Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BuSy bUsY LoTs tO dO!

Thankful today for Oprah and Dr. Oz!

Rough Day! I am not feeling sorry for myself or anything, I am not in that place at all. I am always about doing all that I can. I have reciently had more frustrations from unusual places and I am finding that harder to deal with. But I will prevail.

In watching the Oprah Show today. I loved it. It featured Michael J. Fox and others. It spoke to how they deal with their health issues. It spoke to how others percieve them, how they react to them and how they deal with it. Things I have struggled with and still do. It seems to me that the general public is just uneducated. It also seems that in many cases the more education they have recieved the less accepting they are of others that are different. The more fear it causes them and the more they overreact. ( in many cases I've been around anyway)

I really like being around really smart people, lots of my friends are very smart and very educated. Of course they are also forward thinking open mind people, at least in most cases. Otherwise they probably would have been my friends for so long. I really do like most everyone, while I don't have to agree, I can for the most part, understand both sides.

The show just put a spotlight on the issue. I am grateful for that. Which hopefully means those that saw it will take notice, and be a little more knowlegeable. Check it out! LINK: Oprah

I am excited about so many things. I have been able to help so me very deserving people, and give some great people some direction and hopefully some clarity. It feels good to be able to have a skill or an understanding of something that can help someone else. Woot! Jason was able to do alot of helping me today as well, which I am grateful for. I've felt crappy for a while again, another front is heading through he just informed me.. after I've been feeling nasty for 24 hours already, he said it should have already been here, but wasn't coming now til tomorrow. AHHHGGGG!

I am doing better at least I can tolerate the light and I can lift myself up now! Woot! So here I sit, typing away!.. I've been meaning to do this anyhow.

We got a two person bycicle, I sold my bike and we got a used two people bike. The last time I rode my bike was the day before my car accident over 5 years ago. Time to sell it, and stop looking at it wishing I could ride it. Jason had the idea of a two people bike we found one for cheap on Craigslist! Woot! So the other day I was able to go for a ride! That's pretty much what it was. My job is to keep my butt on the seat, keep my feet on the peddles, and sit up as streight as possible to stop the pain from creeping in to quick. I've been on it two times so far. I hope I can do it again! I loved it. Jason does the work! Thanks to him, I can ride a bike again!

We've had three dogs in and out... This one is Bella snuggled with Luka
We currently have Duke. Friday we will get him checked out to see if he will pass the test to begin training for my next service dog. Fingers crossed, he is a lovely dog. However, if he doesn't he will find a different home in another Forever Family! I am already starting to raise money for my training with him. YIKES I am worried about it for sure, we haven't even been able to put up our deck we've been dreaming of so we have a front entry way on our house. But, where there is a will there is a way!

My little clothing opperation is the key. I've already got some great new clothes donated, and more are on their way. I now just need to connect with some people looking for some great new things to wear! At $2-$4 they are thrift store prices, but all fixed up and clean! I've got sizes so far from 00 to 29 for women and teens, and some things in Large and XL and XXL for men.

I am also going to start a Mary Kay Sale today, I am just working out the details of that as well! It is to celebrate my turning 40 this year! I have decided that I'm wanting to do something I've never done before, and something that my loyal wonderful clients would love as well! So watch for an email from me! Woot! I am actually excited about turning 40 this year! I have been ever since I heard Mary Kay Ash say " I am thirty-through!" when asked about her age! I love it! That's what you'll hear out of my mouth too!

My Isagenix is going great as well, I am loving it of course! I can't keep as much instock for ourselves as I would like, but, Jason is seeing results! I will post them in a couple of weeks! And so are those on my team! Fitting into clothes you'd out grown, sleeping better, having more energy!!! Woot! I am so excited for them! More and more people are asking me about it and getting started. My own health results, amazed me! I had gotten blood work done last year before I started, it was a bit concerning, I had several issues I needed to adjust my vitamin intake as well as my food intake according to the results and my Dr. The kicker was my bones breaking and the scan coming back that I needed to address my calcium, vitamin D, and protien immediately! Thus the journey on Isagenix was begun for me.

The results are all not in yet, but the ones I do have are hugely favorable! I have no bad results in my blood work! Not even in my cholesteral! And with all of the medicaitions I have taken over the past 5 years! I am thrilled out of my gourd! Hee Hee! I have done the scan to see about my bones, and I am waiting for the results. I know that will be a longer journey, but am hoping it isn't worse! XXXXXX fingers! Staving it off at the pass is my goal, of course fixing it would be my ultimate goal!

Other people have had great success with their blood work after being on the health and nutrition program, and so I guess I am in good company! I can't wait to see what Jason's are. His latest set is improved from last year thank goodness!, but I can't wait to see what they are in a year!

Hey, I wanted to also toss out there, that if you are looking for a job and you are needing an updated resume, let me know. I am no "expert" but I am good at them. Then you can take it to an expert and have it proofed. I would be happy to help, I am FREE, I just want to do something to help my friends and family stay employeed!

One thing I've been working on is happening this weekend, our alumni reunion! Woot! Jason and I will be attending. While there is certainly more work to be done, as many alums are missing, but I am hopefull that this weekend will be a start to getting more people on board looking for folks!

It should be a really great event! My plan is to spend my time swimming, and doing crafts. Jason mentioned geocaching, and the ropes courses as well. I won't be doing those, but maybe he will take me out in a boat! Tons of our friends will be there also! We can't wait! If you are a facebook friend of mine, I posted an event for everyone to attend on Sunday! Come on out! It will be GREAT! The more the merrier! The concert will be incredible as well!

I am excited about quite a few things as you can see! Jason is working as much as possible! We've got some uncertainty in our future as well. What's new? Just more adapting! We are making a plan and doing our best to stay ahead of the changes or at least be prepaired.

Well, the energy I had when I started to write is disapating, I need to go get some more food! This girl is hungry! Can't wait to long or the pain gets to strong... so gotta go! Tchau for now! If I can my plan is to hop back on and add some pictures I've been taking into previous posts... I've gotta get this figured out! BTW, My hand is healed, I am not sure if I will post those pictures or not.. Kinda gross...

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