Saturday, July 31, 2010

DaY OfF ~ bLoG cArNiVaL...

Hi all.. 

I am having a day or two off from writing.. But thought I'd leave you with these posts to read.  Click Here to see the Blog Carnival at The Queen Of Optimism's blog site.  

If you recall I participated in the one last month.  I did not participate this month but that should not stop you from reading the cool posts by others!   I will be working on a post for next month's theme! 


The nicest thing (or things) that have happened to persons who have an illness or (unfortunately) illnesses.  Participating bloggers wrote about who has made a positive difference in their life.

 Check it out, it there are some great things to read!

If you are not familiar, a Blog Carnival is where many bloggers write posts on the same theme and they are collected at one person's blogs site, and the links to each site are posted together.  This carnival has been created to connect people with others to help stop feelings of isolation and help find solutions. 


Pink Doberman

Friday, July 30, 2010

ThE PrOcLaiMaTiOn..

Great things!  I had an awesome time yesterday after therapy!  It did manage to wear me out and I did end up with a migraine this morning.  But all things considered it was so worth it.  Yesterday and today I have been taking more Free online classes from  I am learning how to do a better job with things on my computer!

These things are way over my head, but I do catch bits and pieces.  I don’t have the latest software to follow along with or an existing knowledge base to rely on but I am picking up helpful tips and cannot wait to practice what I’ve been learning.  Besides, in this changing world, no one knows everything anyway.  If I keep working at it I believe I will soon be proficient!  And that would be cool!

Besides these online courses don’t have tests!  And they are keeping my brain hyper active!  Which can be wonderful, but in the case of letting Jason sleep last night it was very bad.  Poor guy.  I’ve got to do better… 

I am not going for a walk today, but the past two days Luka and I have gone for a walk!  It’s been great!  Today is our day of rest!  Luka is sacked out also.  So we make a good team. 

I just had someone call me on the phone today as well!  Another person in Nebraska with a Service Dog also.  That makes 3 of us and 2 in training that I know of.  We are each scattered about, so it makes things interesting.  I think I am even going to get to meet her and her Tay!..

I’ve been keeping something a bit of a secret.  Actually I have lots of secrets, some things are not meant to be posted online you know..   But this one is meant to be shared!  I’ve been waiting for the right time to share.. If I wait any longer.. well it will soon be old news! 

Da Da Daaaa! 


National Assistance Dog Week is August 8-14, 2010

I will also be getting a Govenorial Proclamation in the State of Nebraska for the week as well!  I get to go to the signing of the proclamation and everything!  You can too!   Here are the details of the signing at the State Capitol of Nebraska!!  I was inspired to start this process to help keep the reforms going for laws and awareness for those with Service/Assistance Dogs. 

So a while back I gathered the needed information and submitted it to the Governors' office!  Pretty cool!  I’ve never done anything like this before and am thrilled to help create a better understanding and awareness of these issues! 

In addition to this the Federal Government has released new laws regarding Service Animals!  My blogging friend posted the Federal Law changes to her blog!  Please click here to read how the Federal American’s with Disabilities Act has changed regarding Service/Assistance Animals!

She even has a link to the whole Federal ADA change site..  I went there and thought I’d print out these few pages… I don’t suggest this.. about 150 printed pages later.. YEEKS!!! 

But if you are up for an informational and enlightening read, I highly suggest it!  I’ve read allot of it now.  Oi Vei..

Hands are causing problems again.. taking a break..

Phew back again..

So you are welcome to check out with my infamous TV interview.  Alicia Myers interviewed me about having Luka as my Service Dog and how that all works..

You can also check out the speech I gave at the last session of the Nebraska Legislature’s committee who overseas changing Service Dog Laws in Nebraska..  Please note the rules regarding the Federal Law that say essentially the state cannot limit these laws they can only provide enhancement for them.


So while this post started out about my day.  I’ve been DYING to tell everyone about the coolest thing.. The Proclamation!  How fun is that, Seriously!  I even have my great friend giving me a ride!  Other Service/Assistance Dog teams will be there also!  Can you stand it!  I get to meet some more folks who get around similarly to me! 

So at any rate, now that I’ve filled your head with all sorts of things.  I appreciate you getting this far and checking this stuff out! 


Pink Doberman

Thursday, July 29, 2010

? SoMeTiMeS Up.. SoMeTiMeS DoWn..

I have to say, going to new therapists makes me a bit crazy.  Some are good and some are, well… not so good for me.  I am still deciding whether or not the latest therapy place is good for me or not.  I am dizzier than usual and my soreness is starting up again to some degree.. I am trying to decide if I should ice or just wait it out..  thing is it is radiating to both of my elbows as I type.  Think this post is going to have to wait. 

Les feuilles mortes  by Yves Montand  A song I love!  Listen to it!

Well the soreness subsided… after a bit. 


We went out for a Topless Jeep Ride!!!  Woot Woot Woot!!!!   I loved it!  I love going topless in the Jeep…. ( the Jeep being topless not me! )  Anyway Jason took TONS of pictures on our trip out tonight!  Luka and I even did some walking!  Jason took some pictures of us also! 

20100728_0573 Web More to come later.  I’ve had a busy day and need to sleep!


Pink Doberman

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So things have been going pretty darn well lately.  Aside from the sleeping aspect of things.  But hey, beggars are not choosers!  Besides I’ve really not been any more tired for it during the day. 

I’ve been having some pretty decent days, dare I say great?  I don’t know if I am willing to go that far but things have been nice.   My joints seem to be holding together a bit better lately.. less painful for sure!  THRILLED about this!  I am thinking also that the Radio Frequency Ablation that I had done may be finally kicking in!  Which dare I say… ITS ABOUT TIME!.. 

If this is the case that will mean a few months of really working to get stronger followed by a few months of GREAT… and then the injections will start wearing off again.  But hey, things could be worse right.  Pray that the injections are truly kicking in.  I’ve not been doing anything to irritate my neck to bad so I am still not sure.  I hate to irritate my neck just to test the waters.  I could land myself in bed for weeks again and that would suck! 

So for now I am being hopeful! 

I have lots of things I want to write about.  So many in fact.  I even have started several posts and have saved them to finish later.  But I really want to talk most about my nifty day today! 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been feeling this well..  I’ve had three days of less than regular pain levels.  My joints also seem to be having less fits.  Although I still have to watch it.  I am really learning what can slip one of my legs or arms out of the socket and I’ve really worked hard at avoiding this.  Some of it can not be avoided.  But I am doing the best I can and it is helping! 

So yesterday I finally got to do some shopping yesterday.  I got new socks!  New Undies.. Bra.. more girl personal items that Jason prefers not to buy… Shampoo, toothpaste, workout shorts, full length mirror.. ( I haven’t had one for YEARS ) Barrettes, cotton pads… Just all of the little things that make my life nicer. 

I am so happy!  I was even able to walk with Luka through the store, and Jason pushed the cart.  Nice!  He was quite patient and everything!  I tried to be a good girl and stick to my list so we didn’t spend the whole night in the store.  Luka is a bit rusty, we haven’t been out and about for months… so he was a bit distractible.  All in all it went very good! 

Today, I have been busy!  I did some dishes, made pizza.. ( I really need a standing mixer.  The hand mixer is to wobbly for me to control, especially with pizza dough.  I managed to spray pizza dough all over the kitchen because I couldn’t hold the mixer in the bowl.. Oops..)..

I even made bread in the bread machine.  I need to freeze 1/2 of that I think.  I did however eat to much all day today!  My friend R came over and ate lunch with me.  She eats Gluten Free too! 

Now not that I have ever been a fabulous hostess… but I seem to be lacking in the remembering department lately..  Lets just say she helped me get through my cooking a bit easier!  We did not end up with anything burnt.. so I’d say the meal was a success!  The company was fabulous!  So that was awesome!  We talked family photography and more.  Gotta love girlfriends! 

I also managed to do a shower and a bath by myself.  Although I  am not sure the shower today was the best choice.. Being dizzy in the shower really does not make for a great experience.  However all went well and I was clean for the day! 

