Thursday, July 29, 2010

? SoMeTiMeS Up.. SoMeTiMeS DoWn..

I have to say, going to new therapists makes me a bit crazy.  Some are good and some are, well… not so good for me.  I am still deciding whether or not the latest therapy place is good for me or not.  I am dizzier than usual and my soreness is starting up again to some degree.. I am trying to decide if I should ice or just wait it out..  thing is it is radiating to both of my elbows as I type.  Think this post is going to have to wait. 

Les feuilles mortes  by Yves Montand  A song I love!  Listen to it!

Well the soreness subsided… after a bit. 


We went out for a Topless Jeep Ride!!!  Woot Woot Woot!!!!   I loved it!  I love going topless in the Jeep…. ( the Jeep being topless not me! )  Anyway Jason took TONS of pictures on our trip out tonight!  Luka and I even did some walking!  Jason took some pictures of us also! 

20100728_0573 Web More to come later.  I’ve had a busy day and need to sleep!


Pink Doberman

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