Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OuT oF mY HeAd..

Oh my I guess I have been bothered about a few things lately.  =)  It happens. 

I have been having some pretty good days.  I've had some bad ones lately too, but things are looking up.  I am getting around a bit better.  I think one of the things that is helping the most is that I am learning what my limitations are.  Frustrating, but necessary. 

I have awesome friends whom I have been around who when I say I can't do something don't even bat an eye.  I have learned I can unload and load the top rack of the dishwasher just great.  The bottom one is the one that gives me fits.  So I have stopped dealing with that one other people can do it, and if it has to be done than I just figure out a way to go slow and bend the least amount possible. 

When I over do things push to hard or move incorrectly is when I experience the most difficulty.  This can have pretty stark consequences for me.  I am so fortunate that many of the people who are around me most and who know me best are learning right alongside me.  Some read this blog, others are just really listening to me now and not doubting or second guessing or giving me the "Lady You are Lazy or Crazy" look. 

I am getting there.  I am trying to be more forthright about what I have problems with.  Also I am really working hard to just not do those things unless absolutely critical.  It isn't that I can't do them.  It is that I suffer for them later.  If I am going to reach my goals of having any sort of life back I need to trust what my body can and can't handle. 

The gluten free thing is going well.  I am discovering foods that are safe and those that are not.  Some cause me a great deal of pain and others well not so much.  I do like it when I can get myself completely Gluten Free.  But as I am still learning and label reading... these things take time.  I will not be eating anything but Gluten Free Oatmeal anytime soon that is for sure!  Hellmans Olive Oil Mayonnaise is Gluten Free!  How cool is that?  I don't eat mayo that often, but we are having it tomorrow, and I can eat this formula and brand!  Woot!  It even said Gluten Free on the label! 

I am certainly not starving!  While Wheat Barley and Rye are in a lot of things!  There are so many great things that are completely free of them!  I've found some awesome pizza crusts, some crackers (by mistake of over cooking the pizza crust), very good bread I am really not lacking for a thing! 

So the other day while talking to Jason.. we've been having some phone calls lately.  He has been in one town and I in another.  He also reads my blog.  This way he knows what crazy things are going through my mind.  It has really helped him understand, and writing has really helped me purge these things from my mind.  Anyway, he read my post from a few days ago about Tigers. 

I guess before talking to me about it at all, he was racking his brain to see if he had done anything that could be making me this upset.  I had purposely put the disclaimer in there for him.  Because it was not about him. He does know what I was referring to.  It was not even something that happened to me or to us.  Just people we have been around for a long time.  People we both like who we may not always agree with, but we like just the same and people for whom we have a great deal of respect.

Life is funny.  In looking at what I wrote, it could be about us, it could also be about many of our friends in different situations.  It happens.  It shouldn't but it does.

I have not been linking much to past blog posts or other blogs for a bit.  Sorry about that.  It isn't that I don't want to.  But I am just not ready to expend the energy doing it.  I need to get one of those programs that makes suggestions for you and helps you link about.

We will see.  I am writing this and I am very tired.  I did not get to nap today.  I rested but no extra sleep.  I could use some sleep. 

I will be able to now I think after getting this stuff all out of my head!

Pink Doberman 

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