Being so excited about my friend popping over really set the pace for the day.  I couldn’t seem to settle down, so Luka and I went for a walk.  Not sure that was the best idea for us to do on our own either just yet.  But we did.  We both survived!  1/2 way through the walk I was thinking “My God, who can I call I am dizzy and hot” of course the place I had chosen to sit was in the sun..  I used to do well in the heat and sun, up until this year.  Something has shifted and I feel crummy now in much heat. 

I did get up from my sitting spot and go lean on a fence in the shade for a while.  That helped.  We made it home.  Luka was hot too.  I’d put his cooling vest on him underneath his pack.  So we made our journey, both hot and tired, but feeling accomplished!  Not to shabby!

Been resting other than this.  I did over do a bit.  It was worth it!  I wonder what tomorrow holds?  I am excited!  And now I am tired! 


Pink Doberman

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FoCuS.. & MoRe SuGrU!

June 2010 281 June 2010 282

Spare time… Yes this is what he does in his spare time.  I love these pictures.  He is fiddling with focus!  Simple things make life so much better!  I love his feet!



And myself… well this is what I do in my spare time… SUGRU to the RESCUE!!! Another quandary, I have struggled with the belt hanger I inherited from my sister in the ‘90’s…  Hey it works.. except for some areas work better than others at holding the belts on..

June July 2010 430 Web


June July 2010 428 Web

Second project!  I did this one pretty fast with the left over SUGRU from my first Hack.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Sugru??  Well I do!

They are working great now…  except for the fact that I broke another hook off.. so I guess I will be doing yet another hack to my ancient belt holder!  Where is that Orange Sugru?



June July 2010 303

Like my attempt to focus?  I did get the shot.. but shooting through glass does come with a slight learning curve.  =) 





Yes… still awake.  So more posts I will make!  Wish I were asleep…  my sheep just won’t leap.  Where do I go from here???  A bit crazy I fear.  As my mind starts to run away.. dear sleep please come my way! 

Legs please stop your pain.  This can really be a drain.  I’d love to drift and snore.  Really, sleep please knock on my door. 

He’s still here curled up by me… so cute as can be.  His slight snore as he snuggles more, he rolls and snores some more. 

Where is my missing sleep… please do not release my sheep.  I’ve counting yet to do.  one… two…


Hugs and Blessings to you! 

Pink Doberman

Monday, July 26, 2010

sLeEpLeSs… iN nEbrAsKa

Sleep seems elusive tonight.  I wish that were not the case.  I’ve tossed and turned for hours now and am finally just giving in to the fact that tonight may well be yet another sleepless one. 

The frustration in this is painful, as I am really quite tired.  I suppose this will mean that I am asleep all during the day tomorrow.  While I don’t like this at least there is nothing going on to prevent sleep tomorrow.  Yawn… maybe soon it will come. 

Riding in the Jeep has not been much fun lately.  I wish it were more fun like it used to be.  Every bump seems to wear me out.  I think the top has been up almost every time I have ridden in it this summer.  I have just been to exhausted to have the lid off.  I miss it.  Things are going to have to change.  I need some more fun in my life!

June 2010 079

This was a fun day.  Sitting out on our friends deck enjoying the afternoon.  Life was good that day.



June 2010 162 Web

Most days something great can be found!  I really love the birds that visit my window.  I think they are going to be mad tomorrow though when the food runs out.  I may just have to get creative and see how I can get the feeder filled while Jason is at work.  Can’t watch the little guys and gals go hungry.  They climb in the window sill and just look at us until they are fed…. well one of them does. 

Husbands are so cute.  Jason is tossing around a bit tonight as well.  I think he has just settled back to sleep.  A few sleepy words and a snore..  How cute!  Really makes me wish I were sacked out next to him.. but here I sit fingers pounding away…  Tummy growling now..


So on one of our topless adventures earlier this summer… we found an  unfriendly fellow..

June 2010 340 

This little guy.. was trying to cross the road.  Which was not a very smart move on it’s part.  Jason snapped this picture of him on the white line as he was entering the highway..

June 2010 341 

This was a disaster for this fellow.. So in addition to documenting his travels.. He got an unsolicited ride..


June 2010 346

Jason is such a good guy.. although this little fellow did try to snap off his fingers!  Please do not try this at home!  Those turtles really can do some serious damage if you are not careful!  And this sucker, has been around the block a few times if you know what I mean.. Just look at the size of him!  HUGE!  Well for Nebraska anyway. 

Hmmm Look what can happen if you decide upon creating a post in the middle of the night!  Pictures!  An abundance of them.

Enjoy!  I am a blessed girl!

Pink Doberman

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My gOaLs…

Find a balance between going to the Physical Terrorist and what am able to do at home.  I don't have any specific exercise stuff here at the house to speak of.  We have an old treadmill which we wasted $50 on from Craigslist.. and it doesn't work.  Well the belt spins, and it makes this horrendous noise and when you get on it it slows way down and gets even louder.  Not a good thing.  So that is going out with the garbage soon. 

I can't decide if we should just get our membership back at the local gym.  I think that may be the best.  When I get my scooter I can scoot down there and go for a walk, and then scoot home, and when Jason is home he can go with me and exercise also.  Something that may be better than just having stuff at our house that collects dust and we can do together.  Besides they have cable television down there and that is a motivator..  =)

The only things I will be able to use at the gym will be the tread mills... but hey that is better than nothing!  Jason will be able to use it ALL!  No weights for this girl.. =(

Guess I won't be entering that body building competition after all...  Ha! 

Well, for now this summer at least is to get my but moving when I can!  I did walk two blocks!  That was fabulous, although I felt exhausted afterward, and Jason had to shove me up the driveway... he offered to carry me.. but I made it!  Woot! 

It is hot and humid out here lately.  Oh my!  I used to do so well with this and now I am a big baby, can't breathe or anything.  grumble grumble... I love the heat but it is starting to not like me.  We've had the air conditioner on almost every day in July...  Frustration!  Hope we can pay the bill!  Yeeks!  That just may mean a little less driving or something... all will work. 

Day TWO of no Migraine!  Praise God!  Tired but no flare up!  I even went to PT today.. Not with the Physical Torturist..  I have not had the nerve to make that appointment yet!  Besides my plate is full, I've got some other things up my sleeve to give a try to as well.  I a m not forgetting just can't squeeze it in just yet, and I'd like to be able to push myself on my own a bit more before Doctor Torture gets involved.

I do feel happier.  I think having the Doctors actually listen to me and not just blow me off as some crazy loon really does help!  Peace of mind!  Is worth allot these days.  Besides it is something that can be given for FREE!  I will take it!

My Other List…












Involves much more exciting things to me!  Finishing up some other great projects that I have started but which I have yet been able to finish.  Grrr.  It is frustrating for me.  In most cases I have the things needed to finish them, I have just been lacking the physical ability to do them.  The pain I’ve been having has been really getting in the way. 

I am thinking a great reward for me would be to take my pain meds.. ( enough of them) and then do my exercises and then do something fun as a reward for myself.  Like finishing these crazy things that I’ve had plaguing my very existence.  I am not sure if this will work in all of the cases or not.  My mind kind of leaves when I have pain and when I take pain medication..  And when I have both.. Well you can guess the result.   Ha!  Not to mention the fact that sitting with my head unsupported causes me all sorts of additional pain.. so we will just see. 

I hate it but… I guess it is worth giving a try. 

I’ve been hesitant to sew for that very reason.  This girl does not need a needle stuck through her finger! 

Guess how long this project has been waiting to be finished… About 10 years!  Yes!  Oh my.. I had taken this class years ago.. maybe not 10.. but a long time ago.  I was supposed to finish it in class, but I was slow.  So a year or so I did get it this far.  But I have yet to be able to get it finished.  =D 

I did just complete some more Sugru things!!!   Ha!  I now have to get the pictures out of my camera and on to the computer!  Which I am sure will happen shortly!  I am thrilled to have some more things Fixed/Hacked!  Check out my first project with my fancy English Fixing Magic

Jason thinks I am crazy for loving this stuff… I guess that is a hint I need to make more of the things he has work better so he too can fall in love with it.  Watch out world!!  Be afraid… be very afraid!   

