Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ThE wEeKeNd!

Sleep, is something on my mind today.  Actually that is about all that is on my mind.  I sit here and write this I am watching the show called the Dr’s also.  They have been talking about sleep.  I slept this morning off and on after taking some of the Migranol… I like that stuff, because it usually works…  I hate the stuff because it takes a while, tastes terrible, and I have to squirt it in my nose.  Yuck!  It is one of the latest medications I have been switched to.  It is one that actually will work.  I am grateful for that. 

I’ve been teasing off a migraine all weekend.  I haven’t been able to kick it, but I have been able to keep the build up of pain under some control.  For that I’ve been grateful. 

This weekend was super great for me.  I was determined to go participate in as much as possible, even if I would have been miserable and highly medicated.  Much to Jason’s disagreement I am sure.  This weekend held in store a reunion of a place that both Jason and I used to work.  This meant fun with rarely seen friends, as well as friends that we see often. 

Friday, I was busy but ended well, I rested as much as I could to prepare for Saturday as well.  Saturday came and Jason Luka and I headed out in time for lunch.  We sat with Wendy, Kelvin, Lisa, Larry, and Karl, it was a great lunch except for Jason having to leave in the middle of it to help with a car wreck.  He arrived back several hours later.  Lunch finished, and more friends continued to arrive.  I got to spend some time with Dave, Levi, Morgan and Rosey, we walked over to see the train, and we saw the paddle boats on the way, I sat while the kids climbed all over the train, and we were soon joined by Lisa, Jen and Elizabeth.  We sat and talked for a while, soon Jen and Elizabeth headed off to the craft area, Lisa and Rosey headed off shortly after, and Levi and Morgan had finished with the train, and the rest of us headed over to the craft area as well.  I definitely got my 2 block walk in.  Luka and I plodded along slowly and easily over the grassy terrain.  We did great.  Speaking of trains, he was so excited he was like a freight train all weekend pulling me along for the ride. 

Over at the craft area, Morgan joined Jen and Madie and Elizabeth making tie dye scarves.  Levi, Dave and I made paper, and then we made more paper when Morgan joined us.  Jason showed up and helped hold friend O strings.  It was a great time!  The kids each got some great things to take home.  We walked back up just in time for snow cones!  MMMMMmmm!  I ate mine and got changed for swimming!  Jason drove me to the pool, so I wouldn’t get to tired for the rest of the day.  While I didn’t end up swimming, I had a great time sitting by the pool watching everyone else in the water.  I got there, and the clouds had come rolling in, the water was already quite chilly I knew so getting in didn’t seem to be a good option for me.  Jason, Brent, Jen, Madie, Elizabeth, Dave, Levi, Morgan, Jen, Sue, their kids and a few more were playing in the pool with noodles and splashing around.  I met Krista who’s the cousin of my friend Leslie, while she was life guarding.  She was super great, and Luka and I enjoyed the afternoon watching the people swim in the pool.  I think we were some of the last to leave the pool.  I have been wanting to go swimming all summer.  I got to twice in hotel pools, which was nice.  I wanted to swim outside with friends, I have that to look forward to next year I guess. 

It isn’t that I am a great swimmer, but I just enjoy the floating in the water in the sun.  With friends it would even be more fun.  I am excited also because my therapist has gotten a new therapy pool!  I really can’t wait to try that out.  Right after the accident I attended Senior water aerobics classes.  I couldn’t do all of the things, but I would do what I could.  I miss that.

The rest of the weekend was great too, Supper which wasn’t that great but the company was!  The talent show was a stitch thanks to the Church Lady showing up to MC.  Not to mention all of the talented alumni who performed.  We had a great fireside worship followed by a fun campfire!  Jason had carried me up the hill, we brought my nice chair to sit in and we stayed for most.  I had started to get a chill and needed to go down, before I got to cold.  We hung out with Wendy and Jeremy and Kerin soon arrived as well in the lodge entry. 

It was a great night, we hung out for a while with Brent, Jen, Wendy and Jeremy, and kids.  Everyone else we learned later was staying in a different part of the camp.  They were hanging out in the other building, I needed to go home anyway.  So did others. 







Saturday was a great day!  Bundles of fun with friends.  I took these pictures at the fun campfire on Saturday night.  I was sitting in my seat behind everyone in the fire ring.  I got to see all of the action. 


Here are some other pictures from my week!


At the DentistIMAGE_141


Luka at the dentist with me!



Socks needing repair         Sock to be used for the booties


IMAGE_267 Luka happy with his new booties!

Luka’s booties don’t last long but until we figure out how to control his allergies we will keep his feet covered!  Yes, Luka chews on his feet until they are bloody.  Ouch!  Wish we could afford the allergy test that would give us definitive answers.  But we will keep trying to find what the culprit could be.  He has these allergies year-round.  So sad! 

Sunday’s events included being picked up by Wendy and Kerin attending CampFest and painting faces!  I even got to attend the concert that night!  Woot!  We hung out again at the lodge building where my friends this night were the ONLY ones to be staying there.  Everyone else was in the Hotel.  We had a great time!  Top Secret PLAN was started!  HMMMMmmmMMMMmm?????   Hee Hee!  We have some fun things we are going to do!  I can’t say more, I’ve found out that people are actually reading this and so I can’t spill the beans! 

Another great day!  Boy I was tired when Brent dropped me and my things off at home!  Sleep came so easy! 

Monday brought an adoption for Duke!  His forever family picked him up!









Duke and Luka  hanging out while I make Luka’s booties!

IMAGE_271 Our Room, this is where I spend my time.  These are my new curtains while they are open!  It makes for a nice place to sit I can listen to the birds, and watch the trees wiggle!  This is one of the only places where I am actually comfortable.  I am glad we have such a colorful room!  Other wise I might really get depressed!

  IMAGE_279Ozzie and Jason on his side of the bed!  We used to never allow our guys on the bed.   Since it is hard for me to get on the floor with them, we now invite them up!


                Trying to catch us all in the picture!

Bye Duke, We are all glad that you’ve found your forever family!  Have fun in Iowa!

Blessed each day!

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