Thursday, September 17, 2009

BuMmEd… BuM.

Frustration rears it’s ugly head at our house yet again.  I’ve been doing great, best two days of PT so far in 5 years.  Yesterday I fell again.

Will it ever end?  I sit here today not as sore as I thought I would be, but with my body all bugned up none the less.  I was so happy yesterday, while the week has had its share of normal frustrations, I can’t seem to do all that I want need or feel that I should be able to do or get done.

My mind works overtime, planning out how to do things with the least amount of energy, or with the best use of time.  These Days Jason is only home for about 5 waking hours.  If I have something that I need help with I have to cram it in to a couple of hours, because he does need a few hours for himself to get his own things done, or just rest and relax before getting some sleep and doing it all again for another 36 + hours.

When I fell yesterday, it was about the time Jason would be finishing up at his teaching assignment.  Sitting there, not sure if I should move or not, not sure if I could move or not, the frustration and fear crept in.  In calling my Dr’s office, I was urged to go in and get checked out.  So they called the Ambulance.. Geesh, Oh well.  Since I have a hard time telling what is wrong with my body, or how serious my injuries might be or not be extra precautions need to be taken….

So in I went.  NO Broken Bones!  Yea!  Happy about that for sure!  Very lucky since I landed on cement.

I am so frustrated.  My house isn’t set up safely for me.  The stairs out in the garage, the only way in and out of the house, are not the best choice, as I seem to have fallen more here than anywhere else.  For a variety of reasons.

There are not two handles to use to go down the 4 steps.  The screen door always slams back into me as I go out unless I hold it or brace it open.  I get hooked on the handle all of the time, and the stairs handle that I do have I get hooked on that also..  The landing is too small to move around on and it has that fake carpet on it, which adds to the slickness I suppose of it as well. 

Jason is frustrated too.  He’s going to take off the screen door, and build another rail when we get some money.  But really a whole new stair situation is probably the real key.

They guys who picked me up on the ambulance said I needed a lift.  Lift smift, that will never happen way to much money. 

My insurance won’t cover anything like that, so far as I can tell.  If I wasn’t married, I would be eligible for so much help, but since I am married, there is nothing available as far as help goes.  If I am to get help, I guess I will also have to have a divorce. 

This country’s health care is so screwed up!  For all of the so called CHRISTIAN values people seem to be touting these days… They seem to be very selective in how they perceive reality. 

In fact something else that pisses me off lately as well, is the fact that some insurance companies are calling abused women, as having a pre existing condition, and they won’t cover care for them if they need medical attention. 

Just lovely, I think that is a crime!  If independent businesses would do the right thing, as opposed to only the right thing for bottom line.  I think it is a crime all in its self.

Oh well, I am just a non wealthy, non influential, blonde, female.  I know nothing, I have no real value, and I certainly should not be listened to about “important matters”.  I’d like to tell all those people where to stick it.

I know so many people with disabilities or medical issues, that are divorced, never married, or are thinking about divorce just because of the help that is available if you aren’t.  I guess Jason and I are going to be facing that too if things keep up the way they are.

He can’t possibly work any more hours.  And when he is working these hours, there is no one to take me to Dr.s appointments if I can’t take myself.  I don’t know what the answer is.  But if I were divorced, I could get help with those things. 

The fall this time, has left me pretty bunged up, but I am actually doing much better than I had anticipated.  I am not taking the muscle relaxers I am resting quite allot!  I didn’t take any pain meds.  My stomach isn’t good for that, and I am doing alright with out them.  Get more tired but all in all I’d rather not take them. 

I am taking quite allot of vitamin and mineral supplements, I have increased these amounts.  I think that is actually helping.  So glad about that. 

My neighbor, has taken all of my things to the post office for me today.  Yippee!!! Yea Ruth! 

Speaking of her, she is just an angel all her own!  She is a great blessing to so many people!  She is also receiving blessings from Isagenix, she is living now with less pain, has lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks, is in a smaller size of clothing!  She is just doing great!

Jason has lost 9.5 inches in 3 weeks too!  4.5 most of them off of his midsection!  Woot!  Jan has lost 5 pounds in a week!  Another friend has lost many inches and many pounds!  She is perking along better and better!  I am so thrilled for them… and so many more!  I can’t wait to see where they all are in 3 more weeks! 

I’ve even lost a saggy inch off of each arm!  Yippee!!!  I have added an inch to my bust area and a 1/2 inch to my bum!  Woot!  That is fine with me! 


I am getting Michelle Obama Arms!  WHEEE!!!  I love it!divided by hip if you are over 0.8 you are considered apple shape and the more health risks you will have…  Heart attacks, cancer, stroke etc..

Same message for men, but more dramatic for men the more risk for stroke…   Hmmmmm, well I learned something today.  That is good!

Watching The Dr’s today, I am learning about the waist to hip ratio… Measure right above the bones in your hip for your waist.. then around the thickest part of your rear end..  Waist

Ok, so I fell, I am missing Therapy today, I plan to make it to Massage Therapy tomorrow if I can drive, then to the dentist for a pre crown appointment.. but it depends on how good I feel tomorrow.  I had also planned on going to see Erin today, but she and I both had a hard night, so another day that will happen. 

All things in their time, just not in my time.  So here I sit resting and relaxing.  I am excited about getting back on track.  I am ready to have even more great days at PT! 


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