I can use my Sugru with out fear of hurting myself!  Another bonus!! 

IMG_1152 I have a whole room full of things just waiting for me…  I haven’t been down there in ages… I think it is turning into a storage room.  =(.. 

Well.. someday soon hopefully I can get busy again!  I have goals you know!  Luka even likes helping me down there. 

Right now he is snuggled up with me as I type.  Which is nice.  Wish I had a picture!  ( maybe not I look awful)  I’ve been fighting off a migraine all morning… Uggg.  

Thanks for the comments lately!  Linda, Sarah, and MBG!  I love them!   I know the rest of you are not much for commenting.  It has taken me quite a while to feel comfortable commenting on other blogs as well.  I am a great lurker.  I love all of you too!  Thanks for popping by!  No need to comment so don’t feel bad for not.  However if you ever would like to I do love them! 


Pink Doberman

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dr. B's LiSt fOr Me..

So now that the credibility issue is answered.  At least I sure hope so.  Who else would I go see.  I guess Dr. B is it at least in Nebraska.  I am glad of that and I am glad that there is someone here.  Mayo wouldn't see me due to my pending car accident settlement, or lack there of..  Which sucks.  Just an FYI for anyone involved in any sort of litigation or accident, Mayo won't touch you.

What good is that?  Not much I'd say.  So that place is not going to get my business.  I guess other places I could go if I need a more of an expert would be Denver or New York, or IOWA!  Well I have my list ready just in case!  Oddly enough going to Denver or New York I'd have places to stay.. Not in IOWA.. but that is much closer!  And how cool is it that IOWA has a great Ehlers Danlos group of specialists!

So I am thrilled!  Here is what I learned or was reaffirmed in yesterdays appointment.. a bit of it anyway.

**A motorized wheel chair is a good idea for me.  Not for use around the house but for use other places that will wear on my joints and wear on my energy. So when you see a person who is in a motorized chair and then they get up and out of it and walk there is a reason they are using it! I hope to be able to get one sometime soon and be able to ride it downtown and back home.  Or to the grocery store!  Just can't do that on my own now. 

** Pain, I am always going to have it.  Get used to it.  =) Comforting to some degree to hear it out straight.

** Pain medication.. TAKE THEM.  Do as much as possible, walk as much as possible and use my meds to make it through PT or what ever I can do on my own as long as I can.  Also try to manage more with out them as I can as well.

** He said my body will start to acclimate to the higher levels of pain over time.  Me: It always has in the past.  It has again to some degree already.  I am taking less pain meds for the same thing than I was.  That is good!

** I get to get an echo cardiogram because of a possible heart murmur.  Which if I do have shouldn't be a big shock because of other known about family histories..

** That I should tell those related to me that they too could have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.. as they could also be facing some similarities and so could their children or grandchildren...  Yes he said this!  So all of my family that get's pissed that I am sharing this information with them... That is what the Dr. Told me to do!  Those that are grateful to know, thank you for being gracious and not shooting the messenger! 

** I got referred to a MEAN Son of a ..  that is an excellent Physical Therapist who deals with people like me.  I guess this guy puts the Pain in Pain and Torture.   Oh ... joy..  In fact Dr. B called him a Physical Torturist.

** Yet another Vitamin to add to my increased doses of B's and D.. C!  This is the next magic vitamin for me!  So I will be increasing doses of this!  I like this vitamin it tastes good!  I don't mind the others either, so far good results have been had!

**Oh Shark Cartilage as well.. Glucosamine and Chondroiten..

** And Fall Proof my house.  Ha Ha!!

Dr. B was a nice guy and so were the cadre of other doctors that followed him around.  They poked, looked, I got to show off a couple of my parlor tricks.. 

Another EDSer's latest doctor advise..  contradicts a bit with mine so take the what I say next with a dose of salt.  She just got back from the Ehlers Danlos National Conference.

Do what I can do as much as I can, do not hurt myself.  Do not do anything that stretches me out..  BE CAREFUL to my joints.  Stay the course with Dr. G.  He's excellent at what he does and will guide me right.   

Well, I've got more to work at that is for sure.

****Guess what!  He also recommended that I start wearing heels again!  Woot!!  I'd stopped because of PTists telling me that they were so bad and they were going to get me lined up right.  Dr. B. said they will never get me lined up right.  AND that being lined up wrong may actually help my hips stop slipping out so easy!  Worth a try, and my feet could really use some cute shoes!  

So if you see me scooting around in a scooter with Luka by my side and getting off and walking in some heels.. well..  Pray that it works and that my hips will stay in their sockets. Because it hurts like a &&&999---*****  when they slip out!  

I've already been practicing.. well, I have been putting them on.. this whole time for a minute or two.. but thought walking in them much would make me worse.  Dr. B suggests WEDGE heels, not the spiky kind.  I guess those will have to keep collecting dust!

Thank goodness my ankles are in good working order.  Come here my pretties!  Momma's got her toes painted! 

Pink Doberman

Friday, July 23, 2010

EhLeRs DaNLoS SyNdRoMe

Things have been moving along.  I've been confirmed/vindicated...

Here is how the actual series of events unfolded.

1. Wore special shoes as a child.. don't know why.  But they were U. G. L. Y.  and I hated them.. (Thus my love of beautiful shoes.  )  

2. Ever since I can remember I have had pain.  My mother would call it growing pains.. (I still have them..)
     a. I have also always been hyper-mobile.  More than most everyone. 

3. High School Volleyball/Track  PAIN bad pain.  Weird pain..  Foot doctor said genetic foot issue wear special shoe inserts.  I tried to keep going but pain still present when running/jumping and while I was good at sports I was not great. 

3. In college I discovered Ballroom Dance!  I was great at that, and high heels have always felt great ever since I begged my mother to let me have them in 8th grade.  (I was relentless.. )  I was great at ballroom! ( this was almost 20 years ago now.. I am old)

4. Still had all of the same issues growing up just ignored them and got used to them.  I am not going to go through the list but I just thought everyone felt the same way.  Which was fine, I got used to it. In fact I got so used to the regular pain I had that I forgot about it.  Ha!  I just was able to do everything anyway! 

5. ... years went by.. Car accident in 2004.  EVERYTHING became dramatically worse.  The pain was unimaginable and my mobility became horrible.  Everything about what I thought I could handle went out the window.  And this coming from a girl who gets her dental work done with out pain medication.

6.  Doctors couldn't figure out why I did not get better from the car accident.  2004 until OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS YESTERDAY.. Almost SIX years to the day!  Unbelievable.. 

7. My friend/neighbor said to me, I think you have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome...  ( to my self I thought oh another piece of advice.. being the eternal optimist, and fully realizing by this point that the Doctors have no clue.. Why not find a diagnosis from a neighbor!  ) 

8.  The research..  I looked online, looked everywhere.. Yup this looked quite possibly as the reason!  Now how to get the doctors to listen.

9.  Went to my regular Physicians Assistant! L. LOVE HER!  While she didn't know what this was, the student she had with her did!  They decided I should go ahead and see someone who would know more.

10. Went to my Physiatrist Dr. G.  He is AWESOME also.. I told him about my P.A. thinking it was a valid possibility..  He had to think on it for a while before actually deciding this is what was going on with me.  FINALLY 6months or so later.. EDS.. and for a definitive diagnosis off to the geneticist..  Dr. B..

11.  Dr B.  and FIVE other doctors of various specialties and levels.. Gave me the OFFICIAL Ehlers Danlos Hyper-mobility Syndrome Diagnosis..  FINALLY!

Well, no other doctor need question my diagnosis now, Ugg!

To top it off today is the first day in EONS that I have not been plagued with a migraine!  I just couldn't kick them lately.

