy place.  I’ve got more people searching for a dog that will be suitable.  You just have to see enough dogs to find the one that will pass the test.  At least now I know what to look for!  That helps I think!

The rest of today was just, crazy.  It went really well actually.  I was feeling the best I have felt in months this evening!  I have had my hip out.. not out of joint necessarily but one part of it was not in it’s proper place.  It had been causing me pain in so many places, I couldn’t describe where the pain originated. I just knew I hurt. 

My PT helped me figure it out, and then we got it fixed!  I can walk so much easier now!  Thank God!  I hope it stays fixed, because it was hard to put back!

After going to bed about 1am getting up 4 times in the night for eye allergy drops, cleanse drink, bathroom, bathroom…. Wake up at 6:15am, it didn’t make for the best sleep.  Not to mention that I keep waking up with some new ache or pain from sleeping… gotta love that SmileSunglasses , NOT..  At any rate the day went great! 

Tomorrow, is a day I’ve been excited for.  We get to hook up with some great old friends!  We are pretty excited!  We don’t even know exactly who all will be there!  But for sure there is some fun in store! 

Packing List:

Photo Album, Camera, Chair, Good Walking Shoes, Swimming Bag, Mosquito Repellent, Sunscreen, Water Bottles, Luka’s things, Change of clothes, Snacks, Hat, Computer, and Print out of All addresses

Well, I guess that is a good start!  I live on lists!  Tomorrow would be a good day to have had a scooter handy for.  I can only hope for another good day.  I dream of it being one of my great days!

On a worse note… I got the news from the Bone Scan… My bones are now worse than they were a year ago.  Besides not being able to drink milk, I was in bed for so long, and am now just starting to be able to lift something than my own body weight.  I had been adding calcium to my shakes but after 2 bouts of consideration and research.  I discovered I … 1.  need to take more  2.  need to split it up through out the day  3.  may need to also combine it with medication.  Which one, I am not sure, but I really really don’t want to be falling apart at all!…  I had read the dosage wrong on the bottle, so I’ve got it all figured out now!  My goal now is 8 scoops a day of my Isa Calcium, add back to my diet the extra protein, and make sure to get plenty of fiber, and Omega 3’s.

If you are a white girl, if you are lactose intolerant, if you have a family history of Osteoporosis… Or break bones easily, you need to get with the program!  Get checked out!  I am very very young to be having this type of problem.  Kinda freaks me out!

Oh, well, day by day!  I can get better!  You will see me walking every chance I get.  I’ve been getting pretty tired.  But splitting it up seems to help…walk rest walk rest walk… maybe I will stop resting! 

And since winter is on its way, I have gotten a new pair of hiking boots just in time!  I found them on super sale $14 and they are WONDERFUL!  I just love them!  Also found Jason some new socks!  Woot, just in time for winter.  Still need a few more nice ones for his work, but we did good!

We found a tread mill that needs some work on Craigslist, and so I am hoping that when the ice comes out the tread mill will give me a place to keep my feet moving!  I don’t go out on the ice so much.  With my history of falling and other issues it just doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do.  I also learned this week that I HAVE to wear shoes with tread on the bottom… Fell again.  Yeah, Jason, I didn’t tell you that….  SmileyTeeth  I am doing well, have learned my lesson and will put up yet another pair of my cute Brazil shoes.  GRRRRRR!  They were flats and everything.  I hate this!  My shoes are all boring.  Blllaaaaa…   Maybe I’ll start wearing more hats so no one will notice my plain feet.  Girl Smiley

Slow and steady baby!  Keeping things in perspective! 

Congratulations Laura and Don on your newest family member!  You are going to love him!

Hugs to Mary Belle &  Kristy Your MK will soon be on its way!  Yea!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PiCtUrE MaNiA!

Ok so after having my little meltdown today, I am finally feeling much better.  Geesh!  I sure wish I didn’t have to go through that.  I have now had some snuggle time with the boys.  All is much happier in the world! 

I have even downloaded a new program which I am using at this moment to help me with my blog.  We’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck! 

IMAGE_037 The resting duo Ozzie and Luka hanging out with me!

duke 4 Duke 3

Duke who will be temperament tested on Friday, if he passes he will go in to the service dog program to be trained for me.  If he doesn’t he will go to one of many families looking to adopt him.  We just have to wait and see.


IMAGE_694 New Pink Curtains

Before                                  After

The curtains in our bedroom!  They are a big improvement!  They are pretty nifty!  I had a good time making them, which I am glad about because I have quite a few more to make!  We really need real curtains in our house!  I will take pictures with the window open later.

IMAGE_422 These pictures are of Halo,

he was adopted by a lovely family!  We hope to get together sometime!  I just heard he swallowed part of a blanket, and then upchucked…. eeeeww!  Halo ate 2 of our dog beds… we are now using old camp blankets in our crates.  He probably would have ate those too.. Hee Hee!



IMAGE_472 Garden Mania!

Thanks to Gail and Wally for help getting my garden going! 


Cabbage Cucumber

Cabbage  and Cucumber, which I learned are better much smaller.  Our cucumbers are very bitter… so any suggestions??  We’d like to still eat them..  My cabbage ended up going to Carolyn who waters our garden when we leave town for Jason’s extra jobs.   Thanks Carolyn! 


IMAGE_482             Mystery plant.. Have to see what it grows…


IMAGE_489 IMAGE_513 IMAGE_505 Tomato, Onion…??? Maybe Pumpkin, I am guessing… 



Mystery plant with my Pepper Plant, and this is a Pepper Plant that I am not sure if I should even touch… It looks quite hot!  Jason is excited about those! 


Hodgepodge Pot!            Herb pot… they didn’t do so well.


So some of the only flowers that grew out of about 20 Walmart Flower Seed Packets.  GRRRRRRR!!!!!!  What am I to do! 

I am getting one sunflower out of an entire pack!  I will share that later.  I’ve never grown sunflower seeds before!  Woot! 

Ok, so if you haven’t noticed, I am loving my new Free Downloaded Program!  This is much much better!  Look forward to more pictures!  I am getting these things figured out!  Woo Hoo!

I am feeling much better now!  This is what I needed!  Jason calls every night before midnight usually, just to check in.  He is so sweet!  He’s had one busy week… that is about to get even more busy!  He’s my rock!