Friday, September 4, 2009

FiX fOuNd!

What did you do when you learned how to dance did you twirl about as in a dream?  What could you say that would make his face gleem and bring the sun out on a cloudy day?  If life were always simple would it be any fun, would the boredom just come in and never leave?

Do you have it all figured, planned and measured?  Do you have your life all put away?  Or is yours all out hanging, for everyone to see, with parts running in and running out?  How should it be, for you and for me, should it all be the same every day? 

When the snow comes a twinkling do you run and hide or do you bundle all up and go play?  Cars are for driving, kids are for growing, and someday is always today!  We take our time as we live on our dime, but someday it all goes away.  Do you sit there and wish or follow your bliss and put your dreams into play?

How do you see it half empty or half full, is there always a better way?  Do you fight fight fight with all of your might or just lay down and think it away?  Times are a changing things aren’t always the same…  count your blessings, live in the moment, and thank the lord God each day.


So today Duke got tested, he didn’t make it.  But he did find his forever home!  So the world is a happy place.  I’ve got more people searching for a dog that will be suitable.  You just have to see enough dogs to find the one that will pass the test.  At least now I know what to look for!  That helps I think!

The rest of today was just, crazy.  It went really well actually.  I was feeling the best I have felt in months this evening!  I have had my hip out.. not out of joint necessarily but one part of it was not in it’s proper place.  It had been causing me pain in so many places, I couldn’t describe where the pain originated. I just knew I hurt. 

My PT helped me figure it out, and then we got it fixed!  I can walk so much easier now!  Thank God!  I hope it stays fixed, because it was hard to put back!

After going to bed about 1am getting up 4 times in the night for eye allergy drops, cleanse drink, bathroom, bathroom…. Wake up at 6:15am, it didn’t make for the best sleep.  Not to mention that I keep waking up with some new ache or pain from sleeping… gotta love that SmileSunglasses , NOT..  At any rate the day went great! 

Tomorrow, is a day I’ve been excited for.  We get to hook up with some great old friends!  We are pretty excited!  We don’t even know exactly who all will be there!  But for sure there is some fun in store! 

Packing List:

Photo Album, Camera, Chair, Good Walking Shoes, Swimming Bag, Mosquito Repellent, Sunscreen, Water Bottles, Luka’s things, Change of clothes, Snacks, Hat, Computer, and Print out of All addresses

Well, I guess that is a good start!  I live on lists!  Tomorrow would be a good day to have had a scooter handy for.  I can only hope for another good day.  I dream of it being one of my great days!

On a worse note… I got the news from the Bone Scan… My bones are now worse than they were a year ago.  Besides not being able to drink milk, I was in bed for so long, and am now just starting to be able to lift something than my own body weight.  I had been adding calcium to my shakes but after 2 bouts of consideration and research.  I discovered I … 1.  need to take more  2.  need to split it up through out the day  3.  may need to also combine it with medication.  Which one, I am not sure, but I really really don’t want to be falling apart at all!…  I had read the dosage wrong on the bottle, so I’ve got it all figured out now!  My goal now is 8 scoops a day of my Isa Calcium, add back to my diet the extra protein, and make sure to get plenty of fiber, and Omega 3’s.

If you are a white girl, if you are lactose intolerant, if you have a family history of Osteoporosis… Or break bones easily, you need to get with the program!  Get checked out!  I am very very young to be having this type of problem.  Kinda freaks me out!

Oh, well, day by day!  I can get better!  You will see me walking every chance I get.  I’ve been getting pretty tired.  But splitting it up seems to help…walk rest walk rest walk… maybe I will stop resting! 

And since winter is on its way, I have gotten a new pair of hiking boots just in time!  I found them on super sale $14 and they are WONDERFUL!  I just love them!  Also found Jason some new socks!  Woot, just in time for winter.  Still need a few more nice ones for his work, but we did good!

We found a tread mill that needs some work on Craigslist, and so I am hoping that when the ice comes out the tread mill will give me a place to keep my feet moving!  I don’t go out on the ice so much.  With my history of falling and other issues it just doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do.  I also learned this week that I HAVE to wear shoes with tread on the bottom… Fell again.  Yeah, Jason, I didn’t tell you that….  SmileyTeeth  I am doing well, have learned my lesson and will put up yet another pair of my cute Brazil shoes.  GRRRRRR!  They were flats and everything.  I hate this!  My shoes are all boring.  Blllaaaaa…   Maybe I’ll start wearing more hats so no one will notice my plain feet.  Girl Smiley

Slow and steady baby!  Keeping things in perspective! 

Congratulations Laura and Don on your newest family member!  You are going to love him!

Hugs to Mary Belle &  Kristy Your MK will soon be on its way!  Yea!

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