I am off to a pain ridden life but at least I know why I am having it and why I am not healing.  It does suck but it is also a major relief to know FOR SURE WITH OUT QUESTION that this is what I have and am dealing with.   Thank God for my awesome neighbor R!  She rocks!!

Just so you know, I do listen to people when they share their well meaning advise.  I have tried lots of things.  I will listen, research, and then decide.  But I do listen, and I do appreciate the well meaning ideas that people care enough to share!  Please don't be offended if I don't just jump in and give them a try..  But I will look into it for sure.  I have hope of things that may make life easier for me.

It has been so frustrating because very few people, let alone doctors know what this is.  Which makes it difficult to get help.  So in addition to educating people about service dogs.. I will be educating people about EDS too.  Yipee ki O..

Well, kind of.

Pink Doberman

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In CaSe oF eMeRgEnCy...

Hormones.  I am having way to many of them today.  Yuck!  I really hate being an emotional mess.  I actually liked it better before when I would never cry at anything.  I was stone cold.  I know that is not healthy, but wow, did it make my life so much easier.

I just finished watching a movie called "My Best Friend" it is a French film with subtitles and all.  I loved it.  I so identified with the main character.  I think parts of my life before were somewhat like that.  Although I have always had good friends, I seem to have trouble actually making them.  But boy once I find those friends do I try hard to stay in touch.

Life has funny ways of making that difficult.  Moving, Kids, Jobs, Husbands...  Time Money and Distance can be real friend killers.  I guess that is why making the extra effort to stick it out no matter what is worth it.  It sure is not easy.

I do have some great friends.  I am darn lucky.  I just wish they all lived closer!  Then I am just sure I wouldn't need so many M&M's!.

Jason is such a doll.  I had posted that I was going to make Watermelon Juice on Twitter, he was worried because he thought I was making the Watermelon drink from The Anchor Inn..  No dear, my drink has no booze.  It is juice and maybe a little sugar and stuff, but no intoxicants.  Although now that you mention it I haven't been to Anchor Inn in FOREVER, and a trip to the river might be just the thing to lift this girls spirits?  Where are the Fishhead's playing??    Oh, bummer that is exactly where they are playing tonight... guess we will have to catch them there next summer...

Since I couldn't lift the watermelon out of the bottom shelf of the fridge, well we are all safe.  Jason feeling better about my choice of drinks.. said that he'd be glad to get the watermelon out for me when he gets home tomorrow.  I am glad!  So is he.  He thought I was going to start drinking on my own at home alone..  Yeah,,. No!

Not going down that path of misery, thank you very much!  He called we talked, he fixes things much better than a bowl of M&M's.... but they will do in cases of emergency!

Hope you are liking the new web page for now.  I even managed to make a new section.  There is a tab at the top.. More About Pink Doberman   

Feeling Blessed,
Pink Doberman

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ChErRiEs & ChEeSe.... I NeEd!!

Listening to my body.  That is what I try to do.

If I am craving something I eat it.  Lately I have been craving cherries.  I have been eating piles of them!  I love them of course, but my body seems to really like them.  I thought it was in my head that I have been wanting to eat cherries so much.  Until to day it had never occurred to me that my body was actually asking for what it needed.

I have been hurting so bad, I have been feeling so puffy, it has been crazy.  So I wondered to day as I pondered what food I wanted to eat for lunch.  Cheese.. so I got a slice of cheese and ate it.  Sat back down rested.. CHERRIES.. came to my mind, went and got the bowl of cherries...  tummy is happy.   I Googled Anti inflammatory properties of cherries??  YES, this is what I found!

Now I am going to Google Cheese..  Ok so I found this very interesting article!  Amusing and interesting! 

See I am not crazy after all.

Indeed yesterday my body craved M&M's.. peanut and plain... so my dutiful amazing husband Jason set out for the store to retrieve both kinds as the stock in our home had previously been obliterated.  =D!

I really don't know what I would do with out him!

I had my little bowl of happy M&M's and my medication and my night went much better.  Thank God I'd had these things, as we had a visit from our neighbors, so I was up to sitting in the recliner and was slightly social.  Jason who was exhausted, did most of the entertaining.. he'd just gotten back from his marathon trip, proctored students at the college, and came home in time to help his local fire station buddies clean up from a huge messy fundraiser.  Tired boy.

Luka even had some fun, our friends brought their two four-legged girls over and Luka had a great time chasing them all about!

I got to sit in the chair and listen and watch it all go down.

I think I am going to finish my bowl of cherries and listen to my body some more..  =).  Maybe I can avoid pain pills today!

On an Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Note... there is a New Book that has just been released!  I can't wait to get it!  

Pink Doberman

Monday, July 19, 2010

WaLLs CoMiNg DoWn???

I had changed my blog background due to blogger changing some things.  I am going to learn how to make my own background soon I hope, but in the meantime the pink strips that I had settled with before were getting on my nerves.  I think I am more of a black kind of girl.  It has been my favorite color since I was a child, pink being my second favorite color. 

I just couldn't stand to stare at that background any longer.  So until I design my own, we can all hope that I will be happy with this one so as to not go changing things around some more.  Although this does remind me of what I used to do to our house.  =) 

In my previous life,  I would rearrange the whole house every six months or so.  Jason would come home to find every thing in different places and positions.  I would of course clean madly at the same time, scrubbing walls floors, windows etc.  A thorough cleaning and redesigning job had just taken place and this would always throw Jason for a loop as he likes things to remain the same. 

We are truly opposites.  I say black he says white.. 

Which is hilarious but can also be heck on a marriage.  Bless his heart, he usually lets me do what I want with out much of a fuss.  Something that I really like to do in our house is have furniture placed catercorner.  He likes everything to be correctly on the walls..  which I think looks peculiar.  But I have forgone my crazy schemes for him as of late.  

Our current dilemma consists of me wanting a wall torn down.  While he has so far only agreed to put a window opening in it.  The wall is between our kitchen/dining room space and our living room.  I've been after this for years now.  I guess I should be happy that he finally came to thinking that the window idea would be acceptable to him..  At first he didn't like that idea either. 

Besides, you take a wall down, how hard really is it to put the thing back up? 

Not to difficult I would imagine...

He got by for years telling me that the wall was a supporting wall in our home and that it couldn't be removed or our roof would be weakened..  BUT.. this girl continued to watch those home improvement shows, and discovered what really  constituted a supporting wall, and this one my friends is not a supporting wall. 

After my PBS schooling, ( oh yes, thank You PBS for yet another milestone in my knowledge base!)  He realized that his plan was thwarted.  He knew he was going to have to come up with something other to keep me from removing the wall myself while he was gone at work.  You see at this point I could still wield a sledge hammer with out physical detriment to myself. 

And he was worried plenty worried, as I had already destroyed our kitchen with one removing a set of cabinets that I hated.  What a glorious feeling to pound away at something to see it crumble..  He came home to a surprise that day.  He was horrified, mortified.  I had said that it was going to be removed either by his hands or by mine.  (I don't think he believed me.)

All that was left that I had given up on was part of the cabinet was nailed through the ceiling of the basement to the cabinets base on the floor in the kitchen.  I left that for him to figure out how to remove.  He was not very happy with me for a while, but I was happy enough for the whole town as I had gotten rid of the awful cabinet in my kitchen!  I will be forever happy that I did this! 

He knows that I cannot remove the wall on my own.  So if he decides to REMOVE THE WALL!!  I will be quite joyful in the fact when I am in the kitchen I can see the light streaming into the living room from my kitchen sink!  I will be so so happy!  Besides, it is the perfect time to do this!  I don't think he is excited about the rewiring of three light switches, or the two outlets on either side of the wall...

I have ideas.. I have plans...

So I have hope that one day this wall will come down!  I promise not to change my mind about it in six months!

Hugs Blessings and Here is to Walls Coming Down!
Pink Doberman

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I love this blog post by Selena.  It talks about becoming a fibromyalgia scientist.  Really I think you could apply it to any problem.  I like this idea, though for my personality this whole project compares to sticking a needle in my eye. 

