Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ChErRiEs & ChEeSe.... I NeEd!!

Listening to my body.  That is what I try to do.

If I am craving something I eat it.  Lately I have been craving cherries.  I have been eating piles of them!  I love them of course, but my body seems to really like them.  I thought it was in my head that I have been wanting to eat cherries so much.  Until to day it had never occurred to me that my body was actually asking for what it needed.

I have been hurting so bad, I have been feeling so puffy, it has been crazy.  So I wondered to day as I pondered what food I wanted to eat for lunch.  Cheese.. so I got a slice of cheese and ate it.  Sat back down rested.. CHERRIES.. came to my mind, went and got the bowl of cherries...  tummy is happy.   I Googled Anti inflammatory properties of cherries??  YES, this is what I found!

Now I am going to Google Cheese..  Ok so I found this very interesting article!  Amusing and interesting! 

See I am not crazy after all.

Indeed yesterday my body craved M&M's.. peanut and plain... so my dutiful amazing husband Jason set out for the store to retrieve both kinds as the stock in our home had previously been obliterated.  =D!

I really don't know what I would do with out him!

I had my little bowl of happy M&M's and my medication and my night went much better.  Thank God I'd had these things, as we had a visit from our neighbors, so I was up to sitting in the recliner and was slightly social.  Jason who was exhausted, did most of the entertaining.. he'd just gotten back from his marathon trip, proctored students at the college, and came home in time to help his local fire station buddies clean up from a huge messy fundraiser.  Tired boy.

Luka even had some fun, our friends brought their two four-legged girls over and Luka had a great time chasing them all about!

I got to sit in the chair and listen and watch it all go down.

I think I am going to finish my bowl of cherries and listen to my body some more..  =).  Maybe I can avoid pain pills today!

On an Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Note... there is a New Book that has just been released!  I can't wait to get it!  

Pink Doberman

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