Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SuGrU AmAziNg HaCkS!!

Ok so here is a project I have been so excited to share with you!  

I got this awesome new product in the mail!  I ordered it all the way from England!  It is MAGIC!!

You Hack Stuff With It!!  

Here is my VERY FIRST HACK! 

My Finches have been suffering one of their perches broke off!  Devastating, I know!!
I hate throwing almost perfectly good stuff away...

Disaster!  Oh my!  So SAD!!

HACKED!  Phew!

Where Oh Where,
Could My Finches Be?

Joy Joy JOY!!

This stuff is the absolute coolest thing EVER!!  You've just got to get some!

Stay tuned for more Hacks!

Hack something yourself!

Pink Doberman

Keep Reading there are Two New Posts Today!! I just couldn't wait to share!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a great use of sugru! and the pictures are brilliant as well ! we'd love to feature it on our newsletter next month because I think a lot of people will find it very cool, what do you think?
Jane from sugru