I do think it is worth it, and would lend me more credibility at the doctors office, as I have recently have been running into some issues with one of my formerly favorite doctors.  What a pain.  But I can see the validity of completing some steps such as these for myself, and it would be great to get listened to as a real person with valid issues, than a pain ridden crazy person who only God knows what they think of me behind my back.

So I am going to have to get focused and get real and really start this project.  UGGGGGG  Maybe I would rather stick a needle in my eye!

On another note, I just about ate a whole bag of potato chips.. my stomach is telling me STOP, my mind is telling me to keep eating them....  Oh dear lord please pray for me.  I have just been referred to Chip-aholics Anonymous as I have admitted I have a problem.   Oh lord I feel sick and twisted! 

Who does this to themselves.  One minute I was eating lunch and the next the bag is nearly gone.  This reminds me of the Oprah show I just watched.. I really think I'd better get a grip! 

I have been feeling lately like I want to cry a river, or at least a large puddle.  I hurt so bad, I've had migraines nearly every day to some degree.  I want this roller coaster to stop!  I want off!  The medication, take it feel spacy and woozy, which I hate, or don't take it and keep feeling worse but have a clear head until the pain gets so bad that you can't think and really have to take a pile of pills to get rid of it.  I am so pissed off. 

It is wonderful to look outside my windows and see all of the green though!  I do like that!  The birds are glorious!  I have even seen the cardinal couple recently.  I tried to get pictures, but they are not good.. 

Jason is off traveling with out me on a trip I had planned to go on with him.  Which is a complete bummer because I would have loved to have gone.  But I've been hurting so bad, that I can't even imagine what going would have felt like.  My medication cycle of on again off again feels like I am on a roller coaster.. Please tell this carnival to pack up and leave town.  There is no room in this one horse town! 

Other than this I am having a good day!  I have edited some pictures that Jason took of that wedding.  I can't wait to share them. 

I am hoping to do some more of ours soon too!  Well I am off to take my meds.  So maybe later I can do something. 

Pink Doberman

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have contributed to a Blog Carnival this week!    I am having fun reading the contributions from others, I hope you will too. 

I think that one of the best things about blogging has been to get all of this stuff out of my mind, writing it down, keeps things recorded/remembered, but no longer floating around in my head. 

The second best thing, is the communication method for letting others know what I am going through.  My husband especially. 

Thirdly and not at all least important has been connecting with other bloggers, other people going through similar things.  I no longer feel so alone, I am learning tons of things from others.  I am learning different ways of coping, different things I could possibly try...  tons more as well.  There is a whole community of folks out there who are dealing with illness and injury these folks like me are just trying to live the best life possible and stay as healthy as possible.  Some are just trying to stay alive as gracefully as possible. 

Honor thyself. 

The post that I have contributed is one that I wrote some time ago.  I struggle with anything that I really feel is much of an accomplishment.  Most things these days that I do are quite small and really do not add up to much except for taking care of myself as much as possible.  I am in admiration of those who can do more.  I really encourage you to read the posts on the Blog Carnival!   Click on the link and then click on the links of contributors. 

Leslie is hosting a blog carnival, about What have you done (or what do you aspire to do) in spite of illness? 

Friday, July 16, 2010


Today I plan to drive.  Yes I have to plan to drive.  I have to assess how I feel, not plan to do anything to make myself feel bad, and get myself ready for public.  In addition to that I have to take a pill that raises my blood pressure.  Yipee. 

I have to do all of this in the morning, if I don't take the pill in the morning, this pill will keep my insomniac self awake until all hours of the morning,  I was just up until almost 3 AM last night with out taking the dumb pill. 

So when I drive, I also need to have a plan.  I need to decide how far I can go.  Since I have only been driving once this year so far I am not going far.  Just down town and back not out of town.  I at this point going any further would be stupid, I would get to tired just holding myself at the wheel for a very lengthy time.  Living in a small town has its advantages, but a huge disadvantage is being so far from many services.  Which is so frustrating for me. 

I took my pill before noon, I have also gotten the things I need to mail ready so I don't even have to get out of the car much.  Post office drive through drop off, bank drive through drop off, and a stop at the vet.  For that I will have to get out of the car.  Hoping that Luka is on his best behavior with all of the loose cats in that place.  He does pretty well unless they taunt him or we've been there too long. 

It is a good place to practice for him if I am up to it, which I haven't been lately. 

I am achy today, I've been having some migraines as of late, persistent ones.. due to the fact I have been up and around and not resting my head.  I hate that!  But all is well for now.  Luka is still sacked out and has yet to get out of bed for the day, he keeps looking up at me but not wanting to move to go out to the bathroom.  He is getting so old! 

He did have a busy week of playing with his best friend Toby though.  He has two good friends.  He'd love more, but I think we are doing great with these two.  I got some walking done which I think has helped so now I have a bit more energy. 

I have also been repairing somethings around the house with some great new stuff I ordered!  I can't wait to show it off.  I have been taking some pictures.  I now just have to find them and get them re-sized for the internet.  The birds outside my window have been enjoying one of my repairs.  So much so that the food is disappearing even faster than before!  That is keeping Jason on his toes!  They even sit at the window when we are here if it is empty and seem to be saying, hey, fill this darn thing up, we are hungry!!  Ha Ha!! Jason just loves that! 

Right now the food is mostly gone so the little birds are bickering over who gets to sit and eat at the perches that still have food.  Jason is gone today, so they will just have to wait. 

I go back to the Radial Ablation doctor tomorrow.  Also to yet another new physical therapists office.  Oh happy days... Oh well.  Another day another thing to try to make me feel better!  I am willing, I know something will help. 

I've been missing my massages desperately.  I am so thankful to a friend who got me a gift certificate I have already used it and that could be a large part of why I am moving around better.  Also I got to go swimming in a pool!  YIPEE!!!  I got so tired from that but it was so worth it.  I can move so much easier in a pool.  I haven't been able to get back to my aqua therapy.  But hope to do that soon too.  Swimming well I don't swim really, I do a breast stroke, to some degree, but I do not free style that hurts my shoulders.  My calves are tight from all of the kicking I did.  But I feel great for having been able to get in the water!  Wish I could do that more.  

There is a pool that is open in the summer two blocks away, but it is full of cursing hellions with minimal supervision  I don't want to be jumped on splashed at, cursed at or listen to all of the filth that those unsupervised children spew from their mouths.  It is bad enough going for a walk beside that place.

Well, I've been up getting things ready to go for my drive.  I have my little pile of things I need to do all ready to go.  I have rested in between doing each of those things, I have gotten dressed and ready to go and have rested, I am not doing the makeup thing today, I don't think I can do it all.  So a hat will have to suffice as well, as I am not going to do my hair either.  I have made some calls to let folks know I'd be coming around.  I still have more to do if I am able when I get back home.  Phew, I am tired just typing about it.. =) 

The good news is that it has been raining today, so it won't be a million degrees inside the car!  That will be nice!  Jason turned the air on for me last night, and now I am freezing!  Long pants, long socks, shoes, shirt, sweatshirt.. Oh lordy lordy.  What a site for the month of July. 

I really could go for a nap.  I better get a move on or I won't get out today before things close down in my small town.  Luka still has to get up.  It is almost 2 pm now.  I have one worn out Service Dog!  He's got to get with the program or I can't go out either...  Better get him moving! 

So my trip went well.  Drive through the post office, drive through the bank, stopped at the vet clinic, called the ambulance for a friend who was ill who never is ill.  You know just the average outing. 

Geesh!  I am worn out.  I wish I could have gone in to the hospital with her but, this girl is spent. 

Prayers and Blessings
Pink Doberman

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So WhAt!

I was just watching this video on Oprah Website.   About real beauty and how change affects your perception of it.  For me, I really felt that my beauty was what I could help others do.  Yes of course, playing with makeup was about an external appearence.

But I was taught and have always felt that in order to be really beautiful to the people who know you that they have to be willing to look inside and see who you are.  I really try to do that with people.  I hope people try to do that with me. 

