Saturday, July 31, 2010

DaY OfF ~ bLoG cArNiVaL...

Hi all.. 

I am having a day or two off from writing.. But thought I'd leave you with these posts to read.  Click Here to see the Blog Carnival at The Queen Of Optimism's blog site.  

If you recall I participated in the one last month.  I did not participate this month but that should not stop you from reading the cool posts by others!   I will be working on a post for next month's theme! 


The nicest thing (or things) that have happened to persons who have an illness or (unfortunately) illnesses.  Participating bloggers wrote about who has made a positive difference in their life.

 Check it out, it there are some great things to read!

If you are not familiar, a Blog Carnival is where many bloggers write posts on the same theme and they are collected at one person's blogs site, and the links to each site are posted together.  This carnival has been created to connect people with others to help stop feelings of isolation and help find solutions. 


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