Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NoThiN’ fANcY

I’ve never said my life was glamorous.  Although it used to be more so than most, getting to dress up on gowns and go on stages to receive awards, speaking and more. 

I still love those things, they are just in my past.  I am finding that I have changed.  I am more opinionated than ever I guess.  Usually understanding folks who come under difficulty, but at the same time furious with those who don’t even try to help themselves.  I also don’t get those who completely focus on themselves, what is best for their bottom line or their family and close circle of friends.

My close friends are so not like that.  They take others into consideration, prior to making decisions.  It has been brought to my attention quite allot to day.

Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday, yet another person I’ve admired for a long time.  Oddly he died of the same cancer that took my mother.  His last TV series on A&E was a gift!  He mentioned in his interview with Barbara Walters that they didn’t have to do what was right in taking a chance that he would live through the taping of the show.  But they did.  They did what was right, instead of what big business usually does.  I admire that!  I understand completely that isn’t always possible, but it is great to see this attitude in action!  If I had “fancy” television I would be watching that channel more!  Woot for A&E!!

I am not sure if I mentioned this before or not, if not, I had intended too, the city in which I live passed a school bond to build on to the existing school as demand has grown for space.  Our city superintendant rocks of course!  But, more than that the future of these young people needs to rock as well!  Unfortunately not all persons agree with this.  The town near where I grew up did not pass theirs.  The margin wasn’t even close. 

A classmate of mine, Nancy, posted tonight on Facebook, “People can spend $$$ on tickets & skyboxes for football & vehicles that are meant for families of 8, but can do nothing but complain about spending tax $ on the future of our children. I don't care if you don't have kids in school ...anymore, these kids will be taking care of us all when we're in a nursing home. Better hope that your nursing home doesn't put you in a janitor's closet to live out your final days...”

I so totally agree!  

There are examples of this all over this world, of the good and of the bad.  Where my hubby works, that city’s citizens are about to get a wake up call!  If what I heard tonight is true.  It just makes me sick!

I have had a good day, most of it at least… 6 hours were spent working off a migraine, I finally about 9pm tonight could start to think again.  The morning was great, I got up after sleeping, got on my Isagenix conference call with Joyce!!  I even felt good enough to contribute to the conversation, which is rare.  I was all dressed and ready to get my MK orders to the post office.   When I had to make the daily choice.. drive while my migraine is starting and pray I can make it home, or take my meds and see if I can be better in a couple of hours so I can drive.

Well, driving with a migraine isn’t the smart choice!  So I rested… Never made it to the post office..  Grrr… tomorrow!  BTW.. thanks MaryBelle, Anne, Christine, Pat, Abby & Kristy YOU gals ROCK!   I love sending you things!! 

My neighborhood oddly enough is filled with people like me.  There are always several people home, whether we feel good enough to want to get out and be social is usually the question.  Many days it is enough for me to just get around here and keep my own self on track.  Although I do love knowing there is always someone home in my neighborhood!  We watch out for each other, that is also nice.  Nothing is perfect of course but, hey, I’ve never been one to ask for perfection. 

I have been asked by a neighbor to make curtains for their windows.  We picked out the fabric today online.  They came over and I guess par for the day… my belt to my pants was undone… forgot to redo that, I had all these projects I am working on scattered all about and the place must have seemed a disaster.  Not to mention I couldn’t do simple math in my head, and was having issues with deciding exactly how many yards were needed for the curtains.  GEESH!  Of course they came over while I was still getting my thoughts back after my migraine.  Oh, well, we got it done, they were patient with me.

I also while looking for food to eat, rearranged some food storage areas.  That felt good!  I have been systematically eating all of the less than healthy things while Jason is gone, and some of the things when he is here.  I do try to have healthier food when he is here.  We don’t buy the bad stuff so much anymore.  Ok some of it, we do.  Mac and Cheese is wonderful.  And Jason doesn’t mind fixing it either! 

That is something that makes me remember my childhood!  Jason grew up with a different (more expensive version) than I did.  I have grown to like them both.  Although these days, we buy the one from my childhood instead of his. 




Feels good to know where things are at!  I’ve learned all about freezer burn these last few years.  Bless Jason’s heart, when he cooks he needs to go to the store get all of the ingredients, come home and make the meal.  Even if it is out of a box.  I am so the exact opposite.  I am a dump cook, I just dump in what ever we have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard. 

IMAGE_051 My latest dump cook creation.  Spaghetti squash, with tomato’s, onion and yellow pepper added.

This was the first time I had a pepper from this plant… OUCH!  Wasn’t expecting the yellow pepper to have such a bite!  Ended up having to pick that one out.  This was made just for me so I didn’t have to ruin Jason’s appetite.

After that pepper was removed, it was a great meal. 

Craigslist has been going pretty well.  I’ve found a backpack for Luka!  $10 I am WILD about it!  It is so similar to the very expensive one that I had my eye on, but could never justify spending the money on!  I feel so lucky!

Speaking of Luka, he’s been quite ill, the food I’ve been trying out with him, seemed to wreck his tummy.  Why is this so difficult?  He has an allergy, something is making him chew his feet till their bloody and he will even chew his pads off.  So he wears socks.  His allergy is year round.  So I would guess it to be the food.  We are now feeding him a mix of Oatmeal, canned salmon, canned pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber and some of the Isagenix shake.  I will be alternating deer meat with the salmon.  His stomach has started doing better on it, but I don’t know about the allergies, it is to soon to tell.  And he is still on medication from the Vet as well.  So if you have zucchini to spare, send it our direction!  My garden hasn’t produced much of it. 

I am thankful we have a very generous friend who gets us a deer every year.  I would hope to have this issue resolved sooner rather than later, but if not, I might see about asking him for two deer to help supplement Luka’s meals.

The highlight of my day was getting to chat with Agi!  She’s back in med school, studying full underway.  So she is quite occupied that and her boyfriend, I think she keeps pretty busy.  She will be a very dedicated Dr. when she is through.  We sure miss our girls!  Have a great day!  (She is probably in class right now, as it is about 13 hours after I spoke with her.) 


IMAGE_073 So this is a project that Jason and I have been working on for a couple of paychecks now.  I am afraid we are still not done.  Next project is operation cookie!  So Kyle and Kyle if you read this your' box will be arriving soon.  I will hopefully have these to Iraq by Christmas!IMAGE_124

Spritz MMMMmmmM!

IMAGE_116 My latest invention…  Luka and Ozzie’s Kitchen Water Bowl!  We still get a couple of drips on the floor, I can fill this up so much better than when it was downstairs.  Luka doesn’t leave me much to go downstairs anyway, so he never got enough water before, I am just sure.  So far Jason hasn’t complained about this arrangement.  Whew!

 IMAGE_066 Sleeping Dogs Lie where I should be sleeping….


IMAGE_067 Where are they…


IMAGE_197 Still on the bed.  Guess I’m going to have some company!  SmileyDancingRed

I did once upon a time think a nice bedroom comforter set was in order…. Now I prefer the quilts, reminds me of my G-ma P.  Nice and homey!  Gotta love our camp quilts!

All snuggled up!

Good Night!

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