I have struggled with my appearance since 2004.  For my job in Mary Kay I was taught that everywhere I was seen in public I had to look the part.  I think that is some degree true.  But there is also a part of being real, being approachable, and living your life while you are not at work.  I was not very good at that.  And I look kind of scary with out makeup. 

I blame acne and allergies for this.  ( Although at this point in my life they are manageable. )  I look like I am ill when I don't wear makeup, and I am not approachable by normal standards.  Add to that the pain that I am going through now and I really look horrible.  So, I really do try to do what I can to be presentable and not look like a vagrant.  Which is a look I could easily pull off these days. 

The question still remains for me, how can I get back the great feelings I had before 2004 about my self.   I really feel that those feelings went along with a sense of purpose and passion for something.  I was passionate about helping women change their life for the better through a business with Mary Kay.  Not so much the business part of it, but the emotional side of being strong and feeling worthy.

I guess when I lost the ability to get out and see people I lost that too.  I don't feel worthy.  I don't feel I can contribute properly.  I think I am starting to.  I am finding different avenues, different methods and different resources for myself to be productive. 

I wish it was as simple as the video I've attached above makes it seem.  While it may not be simple it is possible, and I am good knowing that there is a future of possibility for me. 

More pictures will be coming soon, things have been a little crazy around here.  

Have a beautiful day!
Pink Doberman

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BeSt HuSbAnD

The more I try to be simple.  The more complicated I get.  Tell me I can't pack much and want to take the whole house.  It is frustrating.   Mostly frustrating for other people.  Especially Jason.  I've been like this a long time I suppose... Like my whole life. 

I would frustrate Jason before, but I was hauling all of my own junk in and out of places, so he was not necessarily bothered by it except for the fullness of a trunk or the time that it would take for me to get ready.  It is worse now. 

He has to do all of the moving of my junk. For a trip I pack a suitcase for my clothes.  I used to also pack a shoe suitcase but since I have my new special everywhere sneakers I usually only bring a pair of my Havanias along in addition.  Then I have my makeup and hair bag, my medication bag, my pillows three large ones and three small ones, a blanket, Luka's bag, Dog Food, Luka's bed, my gluten free food...  Well you get the idea.  Oh yeah and it gets worse.. there are usually about 6 other cases to go along as well.  Not always but when I can I like to take them.

Jason is such a doll.  He hates that I travel with so much stuff.

Tonight he was mowing.  I wanted to sit outside with him, so he wouldn't feel alone.. while I can't mow, I can sit outside and wave to him.  I grabbed a magazine, my water, sprayed myself with bug spray and he set out my chair and Luka and I hung out outside while he mowed.  It wasn't long before I was looking haggard.  He knew I wasn't very comfortable.  He made me tell him what would make it better... I said a pillow and a blanket that he went and got for me. 

I was really trying to not be a pain in the rear.  It is like being quiet. Every time I try to be quiet, I am so noisy.  Frustratingly so.  What is the deal?  I think my husband is a saint. 

Tonight he even took Luka for a ride in our old beater Jeep.  Luka loved it!  So did Jason!  Dispite myself, I had a nice evening with him when he got back with Luka.  He pulled up a chair and we sat outside until I had to use the facilities.  Then Jason packed up all of my stuff and carried it inside. 

Is there an award that can be given for the best husband? 

Pink Doberman

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SuGrU AmAziNg HaCkS!!

Ok so here is a project I have been so excited to share with you!  

I got this awesome new product in the mail!  I ordered it all the way from England!  It is MAGIC!!

You Hack Stuff With It!!  

Here is my VERY FIRST HACK! 

My Finches have been suffering one of their perches broke off!  Devastating, I know!!
I hate throwing almost perfectly good stuff away...

Disaster!  Oh my!  So SAD!!

HACKED!  Phew!

Where Oh Where,
Could My Finches Be?

Joy Joy JOY!!

This stuff is the absolute coolest thing EVER!!  You've just got to get some!

Stay tuned for more Hacks!

Hack something yourself!

Pink Doberman

Keep Reading there are Two New Posts Today!! I just couldn't wait to share!

OuT oF mY HeAd..

Oh my I guess I have been bothered about a few things lately.  =)  It happens. 

I have been having some pretty good days.  I've had some bad ones lately too, but things are looking up.  I am getting around a bit better.  I think one of the things that is helping the most is that I am learning what my limitations are.  Frustrating, but necessary. 

I have awesome friends whom I have been around who when I say I can't do something don't even bat an eye.  I have learned I can unload and load the top rack of the dishwasher just great.  The bottom one is the one that gives me fits.  So I have stopped dealing with that one other people can do it, and if it has to be done than I just figure out a way to go slow and bend the least amount possible. 

When I over do things push to hard or move incorrectly is when I experience the most difficulty.  This can have pretty stark consequences for me.  I am so fortunate that many of the people who are around me most and who know me best are learning right alongside me.  Some read this blog, others are just really listening to me now and not doubting or second guessing or giving me the "Lady You are Lazy or Crazy" look. 

I am getting there.  I am trying to be more forthright about what I have problems with.  Also I am really working hard to just not do those things unless absolutely critical.  It isn't that I can't do them.  It is that I suffer for them later.  If I am going to reach my goals of having any sort of life back I need to trust what my body can and can't handle. 

The gluten free thing is going well.  I am discovering foods that are safe and those that are not.  Some cause me a great deal of pain and others well not so much.  I do like it when I can get myself completely Gluten Free.  But as I am still learning and label reading... these things take time.  I will not be eating anything but Gluten Free Oatmeal anytime soon that is for sure!  Hellmans Olive Oil Mayonnaise is Gluten Free!  How cool is that?  I don't eat mayo that often, but we are having it tomorrow, and I can eat this formula and brand!  Woot!  It even said Gluten Free on the label! 

I am certainly not starving!  While Wheat Barley and Rye are in a lot of things!  There are so many great things that are completely free of them!  I've found some awesome pizza crusts, some crackers (by mistake of over cooking the pizza crust), very good bread I am really not lacking for a thing! 

So the other day while talking to Jason.. we've been having some phone calls lately.  He has been in one town and I in another.  He also reads my blog.  This way he knows what crazy things are going through my mind.  It has really helped him understand, and writing has really helped me purge these things from my mind.  Anyway, he read my post from a few days ago about Tigers. 

I guess before talking to me about it at all, he was racking his brain to see if he had done anything that could be making me this upset.  I had purposely put the disclaimer in there for him.  Because it was not about him. He does know what I was referring to.  It was not even something that happened to me or to us.  Just people we have been around for a long time.  People we both like who we may not always agree with, but we like just the same and people for whom we have a great deal of respect.

Life is funny.  In looking at what I wrote, it could be about us, it could also be about many of our friends in different situations.  It happens.  It shouldn't but it does.

I have not been linking much to past blog posts or other blogs for a bit.  Sorry about that.  It isn't that I don't want to.  But I am just not ready to expend the energy doing it.  I need to get one of those programs that makes suggestions for you and helps you link about.

We will see.  I am writing this and I am very tired.  I did not get to nap today.  I rested but no extra sleep.  I could use some sleep. 

I will be able to now I think after getting this stuff all out of my head!

Pink Doberman 

Monday, July 12, 2010

TiMe... DoEs iT rEaLLy?

Time.  It has a way of just flying by.

I was walking the other day and while I was moving I was also thinking, that it seemed just like yesterday when I was attending my Rotary Meetings, planning my next trip to Brazil, thinking of how I was going to earn my next free car, and so proud of all that I had managed to accomplish.  None of it was easy for me.

Each day I would still struggle with my fears.  Each day I would have to overcome them to get going.  Having reasons larger than myself were the things that kept me motivated and continually focused.  Those things saved me from the life I lived before.  I was doing the best I had ever done, I had become so much stronger and more resilient.

I look at that now, and it seems that I was just doing these things yesterday.  It has been almost six years.  Sometimes I still wake up and think I am that person.  I walk around downtown and I look at places the outsides still look the same, but people aren't the same.  They are at some of the places. 

