Sunday, July 25, 2010

My gOaLs…

Find a balance between going to the Physical Terrorist and what am able to do at home.  I don't have any specific exercise stuff here at the house to speak of.  We have an old treadmill which we wasted $50 on from Craigslist.. and it doesn't work.  Well the belt spins, and it makes this horrendous noise and when you get on it it slows way down and gets even louder.  Not a good thing.  So that is going out with the garbage soon. 

I can't decide if we should just get our membership back at the local gym.  I think that may be the best.  When I get my scooter I can scoot down there and go for a walk, and then scoot home, and when Jason is home he can go with me and exercise also.  Something that may be better than just having stuff at our house that collects dust and we can do together.  Besides they have cable television down there and that is a motivator..  =)

The only things I will be able to use at the gym will be the tread mills... but hey that is better than nothing!  Jason will be able to use it ALL!  No weights for this girl.. =(

Guess I won't be entering that body building competition after all...  Ha! 

Well, for now this summer at least is to get my but moving when I can!  I did walk two blocks!  That was fabulous, although I felt exhausted afterward, and Jason had to shove me up the driveway... he offered to carry me.. but I made it!  Woot! 

It is hot and humid out here lately.  Oh my!  I used to do so well with this and now I am a big baby, can't breathe or anything.  grumble grumble... I love the heat but it is starting to not like me.  We've had the air conditioner on almost every day in July...  Frustration!  Hope we can pay the bill!  Yeeks!  That just may mean a little less driving or something... all will work. 

Day TWO of no Migraine!  Praise God!  Tired but no flare up!  I even went to PT today.. Not with the Physical Torturist..  I have not had the nerve to make that appointment yet!  Besides my plate is full, I've got some other things up my sleeve to give a try to as well.  I a m not forgetting just can't squeeze it in just yet, and I'd like to be able to push myself on my own a bit more before Doctor Torture gets involved.

I do feel happier.  I think having the Doctors actually listen to me and not just blow me off as some crazy loon really does help!  Peace of mind!  Is worth allot these days.  Besides it is something that can be given for FREE!  I will take it!

My Other List…












Involves much more exciting things to me!  Finishing up some other great projects that I have started but which I have yet been able to finish.  Grrr.  It is frustrating for me.  In most cases I have the things needed to finish them, I have just been lacking the physical ability to do them.  The pain I’ve been having has been really getting in the way. 

I am thinking a great reward for me would be to take my pain meds.. ( enough of them) and then do my exercises and then do something fun as a reward for myself.  Like finishing these crazy things that I’ve had plaguing my very existence.  I am not sure if this will work in all of the cases or not.  My mind kind of leaves when I have pain and when I take pain medication..  And when I have both.. Well you can guess the result.   Ha!  Not to mention the fact that sitting with my head unsupported causes me all sorts of additional pain.. so we will just see. 

I hate it but… I guess it is worth giving a try. 

I’ve been hesitant to sew for that very reason.  This girl does not need a needle stuck through her finger! 

Guess how long this project has been waiting to be finished… About 10 years!  Yes!  Oh my.. I had taken this class years ago.. maybe not 10.. but a long time ago.  I was supposed to finish it in class, but I was slow.  So a year or so I did get it this far.  But I have yet to be able to get it finished.  =D 

I did just complete some more Sugru things!!!   Ha!  I now have to get the pictures out of my camera and on to the computer!  Which I am sure will happen shortly!  I am thrilled to have some more things Fixed/Hacked!  Check out my first project with my fancy English Fixing Magic

Jason thinks I am crazy for loving this stuff… I guess that is a hint I need to make more of the things he has work better so he too can fall in love with it.  Watch out world!!  Be afraid… be very afraid!   

I can use my Sugru with out fear of hurting myself!  Another bonus!! 

IMG_1152 I have a whole room full of things just waiting for me…  I haven’t been down there in ages… I think it is turning into a storage room.  =(.. 

Well.. someday soon hopefully I can get busy again!  I have goals you know!  Luka even likes helping me down there. 

Right now he is snuggled up with me as I type.  Which is nice.  Wish I had a picture!  ( maybe not I look awful)  I’ve been fighting off a migraine all morning… Uggg.  

Thanks for the comments lately!  Linda, Sarah, and MBG!  I love them!   I know the rest of you are not much for commenting.  It has taken me quite a while to feel comfortable commenting on other blogs as well.  I am a great lurker.  I love all of you too!  Thanks for popping by!  No need to comment so don’t feel bad for not.  However if you ever would like to I do love them! 


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