Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have contributed to a Blog Carnival this week!    I am having fun reading the contributions from others, I hope you will too. 

I think that one of the best things about blogging has been to get all of this stuff out of my mind, writing it down, keeps things recorded/remembered, but no longer floating around in my head. 

The second best thing, is the communication method for letting others know what I am going through.  My husband especially. 

Thirdly and not at all least important has been connecting with other bloggers, other people going through similar things.  I no longer feel so alone, I am learning tons of things from others.  I am learning different ways of coping, different things I could possibly try...  tons more as well.  There is a whole community of folks out there who are dealing with illness and injury these folks like me are just trying to live the best life possible and stay as healthy as possible.  Some are just trying to stay alive as gracefully as possible. 

Honor thyself. 

The post that I have contributed is one that I wrote some time ago.  I struggle with anything that I really feel is much of an accomplishment.  Most things these days that I do are quite small and really do not add up to much except for taking care of myself as much as possible.  I am in admiration of those who can do more.  I really encourage you to read the posts on the Blog Carnival!   Click on the link and then click on the links of contributors. 

Leslie is hosting a blog carnival, about What have you done (or what do you aspire to do) in spite of illness? 

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