Things are going well for Jason.  He is so talented, and I am so lucky he has chosen to stick by my side.  I am grateful as well for the awesome friends I do have.  I really do have great friends.  I do realize how hard it is for people to take time out to think of others that are not able to keep up.  I have never been the best at it myself.  I try, I used to do better at it.  So I do cut people some slack.  The world does not revolve around me.  I guess Jason's world kind of does revolve around me.. and mine him..  I am so blessed to have an awesome husband and great friends who do make the time and take the time to include me!

I'd like my world to revolve around others.  I am getting there.  I have cooked some meals for some great friends lately!  I've been walking a bit!  Taking that slow for sure.  I start therapy again next week!! Yipee!!  In fact one of my therapy places just called to check on me.  I can't wait to go back because I was actually feeling better while going there and learning better ways of positioning my body.

So things are going well. I really understand when people loose a loved one, how they can just up and leave, start somewhere new fresh and clean.  Instead of banging around the old places where the old memories live.  Where people remember you for your sad circumstances and loss.  Some place with no memories.  I'd sure like to do that.  I guess I kind of am.  I am living between two worlds.  The old and the new.  I'd love to let go of the painful past, and embark on something new.  I do have great friends who see me for who I am now.  I appreciate that.  They also see me as some one capable of more as I am able.  I like that also!

Keep reading.  I will be announcing something I have been working secretly on soon!  It is apart of me having Physical Disability Anniversary that means something positive for others.  I can't wait.

I don't know what is going on in many peoples lives. I used to travel to see them frequently, I can't do that now, and others are not able to travel to me..  I miss all of the people I used to know and know about.  But I am filling my world with others that I can have some impact on and they on me.  Life is different now.  I miss the old and I am learning to like the new.

Can you tell I am really struggling with this!  Time... does it really heal old wounds?

Pink Doberman

Friday, July 9, 2010

TiGeRs & TrUsT

Life is funny. 

Some of the nicest people you know, the people who work to do everything the best way possible.  Best for everyone, not just thinking of themselves, find themselves in a  world of emotional hurt as the world around them barrages them from all directions.  It is hard to imagine what others are going through. 

It is even harder to know that people who really do try to do the "right" thing.  Are the one's getting burned by everyone else who is trying to do the "best" thing for them no matter who they doze over or what rules are broken. 

I sometimes wonder, if God was not something made up by all of the people who want to sneak and cheat so they had to invent God so that they would have someone to sneak and cheat on. 

It seems that those with great amounts of "doing things the right way" get punished. While those that know the "secret" run around causing chaos. 

I hope this is not the case.  I would like to think that what is shared in the bible is true.  But it really does make me wonder.  There are so many successful sneaky people out there.  I don't want to be friends with those people.

I'd much prefer to be friends with those who do things the RIGHT WAY.  I guess that is the kind of gal I am. 

My Service Dog Luka is the same.  Hurt him once and he is not likely to be by your side, protect and care for him and he will be loyal and protect you.  I can dig that! 

I do have to say that it frustrates me to see people with personal integrity suffer for it.  I really think that the people who sneak and cheat and manipulate their way through life are the ones missing out.  People who do things the right way, the honorable way do make the best people to hang around!  You always know what you are going to get.  You might not like it, but you will get the truth! 

(So for those who know me, you won't be able to figure out who I am talking about.  I won't be sharing either.  But I am just saying for the couple of people who will know, that I'd rather have friends who are true.)
Be a good friend, be a good family member!  You'll live with less guilt and have a more fulfilling life.  Although you may find it to be a bit more difficult.  Especially removing those you love and had once trusted from your life.

I like the truth!  Don't give me the truth?  You won't be in my life for long!

Blessings from a grateful friend,
Pink Doberman

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SeRViCe DoG My LuKa ~ NeBrAsKa StAtE LeGiSlaToR KaTe SuLLiVaN

It has been a while since I last posted what Luka actually helps me with.  I'd really like him to help with more things, but at his age I am thrilled that I have him to help me at all!!  I do have an application in to get another dog trained for me, but it has been FOREVER!  I have still not heard a word if they have found a dog suitable or not to train for me etc..  Ugg! 

At any rate all of that aside.  I do have fabulous wonderful loyal Luka.  He is a Blue Doberman Pincher, he is 11 years old, and he has bad allergies.  Allergic to grass,  mold, dirt, barley, wheat, eggs, etc.. the list is long and the things he is allergic to just cannot be completely avoided. 

He eats a special diet consisting of Taste of the Wild  dog food.  Isagenix powdered shake mix, and a supplement we get from the vet.  This seems to work.  He also eats apples, bananas, pears, etc. as well as Beef Liver and Sweet Potato treats.

This is what we have figured out for now at least. 

Luka can tell before I can when I am going to be getting a migraine.  He can tell soon enough for me to take my medication and for it to begin to work when the migraine starts affecting me.  There for the down time is substantially less!  And the medication is much much much more effective!  Less medication needed with a greater success record!  I just love that!  THANK YOU LUKA!

In addition to this he also helps me up and down stairs.  I have difficulty negotiating stairs.  I need two railings to hang on to, but most places only have one and some have none.  There fore Luka is great to have next to me to help me down and up the stair cases. 

He also helps me with getting up and down from chairs or the floor, sometimes I can and sometimes I can't do it myself.  So I just really love knowing that he is right by my side if I need him. 

He does some other things too.  But that is what he does mostly for me.  My next dog I will have do a lot more.  Like helping me get things from the floor, loading the laundry machine, help with opening doors etc. 

I can't wait for that, but I am so grateful that Luka has been with me and I have a better life because of it.  So does Jason!  Being at my side "LITERALLY" all of the time for him can get old.  Jason knows with Luka around that I will be alright!  Peace of mind is a great thing! 

Lots of other people have service dogs or assistance dogs that do many other things!  They are so special and wonderful!  They are allowed anywhere that the public is allowed.  USA FEDERAL LAWS   

In fact each state usually offers additional protections!  Nebraska's laws are outdated and not as clear, but since the federal law overrides state law in this case they are not even worth really pointing out.  Except for the fact that Nebraska State Legislator Kate Sullivan is working to revamp the existing law!  I am helping her do that.. You can too!  Contact her here, she'd love to have your input!!

Things are happening, contact her soon to be heard!  You do have a voice!

Pink Doberman

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BoOm ChAcKa BoOm!!

On the fourth we arrived just in time to eat some BBQ and paint a few rocks before the fireworks show at the lake.  What fun that was.  I think the lake is my favorite place to watch the fireworks.  The show was simple.  Usually only one firework at a time.  Which was perfect for me.  Simple!  Jason snapped some shots during the show.  I think he really enjoyed that. 

I like the pretty fireworks, Jason loves the Boomers!  Luka could care less about the whole ordeal and other than strangely barking at another dog was the perfect helper!  Since I couldn't walk very well or get up and down well at all, heck I was having problems with most of my body, but I did not have a migraine at least!!  I was a bit of a mess physically that day.  I felt like I was going to die a very painful death.  

But after the medication kicked in things were pretty good.  I was spacey as hell but other than that and the fact I couldn't gather my thoughts to have a fluid conversation it was good.  Much better than the trip to the hospital Jason was sure we were going to have to make. 

We got to hang out with friends, the cabin was just the same as we'd remembered.  Although the lake was completely interesting.  Jason took a walk to see what all of the excess water had done to the place.  I don't think he took his camera on the walk.  I would love to have seen pictures of it but maybe I can walk around personally soon.  (Fingers Crossed)

I made some Gluten Free bread finally in the bread machine.  It is good!  Takes a bit to get used to, but I am going to get it again.  It tastes a cross between a banana bread and whole wheat.  Not the sweet of the banana bread but definitely the texture of it, and more the flavor of the whole wheat.  It was one of those bread machine mixes from Bob's Red Mill.  Instead of eating the bun with the BBQ I had my bread.  I needed some extra BBQ sauce but all in all it was fabulous!  Cookies BBQ has no gluten in it!  That was awesome!

