Sunday, September 27, 2009

SiMpLe pOsT

So I just found another great blog! I love, I mean really love finding great new blogs for me to explore. It really helps me feel like I am connecting with people when all I am able to do some days is read blogs and check out facebook. So here is a really cool artist check out her blog!

The link here will take you to her give away page that is going on right now:

GinaLeeKim Cool Blog!

I found her blog through another I follow:

Kelly at Happy Shack!

I will leave this post at that as my day wasn’t that memorable as I needed to sleep most of it and my night is going horribly… I will keep that to myself. I just need something to go right, we really just need something to go right. It is getting so hard.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding my way through the trees.

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