Friday, July 16, 2010


Today I plan to drive.  Yes I have to plan to drive.  I have to assess how I feel, not plan to do anything to make myself feel bad, and get myself ready for public.  In addition to that I have to take a pill that raises my blood pressure.  Yipee. 

I have to do all of this in the morning, if I don't take the pill in the morning, this pill will keep my insomniac self awake until all hours of the morning,  I was just up until almost 3 AM last night with out taking the dumb pill. 

So when I drive, I also need to have a plan.  I need to decide how far I can go.  Since I have only been driving once this year so far I am not going far.  Just down town and back not out of town.  I at this point going any further would be stupid, I would get to tired just holding myself at the wheel for a very lengthy time.  Living in a small town has its advantages, but a huge disadvantage is being so far from many services.  Which is so frustrating for me. 

I took my pill before noon, I have also gotten the things I need to mail ready so I don't even have to get out of the car much.  Post office drive through drop off, bank drive through drop off, and a stop at the vet.  For that I will have to get out of the car.  Hoping that Luka is on his best behavior with all of the loose cats in that place.  He does pretty well unless they taunt him or we've been there too long. 

It is a good place to practice for him if I am up to it, which I haven't been lately. 

I am achy today, I've been having some migraines as of late, persistent ones.. due to the fact I have been up and around and not resting my head.  I hate that!  But all is well for now.  Luka is still sacked out and has yet to get out of bed for the day, he keeps looking up at me but not wanting to move to go out to the bathroom.  He is getting so old! 

He did have a busy week of playing with his best friend Toby though.  He has two good friends.  He'd love more, but I think we are doing great with these two.  I got some walking done which I think has helped so now I have a bit more energy. 

I have also been repairing somethings around the house with some great new stuff I ordered!  I can't wait to show it off.  I have been taking some pictures.  I now just have to find them and get them re-sized for the internet.  The birds outside my window have been enjoying one of my repairs.  So much so that the food is disappearing even faster than before!  That is keeping Jason on his toes!  They even sit at the window when we are here if it is empty and seem to be saying, hey, fill this darn thing up, we are hungry!!  Ha Ha!! Jason just loves that! 

Right now the food is mostly gone so the little birds are bickering over who gets to sit and eat at the perches that still have food.  Jason is gone today, so they will just have to wait. 

I go back to the Radial Ablation doctor tomorrow.  Also to yet another new physical therapists office.  Oh happy days... Oh well.  Another day another thing to try to make me feel better!  I am willing, I know something will help. 

I've been missing my massages desperately.  I am so thankful to a friend who got me a gift certificate I have already used it and that could be a large part of why I am moving around better.  Also I got to go swimming in a pool!  YIPEE!!!  I got so tired from that but it was so worth it.  I can move so much easier in a pool.  I haven't been able to get back to my aqua therapy.  But hope to do that soon too.  Swimming well I don't swim really, I do a breast stroke, to some degree, but I do not free style that hurts my shoulders.  My calves are tight from all of the kicking I did.  But I feel great for having been able to get in the water!  Wish I could do that more.  

There is a pool that is open in the summer two blocks away, but it is full of cursing hellions with minimal supervision  I don't want to be jumped on splashed at, cursed at or listen to all of the filth that those unsupervised children spew from their mouths.  It is bad enough going for a walk beside that place.

Well, I've been up getting things ready to go for my drive.  I have my little pile of things I need to do all ready to go.  I have rested in between doing each of those things, I have gotten dressed and ready to go and have rested, I am not doing the makeup thing today, I don't think I can do it all.  So a hat will have to suffice as well, as I am not going to do my hair either.  I have made some calls to let folks know I'd be coming around.  I still have more to do if I am able when I get back home.  Phew, I am tired just typing about it.. =) 

The good news is that it has been raining today, so it won't be a million degrees inside the car!  That will be nice!  Jason turned the air on for me last night, and now I am freezing!  Long pants, long socks, shoes, shirt, sweatshirt.. Oh lordy lordy.  What a site for the month of July. 

I really could go for a nap.  I better get a move on or I won't get out today before things close down in my small town.  Luka still has to get up.  It is almost 2 pm now.  I have one worn out Service Dog!  He's got to get with the program or I can't go out either...  Better get him moving! 

So my trip went well.  Drive through the post office, drive through the bank, stopped at the vet clinic, called the ambulance for a friend who was ill who never is ill.  You know just the average outing. 

Geesh!  I am worn out.  I wish I could have gone in to the hospital with her but, this girl is spent. 

Prayers and Blessings
Pink Doberman

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