Monday, July 19, 2010

WaLLs CoMiNg DoWn???

I had changed my blog background due to blogger changing some things.  I am going to learn how to make my own background soon I hope, but in the meantime the pink strips that I had settled with before were getting on my nerves.  I think I am more of a black kind of girl.  It has been my favorite color since I was a child, pink being my second favorite color. 

I just couldn't stand to stare at that background any longer.  So until I design my own, we can all hope that I will be happy with this one so as to not go changing things around some more.  Although this does remind me of what I used to do to our house.  =) 

In my previous life,  I would rearrange the whole house every six months or so.  Jason would come home to find every thing in different places and positions.  I would of course clean madly at the same time, scrubbing walls floors, windows etc.  A thorough cleaning and redesigning job had just taken place and this would always throw Jason for a loop as he likes things to remain the same. 

We are truly opposites.  I say black he says white.. 

Which is hilarious but can also be heck on a marriage.  Bless his heart, he usually lets me do what I want with out much of a fuss.  Something that I really like to do in our house is have furniture placed catercorner.  He likes everything to be correctly on the walls..  which I think looks peculiar.  But I have forgone my crazy schemes for him as of late.  

Our current dilemma consists of me wanting a wall torn down.  While he has so far only agreed to put a window opening in it.  The wall is between our kitchen/dining room space and our living room.  I've been after this for years now.  I guess I should be happy that he finally came to thinking that the window idea would be acceptable to him..  At first he didn't like that idea either. 

Besides, you take a wall down, how hard really is it to put the thing back up? 

Not to difficult I would imagine...

He got by for years telling me that the wall was a supporting wall in our home and that it couldn't be removed or our roof would be weakened..  BUT.. this girl continued to watch those home improvement shows, and discovered what really  constituted a supporting wall, and this one my friends is not a supporting wall. 

After my PBS schooling, ( oh yes, thank You PBS for yet another milestone in my knowledge base!)  He realized that his plan was thwarted.  He knew he was going to have to come up with something other to keep me from removing the wall myself while he was gone at work.  You see at this point I could still wield a sledge hammer with out physical detriment to myself. 

And he was worried plenty worried, as I had already destroyed our kitchen with one removing a set of cabinets that I hated.  What a glorious feeling to pound away at something to see it crumble..  He came home to a surprise that day.  He was horrified, mortified.  I had said that it was going to be removed either by his hands or by mine.  (I don't think he believed me.)

All that was left that I had given up on was part of the cabinet was nailed through the ceiling of the basement to the cabinets base on the floor in the kitchen.  I left that for him to figure out how to remove.  He was not very happy with me for a while, but I was happy enough for the whole town as I had gotten rid of the awful cabinet in my kitchen!  I will be forever happy that I did this! 

He knows that I cannot remove the wall on my own.  So if he decides to REMOVE THE WALL!!  I will be quite joyful in the fact when I am in the kitchen I can see the light streaming into the living room from my kitchen sink!  I will be so so happy!  Besides, it is the perfect time to do this!  I don't think he is excited about the rewiring of three light switches, or the two outlets on either side of the wall...

I have ideas.. I have plans...

So I have hope that one day this wall will come down!  I promise not to change my mind about it in six months!

Hugs Blessings and Here is to Walls Coming Down!
Pink Doberman

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