Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BeSt HuSbAnD

The more I try to be simple.  The more complicated I get.  Tell me I can't pack much and want to take the whole house.  It is frustrating.   Mostly frustrating for other people.  Especially Jason.  I've been like this a long time I suppose... Like my whole life. 

I would frustrate Jason before, but I was hauling all of my own junk in and out of places, so he was not necessarily bothered by it except for the fullness of a trunk or the time that it would take for me to get ready.  It is worse now. 

He has to do all of the moving of my junk. For a trip I pack a suitcase for my clothes.  I used to also pack a shoe suitcase but since I have my new special everywhere sneakers I usually only bring a pair of my Havanias along in addition.  Then I have my makeup and hair bag, my medication bag, my pillows three large ones and three small ones, a blanket, Luka's bag, Dog Food, Luka's bed, my gluten free food...  Well you get the idea.  Oh yeah and it gets worse.. there are usually about 6 other cases to go along as well.  Not always but when I can I like to take them.

Jason is such a doll.  He hates that I travel with so much stuff.

Tonight he was mowing.  I wanted to sit outside with him, so he wouldn't feel alone.. while I can't mow, I can sit outside and wave to him.  I grabbed a magazine, my water, sprayed myself with bug spray and he set out my chair and Luka and I hung out outside while he mowed.  It wasn't long before I was looking haggard.  He knew I wasn't very comfortable.  He made me tell him what would make it better... I said a pillow and a blanket that he went and got for me. 

I was really trying to not be a pain in the rear.  It is like being quiet. Every time I try to be quiet, I am so noisy.  Frustratingly so.  What is the deal?  I think my husband is a saint. 

Tonight he even took Luka for a ride in our old beater Jeep.  Luka loved it!  So did Jason!  Dispite myself, I had a nice evening with him when he got back with Luka.  He pulled up a chair and we sat outside until I had to use the facilities.  Then Jason packed up all of my stuff and carried it inside. 

Is there an award that can be given for the best husband? 

Pink Doberman

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