Sunday, September 20, 2009

MiRiCLe DaY….

My mini Miricle day, today.  I was able to clean the house!  Don’t know that’s what I should have been doing, but it is driving me nUTZZZZZZZZZZZ   My friend B and two twin toddlers came over, my dad is staying over… … The house was dirty dusty and has been a wreck for way to long for any person to handle… Ok, for me to handle… funny I am sure for those of you who grew up with me…

But when you look at these things day in and out pretty soon things start to drive you wonkey!  I had the energy today, don’t know why because I couldn’t sleep last night, and here I sit again tonight wide awake typing this… 

I was up at 3 and sewing for something to do, I hand repaired a pair of work out pants.  That took until about 6 am when Jason left for work.  I then went back and slept til 8… got up and started cleaning things.  I really didn’t plan on going cleaning crazy, but as I finished one thing I would then start another.  My friend arrived with her twins… I felt good.  They could play, and she didn’t chase them around cleaning them up.  Whew!  We could actually have a conversation!  Not much of one mind you toddlers are a hand full, and twins in a non child home.. well you get the picture.

After they  went home, I watched the rest of the game… not that it turned out the way all of us here wanted it to. But hey.  I relaxed.  Then I couldn’t take it anymore.  My room was the worst of them all, clothes piled, dog hair, unorganized yuck!…  It is so much better now. 

Lately I have also discovered that I am allergic to something.  What I am not sure… I thought that by getting things cleaner that would help.. But I didn’t do the fan, the windows are still open, the dust on the top of everything is still there, and I am sure the sheets on our bed could use washing.. not to mention everything else I didn’t get done… but hey!  I had a REALLY GREAT DAY!   I got some thing done!  WOOT!

My dad whom I see rarely, hopefully won’t be miserable while staying here either.  I say that because he is also allergic to things as well. 

I have a feeling in the future that won’t be happening much either.. I think I am a downer.  

Life is so weird.…

Well, someday, I hope this is all resolved in a better way than it is now.  I am working toward that anyway.  Looking for more Miracle Days for me!  I’ve got lots I want to do.. and to my therapist.. sorry I broke the rules, but as I am married and my hubby has only been home minimal amounts of time…. someone has to do these things, because it isn’t healthy either! 

Oh, I am getting sleepy… Now if Only I could breathe…

blessings and hopefully some zzzzzzzzz’s!

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