Sunday, July 18, 2010


I love this blog post by Selena.  It talks about becoming a fibromyalgia scientist.  Really I think you could apply it to any problem.  I like this idea, though for my personality this whole project compares to sticking a needle in my eye. 

I do think it is worth it, and would lend me more credibility at the doctors office, as I have recently have been running into some issues with one of my formerly favorite doctors.  What a pain.  But I can see the validity of completing some steps such as these for myself, and it would be great to get listened to as a real person with valid issues, than a pain ridden crazy person who only God knows what they think of me behind my back.

So I am going to have to get focused and get real and really start this project.  UGGGGGG  Maybe I would rather stick a needle in my eye!

On another note, I just about ate a whole bag of potato chips.. my stomach is telling me STOP, my mind is telling me to keep eating them....  Oh dear lord please pray for me.  I have just been referred to Chip-aholics Anonymous as I have admitted I have a problem.   Oh lord I feel sick and twisted! 

Who does this to themselves.  One minute I was eating lunch and the next the bag is nearly gone.  This reminds me of the Oprah show I just watched.. I really think I'd better get a grip! 

I have been feeling lately like I want to cry a river, or at least a large puddle.  I hurt so bad, I've had migraines nearly every day to some degree.  I want this roller coaster to stop!  I want off!  The medication, take it feel spacy and woozy, which I hate, or don't take it and keep feeling worse but have a clear head until the pain gets so bad that you can't think and really have to take a pile of pills to get rid of it.  I am so pissed off. 

It is wonderful to look outside my windows and see all of the green though!  I do like that!  The birds are glorious!  I have even seen the cardinal couple recently.  I tried to get pictures, but they are not good.. 

Jason is off traveling with out me on a trip I had planned to go on with him.  Which is a complete bummer because I would have loved to have gone.  But I've been hurting so bad, that I can't even imagine what going would have felt like.  My medication cycle of on again off again feels like I am on a roller coaster.. Please tell this carnival to pack up and leave town.  There is no room in this one horse town! 

Other than this I am having a good day!  I have edited some pictures that Jason took of that wedding.  I can't wait to share them. 

I am hoping to do some more of ours soon too!  Well I am off to take my meds.  So maybe later I can do something. 

Pink Doberman

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