Thursday, September 3, 2009

PiCtUrE MaNiA!

Ok so after having my little meltdown today, I am finally feeling much better.  Geesh!  I sure wish I didn’t have to go through that.  I have now had some snuggle time with the boys.  All is much happier in the world! 

I have even downloaded a new program which I am using at this moment to help me with my blog.  We’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck! 

IMAGE_037 The resting duo Ozzie and Luka hanging out with me!

duke 4 Duke 3

Duke who will be temperament tested on Friday, if he passes he will go in to the service dog program to be trained for me.  If he doesn’t he will go to one of many families looking to adopt him.  We just have to wait and see.


IMAGE_694 New Pink Curtains

Before                                  After

The curtains in our bedroom!  They are a big improvement!  They are pretty nifty!  I had a good time making them, which I am glad about because I have quite a few more to make!  We really need real curtains in our house!  I will take pictures with the window open later.

IMAGE_422 These pictures are of Halo,

he was adopted by a lovely family!  We hope to get together sometime!  I just heard he swallowed part of a blanket, and then upchucked…. eeeeww!  Halo ate 2 of our dog beds… we are now using old camp blankets in our crates.  He probably would have ate those too.. Hee Hee!



IMAGE_472 Garden Mania!

Thanks to Gail and Wally for help getting my garden going! 


Cabbage Cucumber

Cabbage  and Cucumber, which I learned are better much smaller.  Our cucumbers are very bitter… so any suggestions??  We’d like to still eat them..  My cabbage ended up going to Carolyn who waters our garden when we leave town for Jason’s extra jobs.   Thanks Carolyn! 


IMAGE_482             Mystery plant.. Have to see what it grows…


IMAGE_489 IMAGE_513 IMAGE_505 Tomato, Onion…??? Maybe Pumpkin, I am guessing… 



Mystery plant with my Pepper Plant, and this is a Pepper Plant that I am not sure if I should even touch… It looks quite hot!  Jason is excited about those! 


Hodgepodge Pot!            Herb pot… they didn’t do so well.


So some of the only flowers that grew out of about 20 Walmart Flower Seed Packets.  GRRRRRRR!!!!!!  What am I to do! 

I am getting one sunflower out of an entire pack!  I will share that later.  I’ve never grown sunflower seeds before!  Woot! 

Ok, so if you haven’t noticed, I am loving my new Free Downloaded Program!  This is much much better!  Look forward to more pictures!  I am getting these things figured out!  Woo Hoo!

I am feeling much better now!  This is what I needed!  Jason calls every night before midnight usually, just to check in.  He is so sweet!  He’s had one busy week… that is about to get even more busy!  He’s my rock! 


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