Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PhOtOgRaPhIc HoDgE pOdGe!

Where I live most days! In our bed propped up by pillows I've spent the majority of the last 5 years here! Only place to really get my body to calm down except on the massage table. I am so thankful for my laptop! And thanks to Wally for fixing it a while ago!

Shelby Luka

On our way out west!

Luka and I in the garden.

Gardening hands doesn't show my knees but yikes, I got so dirt covered! Thank goodness for Luka! He's the best helper ever!! Besides Jason of course!

Salmon starting out! Tomatos and Basil from my garden! Oh, Pepper's too!

The cooking process I had to lift it up so the salmon skin wouldn't be slimy... That is so icky!

I took all of the juice from the pan to use with....

The spaghetti!! MMMMmmmMMM Lemony Tomatoey Spaghetti!!

Salmon all ready to eat! It turned out really good! Healthy and Everything!

So Jason has been talking about alternative energy for a long time now. I always have been into this kind of stuff, things like houses made from straw, and the unique methods of energy saving construction, raising alternative livestock, going all natural for farmlands... ( growing up on the farm, my ideas never sat well with my father, I just learned to keep my enthusiasm for myself) I was always excited about the alternatives, not the norm.

This was a meal that I made with things from my garden. I'd share what is in it with you but my photography skills leave a lot to be desired.

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