Friday, July 2, 2010

TiMe iS WiCkEd..

Time...  Can be so frustrating.

It is time to sleep and I can't.  
It is time to give my hubby a kiss before heading to work.
It is time to be awake, but I just wish I could fall back asleep.
It is time for a bath.  I stink.
It is time that my birds are eating in the morning light. 
It is time that I occupy my mind.
It is time that I choose I am going to have a good day no matter what.
It is time that I choose to do all that I can today. 
It is time that I am thankful I could write out the bills and we had money to pay.
It is time that I think of everyone else.
It is time to be thankful that someone is taking time out to come see me today!
Time can be wicked, Time can be kind.. 

My bath was a success!  I am feeling pretty darn good.  I still hurt.  Not where the RFL was but all of the other places.  I still am having a hard time sitting up for long, but I am doing well!  I am pleased that is for sure.

I have no intention of over doing it.  I am going to do as much as I can.  I am clean!  I am thrilled with that!  I did it on my own!  I am thrilled with that!  I am not dizzy this morning which was a huge relief.  I have done my Cleanse as usual first thing this morning.  I ate my bar.  I just drank the first dose of Ionix with my Vitamin B's..  The day is going well! 

I am resting now, I am dressed and I have my Green Refining Mask on my face so I will have clear skin for the day.  I am tired but I am happy for how well my morning has already gone.  It is not even 9am yet.  Yeeks! 

Well, I did fall back to sleep and woke just in time.  My friend was in the driveway.  But I was a wreck.  I felt awful, I am sure I was a sight.  Oh well, at least I was clean! 

It was nice to have her pop by for a bit.  She did not stay long and I am going to rest some more.  I think I will be taking it easy. 

I had hopes for more but maybe if I rest now I can do some dishes later.  That would be cool! 

Today for me time is a bit wicked.  

Pink Doberman

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