Today Luka has been out running around with his buddy Toby!  I think he is going to be a very happy and tired dog.  He went with on the building tour and lost a boot even before we got into the building.  You should have seen the faces of the construction workers when they would see him.  Quite the curiosity. 

He did his job although I was doing great getting around, so I was very thankful for that!  I was even gifted a massage!  It has been a while since I had one of those.  I think that was one of the main reasons I could go look around the building. 

After having woken up, gotten ready to go, grabbed a bar to eat for breakfast, I made it just in time for my massage ( Jason drove me.).  I wish I could have just stayed on the table after I was done.  I felt so much better and didn't want to move and spoil the whole thing.  She even put some "Icy Gel" (Can't remember the real name) on me when she was done.  But while it feels awful, it feels wonderful at the same time!  I came back just in time to eat a great fruit cheese and salsa lunch!  Jason had BBQ ribs!  Then I was down for the count!  I think I slept almost four hours in the afternoon.  Oh my.  I think the massage and the activity I've been getting really has been wearing me out. 

By the time I woke up, I was just in time to head out to see the building.  Got back in time to eat more!  Grilled chicken, corn, and sweet potato fries.  It was awesome! 

Not to bad of a day, if I do say so myself. 
Pink Doberman

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Things have been going well!  I am definitely doing better!  For that I am super thankful!  Today I ended up sleeping all afternoon, but was then feeling better and took a walking tour of a new building. 

I've been following the Gluten Free eating plan.  Seems to be helping a lot. 

The other night friends picked me up and took me out!  That was super fun!  We want to another friends home and glazed raku!  I came home with some new pieces.  Of course I had to be lifted up in their truck to get home but other than that, I am very pleased with how the night went.  It was super fun!  I really loved being out of the house with friends and among people! 

With all of the fireworks around Luka stayed home on that trip.  I didn't know if there would be little kids running about with sparklers and throwing those loud things everywhere.  I didn't want to take the chance.  Especially with Jason not being around to send that type of kid packing.  But as it turned out no fireworks were around and the kids that did come to the event, were not the horrible kind.  So he would have been fine. 

All is well that ends well.  My friends helped me around and I think they had a great time as well.  They drove an hour out of their way to come get me and bring me home.  I have some pretty special friends I think!  Thanks!  L's!! 

I will post some pictures soon too!  I can't wait to see them all. 

Pink Doberman

Monday, July 5, 2010

Yesterday went rather well!  I had an appointment with a new Dr.  That appointment was insightful!  I like this guy.  He explained what is going on with me in an easy to understand manner.  I am so grateful for that.  He and is assistant were just wonderful.  Jason even liked him, we had a good laugh, afterward about the issue of sleep, and getting "quality" sleep. 

I have not been sleeping.  Not well and not much.  It is a little ridiculous.  Even when I sleep it is not as if I have actually had any sleep.  Jason of course is quite similar.  With his job, he often is not getting good sleep either.  Just on that basis alone, it is amazing that we are still married.  We both could be awfully grumpy due to our lack of sleep at times, we seem to both be able to control our attitudes..  He better than me of course..  =) 

After the Dr. appointment I took my pain meds.  Jason is always frustrated by  me not taking them before I go in to see the Dr.  I just don't think they can properly get a feel for why I am taking them in the first place if I have them in my system.  Besides.  I hate taking my pain meds.  Yesterday I broke down and took them twice.  It ended up being the best day I have had in a long time.  ( I should take them more often I guess.) 

I just hate it though, taking them I feel so awful at first, until they start to acclimate with my body.  When I come off of them it is hard too.  They put me on a roller coaster.  I don't want to stay on them because I don't want my body dependent on them.  But I want to feel better and do more things.  I definitely don't want to take increasing amounts of them because my body has built a tolerance either.  I don't know what the answer is. 

For now I will keep doing it as I have been.  When I am home alone I will just rest and ice with out pain meds as much as possible.  When I have someone to drive me about and can go do things, I will take them as needed.  I guess this is the best I can do for now. 

Yesterday after I took my pain meds, I had a much better day!  Thank you pain medication!  Jason ran a few errands and I got my phone fixed..  (well they ordered the new battery I am needing).  Had a professional financial appointment.  Got home in time for Jason to go out and help with a huge fire... (although that meant he missed the photography class I had registered him for) 

I guess that is one of the downsides to being a fire fighter.  I knew if he went on to the class that he'd not learn a thing, but sit there feeling guilty he was not out helping to fight and save someone's house on fire.  We'd paid for the class, he gets no refund, and he did not get paid for fighting the fire.  But it was the right decision.  Although frustrating. 

Friends came by, one with her girls who really like seeing Luka, and another with his daughter and they took me out to eat!  Yippee!!  We went to Parkers BBQ they don't have a Gluten Free Menu, not yet anyway.  But they did make me a great meal that was Gluten FREE!  Yippee!! 

I even brought home leftovers!  I will probably eat them today.. Although after my shake this morning, I am only hungry for watermelon.  So that is my lunch today..  A huge bowl of watermelon balls!!  MMMMM!!

Jason even washed the sheets, and hung them on the line to dry!  I love it when he uses the line to dry things!!  I sometimes do but getting them out there is difficult.  I am posting on Facebook today that I have FREE GARDEN Plants to go to someones home.  We are not going to get them planted.  I am sure of it, even thought the garden is completely ready for them. 

I can't even get my strawberries picked so out there they are sitting.  Hopefully that will mean they will start more plants and I can have a huge strawberry bed next year!!  That would be nice! 

I am going to keep the onions, to hopefully get planted this fall to have spring onions again.  I hope someone wants some plants. 

I am also still hoping to get the herbs potted into a container.  I would like to grow them inside.  I think I won't even put them outside for long. 

Here is to next years garden.  If at first you don't succeed try again next year!  =)  ( I already have tons of seeds that I bought for this year too.. so I guess next year I should just plant those I won't be out as much money if I do that. 

Well anyway, I had a good day yesterday!  I think today is going to be a good one too.  I am just going to try to stay awake so I can hopefully sleep tonight! 

Pink Doberman

Friday, July 2, 2010

TiMe iS WiCkEd..

Time...  Can be so frustrating.

It is time to sleep and I can't.  
It is time to give my hubby a kiss before heading to work.
It is time to be awake, but I just wish I could fall back asleep.
It is time for a bath.  I stink.
It is time that my birds are eating in the morning light. 
It is time that I occupy my mind.
It is time that I choose I am going to have a good day no matter what.
It is time that I choose to do all that I can today. 
It is time that I am thankful I could write out the bills and we had money to pay.
It is time that I think of everyone else.
It is time to be thankful that someone is taking time out to come see me today!
Time can be wicked, Time can be kind.. 

My bath was a success!  I am feeling pretty darn good.  I still hurt.  Not where the RFL was but all of the other places.  I still am having a hard time sitting up for long, but I am doing well!  I am pleased that is for sure.

I have no intention of over doing it.  I am going to do as much as I can.  I am clean!  I am thrilled with that!  I did it on my own!  I am thrilled with that!  I am not dizzy this morning which was a huge relief.  I have done my Cleanse as usual first thing this morning.  I ate my bar.  I just drank the first dose of Ionix with my Vitamin B's..  The day is going well! 

I am resting now, I am dressed and I have my Green Refining Mask on my face so I will have clear skin for the day.  I am tired but I am happy for how well my morning has already gone.  It is not even 9am yet.  Yeeks! 

Well, I did fall back to sleep and woke just in time.  My friend was in the driveway.  But I was a wreck.  I felt awful, I am sure I was a sight.  Oh well, at least I was clean! 

It was nice to have her pop by for a bit.  She did not stay long and I am going to rest some more.  I think I will be taking it easy. 

I had hopes for more but maybe if I rest now I can do some dishes later.  That would be cool! 

Today for me time is a bit wicked.  

Pink Doberman